More Rural Schools Journal: The Sick Day

On a recent Thursday afternoon, I decide to take a sick day. I just called for a sub to cover my duties tomorrow. I'm taking a "sick day." My youngest, (of the three girls I have written so much about in the past) didn’t really want to go to school this morning, was clearly feeling [...]

Not My Secretary of Ed (Why the butt that Occupies the Federal Seat Matters to my Classroom)

  There is a difference between “government” and “politics.” The former regards the design of a specific seat in our system; what power is vested in it, and what checks balance that power. The latter regards what butt happens to occupy that seat at a specific time. The butts change, typically per Presidential administration, but [...]

“An Education System Flush with Cash [and] Students Deprived of All Knowledge”

"An Education System Flush with Cash [and] Students Deprived of All Knowledge" In President Donald Trump's Inaugural Address, these were his first official words about American public education. While it's all too easy to jest that President Trump could have been possibly referring to his Education Secretary choice Betsy DeVos (who has donated $5.3 million to campaigns [...]

A Dear John Letter to My Career in Education

Dear Education Career, It’s been a great 15 years, and I thank you but it’s time for me to go now. I remember when we first met back in college. You were so enticing; working with kids, the other professionals dedicated to making a difference, empowering change and knowledge in a strong field. When I [...]