Making the Dual Language Decision

We all know that communicating with parents is essential to being an effective educator, but when the majority of your students speak a different language at home, it becomes frustrating to have to find a translator for every single phone call. I’ve also learned, after numerous confusing emails, not to completely trust Google Translate. I [...]

ELL Students: Is it a Language Issue or is it Something Else?

Teachers of English Language Learners (ELLs) may face a challenge when deciding if their students struggle with language or other learning issues. The difference can be hard to identify.  As a bilingual and ELL teacher, I ran into many students who struggled in class. I wondered how I could reach them and keep the momentum going for further [...]

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Kindergarten Readiness: 10 MORE Things Your Child Should Know

Last week, I explored the academic side of Kindergarten readiness. But school readiness is not all about regurgitating facts because some things just cannot be measured. One child's brain development differs from another's, but there are many things that teachers look for that have nothing to do with intelligence. Here are 10 more things to [...]

5 Ways to Use Emojis in the Classroom

I realized almost immediately that I wasn't getting through to my Kindergartners... again. I asked a class full of 5-year-olds to identify feeling words, and I got the same generic responses - happy, sad, mad. Year after year, I struggle with how to teach my primary students, especially my English Language Learners, to use precise [...]