Making Learning Extra-Ordinary: A Sarcastic Stab at EduJargon

During my first week as president of our local association, I shared a copy of a "Faculty Meeting Bingo" manipulative with all our members as a joke regarding educators' over-reliance on edu-jargon. Eventually, this information made it to our superintendent, who wasn't too pleased with the actions of his new opposite. Yet I utilized the wait time to [...]

Podcast Review: Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers

"Remember, it's not going to be easy - it's going to be worth it." Blogger, consultant, and educator extraordinaire Angela Watson ends every one of her "Truth for Teachers" podcasts with this Art Williams quote - one that any educator would agree we know all to well. But the content of her podcasts do make the [...]

8 Ways For Teachers To Communicate With Parents in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, there is a multitude of ways to communicate with parents. I know a large part of the education workforce is comprised of ‘digital immigrants’, but with a little time and motivation, all teachers can (and should) utilize technology to increase communication with parents and students. Here are my eight favorite ways [...]

The Middle School Mind: How To Find Out What They’re Thinking

Summer is finally over. Parents are secretly smiling as they shoo their kids out the door, snap a few first day of school photos and sigh. Yes, some of them might shed a few tears over the passage of time and the impending high school graduation - even if it's still five years away. And some [...]

5 Marketable Skills I've Acquired From Teaching English Abroad

During the last year that I've been teaching overseas, I've developed some skills that should help me land a job when I return home. Project development skills- Have you organized a school-wide holiday themed showcase? Established or coordinated a partnership with a school in another country? Devised your own English language curriculum that can be [...]