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Hello! I’m Adrian, a public school educator who teaches students in grades 9-12 in Louisville, Kentucky. I teach in a magnet program for students who are interested in careers in the field of k-12 education. I am in my seventeenth year of teaching and I absolutely love what I do every day. I am originally from Pikeville, a small town nestled in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English and Allied Language Arts and 7-12 teaching certificate from Western Kentucky University. My Master’s degree and Rank I were earned at University of Louisville. I am currently working on a second Master’s degree from Western Kentucky in Library Media Education. In my spare time I enjoy the company of family and friends, the beach, and volunteering with the Lupus Foundation of America. Giving to others and lifelong education are of utmost importance to me.

{Ask a Teacher} I'm an Assistant Principal But I Want to be Promoted!

Question #2- I’ve worked as an Assistant Principal for the past 10 years. I’ve worked in middle, high and elementary schools. I’ve gotten glowing evaluations, parents love me and my students adore me. The only problem is that I can’t get promoted to Principal. I think it’s because I’m not in the “clique” in the district that gets all the new jobs. Help me before I walk into work next week and quit! Answer: I am glad you enjoy your position and that there is evidence that others see the value you offer to the school community. Unfortunately, even in larger districts, the “clique” you mention lives in most districts. Try evaluating the “clique” with an unbiased eye. Why/how does this group exist? Are most active members of professional organizations–did they all happen to attend high school or college together? Typically, there is some tie that binds the group, so you need to figure out what it is. I am not saying that you should try to weasel your way into this group, but you do need to make sure your name and talents are recognized throughout the district. […]

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{Ask a Teacher} Help! I Need Materials for My Classroom!

Question #3 What’s a good way to find materials for my classroom? I teach high school social studies but the problem is that there are not enough books in the school for every student so I have to supplement. I mainly teach Government/American Civics. Can you find me some good sites to get activities, tests, lesson plans for the students? Not having enough textbooks and supplementary materials seems to be an issue for many educators today. Thankfully, the World Wide Web can be our friend when trying to supplement under-funded programs. I’m sure you’ve done a quick Google search for government lessons and have probably become overwhelmed with the results.   […]

{Ask a Teacher} I Feel Like I'm Stuck In the Teaching Profession!

Question #4- I’m stuck. Literally stuck. This is my 12th year teaching and because of the pressure of kids passing tests, unruly students, privileged parents who are insanely rude to the teachers–I rarely want to come to work. I’ve considered quitting but ultimately my students will suffer. How can I get through this year without walking out? Many professionals have been in your shoes. There comes a time in all careers where the demands and pressures from the top seem to be so much that individuals feel as if the “real work” isn’t being done for the sake of paperwork and quotas. You sound like you really care for your students, but you must take time for yourself. If you are not in good mental and physical health, your students will suffer. If you need to take a personal day every few months, take it. You’re a veteran teacher, so I know you realize that it’s often easier to be at school than to call in, due to all of the extensive plans you must make for the sub. However, the extra time to yourself will pay off by leaps and bounds once you return to the classroom refreshed. […]

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{Ask a Teacher} Help! I'm Overwhelmed!

Question #1- I’m a new teacher who happens to teach English to 6th graders in an urban school district. I’m overwhelmed with lesson planning, parent teacher conferences, delivering content that is interesting to the students, pacing them to finish novels and to “top it off” I don’t feel like I can ask for help because I don’t want to be looked at as “weak”. Help! Answer #1: Welcome to the teaching profession! All teachers feel overwhelmed from time to time, but I understand that doesn’t ease any of your burdens. No teacher (or any professional for that matter) wants to ever be viewed as being “weak”; however, the strong teachers are the ones who seek out help. With a discerning spirit and mindset, start looking for a faculty member in your building who teaches English, or even one who seems like they have a heart for others. Just chatting with a colleague about content will help you to begin to see that what you are teaching is up to par with veteran teachers. These informal conversations also allow you to learn teaching and organizational strategies that will help you. […]

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{Ask a Teacher} A Parent is Ruining My Reputation!

Are you an educator or parent who has a burning question that only a "seasoned teacher" would know the answer to? If so, look no further than "Ask a Teacher"! Every week we highlight one reader's question and answer it on our site. If you'd like  your question answered email us at info@theeducatorsroom.com!  Question: Three [...]