Who is the Teacher: School or Family?

I saw a discussion post on Facebook the other day about education.  No surprise.  Everyone went to school, everyone has learned something in their life, so everyone has an opinion. Parents are passionate about their kids and have opinions about all things school.  This discussion, however, was a newer one to me.  It was about [...]

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Text Evidence in the Common Core: There Are Such Things as Facts

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were released in 2009. They are now seven years old. I will admit that I was not initially enthusiastic about the English Language Arts literacy standards.  I felt they were heavy in non-fiction…(no, wait.. heavy in “informational texts”). The CCSS suggested a typical student should have a reading diet filled with informational texts [...]

Report Finds Students Cannot Google and Reason at the Same Time

If you Google the explorer John Cabot, you could get a web page from the website All About Explorers that states: “In 1484, the explorerJohn Cabot moved back to England with his wife and eleven sons. He developed his own website and became quite famous for his charts and maps depicting a new route to the Far [...]

The New Segregation

Because of the zoning of schools in Georgia and around the United States, there is a conspicuous homogenizing of students who attend the inner most city schools. Those with eyes on the educational landscape will notice that those students who are born of the city are left to attend the often underfunded and poorly supported schools, [...]

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