10 Years Later: 10 Takeaways on the iPhone and Education

Ten years ago this month, Steve Jobs walked out onto the world's stage and said "this is a day I've been looking forward to in 2.5 years" because of this "revolutionary product that absolutely changes everything." I'm talking about the iPhone. And boy, did it change everything. Today, nearly 7 in 10 adults has a smart [...]

Have You Been To A #GAFE Summit?

I've been teaching for 26 years - English, AVID, Yearbook, Reading, History and any sort of intervention class that gets thrown my way. I've been through whole language and back. I've survived NCLB. I've been trained in teaching the Gifted and Talented, the At-Risk and 21st-century students. And last weekend, I went to my first [...]

Pokemon Go Learn

I have always let my kids do things and play games that I wouldn't generally suggest for other children-but it's with a guided purpose. In fact I encourage my children to get into those games and discover what happens when you push conventions, rules, and the boundaries of those virtual worlds.  So when my daughters [...]

Using Web 2.0 Tools to Increase Student Engagement

“I couldn’t come up with an idea.” “I didn’t have a chance to talk to my group!” “What was the homework?” “I was confused…” “I’m not sure if my students understood the lesson today.” “Where can my students best showcase their work?” These are all questions and excuses I’ve heard from students and teachers, and [...]

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