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Do your 'Assignments Matter'? A Book Review

Eleanor Dougherty’s Assignments Matter is a great book. Assignments make up a bulk of what teachers do, and probably take for granted. We give assignments because that’s what teachers do. Dougherty shows that just giving assignments is not enough. She encourages teachers to analyze the process so they are choosing assignments that provide an authentic [...]

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Why I Don't Celebrate Black History Month In My Classes

I am a black woman. I majored in African American Studies in college. I never owned a white doll. All of my Barbies, Cabbage Patch dolls and Raggedy Ann dolls were black. I wrote my dissertation on the integration of Africa-related topics in Georgia’s world history textbooks and curriculum. I used to look forward to Black History Month when I was younger because that was the only time I saw “me” in the school curriculum. Luckily for me, my parents and grandparents gave me lots of books about black history so I knew more than most other black kids I knew. […]

Us vs.Them:Why Can’t Veteran Teachers and Teach for America Teachers Get Along?

My colleague made a very interesting comment in our meeting today. He said, “There’s a competition between veteran teachers and T.F.A teachers.” I raised my eyebrows and was intrigued by his comment. We had a T.F.A (Teach for America) teacher in the meeting with us. I’ve never viewed such a competition, but with further discussion, I understood exactly what he meant. There is a division between teachers from traditional teacher preparation programs and those from alternative certification programs, (T.F.A and Troops to Teachers are two examples). I can think of several reasons for this division: 1. There are many businesses and media entities vested in these alternative certification programs. In order to continue building these relationships — and securing their funding — they need to justify THEIR teachers as SUPERIOR to veteran teachers. 2. In several schools, Teach for America teachers receive preferential treatment. Traditionally, first year teachers receive the worst assignments. I know of several schools where T.FA teachers receive ‘easier’ schedules and extra planning time, while veteran teachers ‘pick up the slack’. […]

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What Teachers Should Know BEFORE Entering the Classroom

Ask any teacher the worst part of their job. Less than 5% will say ‘the kids’. Non-educators can moan and groan saying things like, “I don’t know how you do it” and “No way could I deal with bad kids all day”. You’re definitely right. YOU couldn’t deal with kids all day–so you don’t. However, those of us that choose to be teachers knew we would deal with kids all day. We knew that some of them would not be as good as others. We did NOT know, however, how much other crazy stuff we would deal with on a daily basis. If you are entering the teaching profession, especially in a low-income, inner-city school, here are some circumstances you are likely to face. […]

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Support +High School Students = Success

    I can’t tell you how many parents I’ve talked to that take a ‘hands-off’ approach to their child’s education once they reach high school.  They seem to think that it is best to leave children alone since they are almost out of the house.  Although the needs for high school students are different from elementary students, the need is still present. There are lots of ways that parents can support high school children.  Granted, that support will be different, but it  still is necessary.  Here are some ways for you to help your child have the most beneficial high school experience: 1)      Keep the lines of communication open with your child.  Peer pressure is no joke.  High school teenagers are going through a multitude of emotions and experiences, it is critical for them to have parents/guardians on whom they can depend.  Yes, your child may not want to talk to you.  Your child may not want to have anything to do with you at times.  Don’t give up.  Show your interest in their friends.  Show interest in their activities.  Show them that you care. […]