Adventures in Real World English/Language Arts: The Planning Stages

I adore literature. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved books (I blame Beauty and the Beast). And eighteen years later, I am teaching American Literature and British Literature, it is a dream career. Then this summer things changed. The state of Louisiana realized that not every student is going to college, and [...]

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Dispelling Myths about Teachers

“Stop being such a martyr.” “All these teachers do is whine about how bad they have it.” “It is your choice to put so many hours in. No one is forcing you to do all this.” And my favorite, “You knew what you were getting into.” Yes, I write about the realities of education and [...]

Educational Consultants..The Case for More Teachers

We’ve all been there. An educational consultant comes into your school for professional learning and all you get is a glorified PowerPoint Presentation full of strategies you’ve already used that don’t work. You leave the meeting angry that once again forty-five minutes of your time was wasted just to garble up a bunch of acronyms. [...]

6 Ways for Teachers to Earn Some Extra Money From Home

It's the summer and many teachers are thankful for a short break to recalibrate and refocus for the upcoming school year. We are no longer confined to using the restroom in under 30 seconds or eating lunch in 20 minutes. We have actual time to plan and execute our plans for the upcoming year. Despite [...]