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Toni McCray has been teaching urban first graders for 9 years with Memphis City Schools. She is a native of the Memphis area .

The Reading Paradigm: Quality vs. Quantity in Reading Instruction

When you first started teaching reading, did you think your students had to read all those books that come with the reading program? I did. I opened my box, pulled out the teacher’s manual, organized the basals, decodable readers, and leveled readers. We would read the story in the reading book (basal), then break off [...]

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The Reading Paradigm: Equity Does Not Mean Equal in Reading Instruction

Image from mlive.com One of the qualities of an effective teacher is to be fair and equitable. But what does that really mean? How can you be fair and equitable to every single student in your classroom? As a child, I’m sure if your sibling got a scoop of ice-cream, you wanted a scoop of ice cream. Or if your sibling got a car at 16, then you felt entitled to that same privilege at 16. That’s just fair, right? Some teachers think the same principle applies in their classroom. If I give Bobby this, I must give Suzy this. In some instances, this theory may prove true. However, when it comes to reading instruction, this is false. You must realize that equity does not mean equal when it comes to instructing a student how to become an effective reader. […]

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