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About The Educator’s Room

The Educator's Room, Empowering Teachers as the Experts, Educational Reform

The Educator’s Room, LLC is dedicated to improving education by recognizing that the real experts, classroom teachers, are needed at the table of educational reform.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where politicians, parents and  the general public recognize that teachers are an integral part of the educational reform and their opinion is desperately needed. Therefore in this new world teachers should be  empowered  as the experts in education. This new world will be a place where students are actually able to learn and not be held hostage by initiatives and standardized testing.Parents and educators will be able to work hand in hand to empower real reform without politicians interfering in the learning process.

Through this site we will:

1. Publish articles on instruction curriculum, educational policy, classroom management written by actual teachers;
2. Publish books that show the human side of teaching while breaking to light important issues that all educators go through;
3. Provide educator access to products they care about;
4. Produce an annual conference developed by teachers;
5. Host regional and national events that help to empower educators on issues in education;

6. Deliver professional learning to fellow teachers that’s not only on time, but relevant for what’s happening in their classroom.

How We Do It

We fully understand that our educators are experts, but the problem is that the general public needs to recognize that for this change to occur.We pursue our mission of empowering teachers through two primary activities:

1. Producing The Educator’s Room and our related social media platforms to inspire, inform and have dialogue with thousands of educators around the world;
2. Collaborate with teachers to produce quality  content via the internet and events.

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One Response to About The Educator’s Room

  1. Hello Educator’s Room,

    I am a teacher at Hall High School in West Hartford, Connecticut.

    I have just published a new book…a book based entirely on research. That is, it is not an emotional rant. Just so you will know It is on Kindle and is an eBook only. But of course, it can be downloaded onto any format / brand of e-reader, i.e. iPad, Android, desktop, cell phone, etc.

    See testimonials at the bottom of this email.

    My name is Terry Marselle and as stated, I am a high school teacher in Connecticut. For the record, I hold a Master’s Degree in Psychology. In fact, it was just awarded in January of 2014 – and at the age of 62, no less. Long story on that one. My concentration was in childhood cognition and the psychopathology of childhood. I only mention these items because of the unique angle from which I wrote the book. During most of my 41 years as a teacher, I have taught primarily psychology. As such, I’ve been quite lucky in that respect. It’s been AP Psychology and /or IB (International Baccalaureate) Psychology for the better part of three of those four decades.

    The title of the book is:

    “Perfectly Incorrect – Why the Common Core is Psychologically and Cognitively Unsound”

    I didn’t know it at the time, but ever since the Common Core was foisted onto students – especially the youngest ones – there has been a book growing inside me. That is, I have been concerned about their mental well-being. More to the point, I am concerned about what is cognitively possible / not possible at all grade levels. Eventually, after two years of research, my book was born in late May 2015.

    Just so you will know…the book is $4.95 and 700+ pages. The good news is there is a 33 page executive summary which comes with the book. It is also known as Appendix A. As well there is a 54 page longer executive summary – also known as Appendix B

    Here are my Amazon/Kindle page + my website which is dedicated to the book. Also, here is my FaceBook page address. It’s a pleasure chatting with you.


    If you wish, I can send you graphics (cover image, etc.) so that you can use on your website.
    Now, regarding the question of the day, is there any scholarly way – as opposed to a promo way, which I’m sure the Pioneer Institute does not do anyhow – that my book can gain your organization’s attention? Overwhelmingly, its greatest accolade has to do with the amount of research I have done to support my tenets.

    And now for some testimonials (see below)

    Diane Ravitch stated, “This book has been well researched. Every parent and every teacher should read it.”

    As you are most probably aware, Diane was the Assistant Secretary of Education under President H.W. Bush (the father). Currently she is an education policy analyst and a research professor at New York University. Her blog just has only been in existence for three years. Yet it has155,000 followers and has just passed the 21 million page views mark.
    Sandra Stotsky,

    * The reader will note that Dr. Stotsky is a Professor emerita, University of Arkansas. Her expertise is English Language Arts (ELA). She and Dr. James Milgram, Professor emerita of mathematics at Stanford University, were the only content experts to sit on the Common Core’s Validation Committee. When faced with signing off on the legitimacy of the Common Core Standards – both refused. Since then, each has steadfastly gone to great lengths to explain why the Common Core Standards are deeply problematic.

    Dr. Stotsky writes:

    “Terry Marselle’s book adds to the rapidly expanding library of professional publications on the disastrous features of Common Core’s standards. A high school teacher, he highlights the abundant evidence from science and psychology against the K-12 standards that over 45 states were seduced into adopting by the US Department of Education and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For educators who want to learn what research can tell them, his book is a must-read.”

    Tom Scarice, Superintendent of Schools in Madison, Connecticut has told me personally (via e-mail) that my book is:

    “INCREDIBLY well researched.”
    The capital letters are his, not mine.
    Barry Garelick, a math teacher who often writes for Atlantic Magazine said:

    “If the Common Core standards serve as gasoline on the fire of faulty educational reforms that have been raging for the past two decades, then “Perfectly Incorrect” is the fire hose that parents and teachers need to extinguish the flames. A must-have desk reference for anyone who cares about education done right.”

    Jonathan Pelto is Connecticut’s version of Diane Ravitch
    Click here to go to the original posting.

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