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For fifteen years Franchesca taught English/Language Arts in two urban districts in Atlanta, Georgia and Memphis, Tennessee. Increasingly frustrated with decisions being made about public education from people who were not in the classroom, in 2012 she decided to start a blog about what it was really like to teach in public schools. In the last four years, The Educator's Room has grown to become the premiere source for resources, tools, and strategies for all things teaching and learning. To learn more about Franchesca Warren's work, please visit www.franchescalanewarren.com.


Welcome to Episode 4 Season two  of The Educator’s Room podcast! In this episode, Franchesca interviews Christina Gil, former seventeen-year public school veteran about why she decided to use her mid-life crisis to leave teaching and go and live on a homestead community in rural Missouri.

Every teacher has gone through it- days where you wonder if the kids are becoming more difficult or if it’s time for you to try something new. Well, our guest tonight, Christina Gil did that she’s here to discuss teacher self-care and her experiences.   Tonight we will talk about implementing the Genius Hour in middle and high school.

Listen to the podcast here. 


During this podcast we will discuss:

  • why she left teaching in New Hampshire to live in a rural community in Missouri.  
  • how she was able to financially afford to leave teaching and she manages her budget. 
  • how she homeschools her two small children and how that’s totally different from teaching high school English. 
  • advice for teachers who are looking for something “new” but want to stay close to teaching. 

Resources discussed in the podcast

Christina’s TpT Store link here.  

Christina’s articles on The Educator’s Room

Information about sustainable living and Christina’s move across the country!

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