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Teresa Cooper is a 30-something wife, mom and teacher from Havelock, North Carolina. She has a Masters of Science in Education for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University and a BA in Psychology with a minor in Creative from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Having struggled with anxiety and depression most of her life and later having birthed a child with autism, she is passionate about spreading awareness and acceptance of mental illness and autism and has been writing for Embracing the Spectrum since 2011. She also writes for The Mighty, The Huffington Post, and The Educator’s Room.

They show up on your Facebook feed, you laugh, nod, and then share them with your friends. And unless they’re teacher friends, they probably really don’t even get it, but they are funny if only because they are so true. That’s right. I’m talking about teaching memes. Here are ten teaching memes that are absolutely spot-on!

10 Absolutely Spot-on Teaching Memes!

Write in Complete Sentences? Teaching Memes

This is one of my favorite ones because even as a math teacher I have to address this issue. Text messaging, Snapchat, Facebook, and so many other social media outlets are destroying our students’ ability to write in complete sentences, which is why they need more practice with it. It’s a rule in my classroom, but they still ask. I mean, seriously?! Yes. I want complete sentences!

I just answered that question! Teaching memes

It’s like we can’t even catch a break! Instead of answering my own questions again, I usually ask a students’ neighbors to help fill him or her in on the answer. The reality is that so many students have short attention spans, we will always hear the same question more than once. Sometimes I just write out a task list on the board or give them task sheets to help avoid this issue.

Extra Credit?! Teaching Memes

The famous question asked by the student who isn’t passing your class. “Can I have extra credit?” My students know that I do not do extra credit. There are so many built-in opportunities for them to bring their grades up, there really is no need for it if they are doing their work!

Interruptions! Teaching Memes

If there is one thing that irks a teacher more than anything else, it is the student that interrupts instruction by carrying on a conversation. Am I right or am I right?

Broken Laminator Teaching Memes

It never fails. The minute you need to use the laminator, someone has broken it by not following the directions on the machine.

Meetings Teaching Memes

Ah yes! The never-ending list of meetings! Meetings are the best gift a teacher could receive, said no teacher ever!

Questions at Staff Meeting Teaching Memes

It never fails. There’s always at least ONE teacher that has to ask questions one hour into a staff meeting. And it’s usually they’re personal ones.

Classroom Behavior Teaching Memes

You know you have that student like casually observes while you telling one student not to do something…and then repeats the behavior two seconds later. This one’s for them!

Bathroom Time? Teaching Memes

Please. Don’t ask while I’m teaching!

Hang in there! Teaching Memes

And if all else fails, knowing the school year is almost over is enough to help us pull through! We can do this!

And here’s one final one to keep you “swimming” through your school year:

Just Keep Teaching

Just keep teaching! And in case you’re tempted to share these memes…share away! After all…

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