About Lori H Rice

Lori Rice is a fourth-grade teacher at West Elementary in Wamego, Kansas, who has taught K-2 reading as well as kindergarten, first grade and fourth grade for the past 19 years. Her students read books that are held together by tape, and because of budget cuts her school does not have a full-time librarian, art teacher, technology teacher or music teacher. As a result, she says, “our schedules are limited and cannot be arranged for what is best for students.”

Bringing Kids Together

Each teacher has a favorite. Favorite subject, favorite activity, favorite lesson.  Three years ago I started one of my favorites.  Each year we start January with "Where I'm From".  The students reflect on where they are from and what makes them who they are.  While reflecting on themselves and where they are from, students can focus [...]

Skype Connections to Learning

One of our fourth grade standards in Kansas is US states.  Students learn about the regions including their geography, climate, economy and cultures.  We spend time researching and learning about the various states while comparing them to Kansas.  Students become travel agents to different places.  While it would be wonderful to have the funds to fly [...]

What The Future, America?!

Nineteen years of education have enabled me to watch the pendulum swing back and forth a few times. We have gone from grouping to whole class to differentiation. Methods and techniques come and go, each time reintroduced with a new twist. So many things in education recycle themselves and each time educators are ignored as [...]

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Teacher Expertise: You Have the Time & You Have a Say Outside the Classroom

I don't know how your state is treating educators these days, but in my state, coming from my state legislature, education is constantly under attack.  Education is the current hot  button and there are bills discussed and passed daily to undermine all I do.  Common Core, AP classes,  character education, teacher tenure, and teacher due process are [...]

But What if They Reflect?

I have never been a traditional teacher.  This year I removed most of the desks from my classroom and have added a standing table, coffee tables and areas for students to work away from a desk. This has been an amazing transformation with many benefits.  Last week the custodian was in my room and she [...]