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Why I Teach

By Guest Writer Amanda Elizabeth Austin, Ed. D The moment I knew I was going to become an educator was when I got to experience a service learning course during my last year of college where I volunteered my time at a local elementary school.  This school was located in an area, which was considered [...]

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What Do You Do When The Teacher Is The Bully?

by:John Sucich Early in my teaching career, I was told by an administrator that she had asked one of my students how he would describe me. “Strict,” was the student’s reply. It was all very matter-of-fact. The administrator was just letting me know, not sending me any kind of message. And the student had me [...]

Staying Student-Centered in a World Gone Mad over Technology

Guest Writer:By: Eliana Lipsky I am a teacher coach, professional developer, and school consultant for a few Jewish day schools in the Chicago area. I’m also a former classroom teacher who left to get my doctorate in education. I recently attended a one-day conference here with over three hundred fellow educators representing over five Chicagoland [...]