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  • When Teachers Get Sick

    on Feb 11, 16 • in Educator Professionalism, Featured, From the Front Lines • with Comments

    A Series of Fresh Starts (1)

    I am not a very good sick person.  I don’t like stuffing my pockets full of Kleenex, dosing up on Sudafed, and trying to make it through my day.  But I don’t like the alternative, either.  Hunkering down in the house with a stack of unread newspapers, that novel I’ve been meaning to finish since last summer, lotion-infused tissues, a remote control and satellite TV isn’t what I’d exactly call my dream day off. When teachers get sick, it’s harder to stay home than it is to go to school. When a teacher is sick,

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  • The Experts Among Us: The Value of Mentorship

    on Jan 29, 16 • in Ask a Teacher, Educator Professionalism, Special Education • with Comments

    the educator's room (15)

    My first year of teaching, I knew nothing about teaching. I had a vague concept of what teaching looked like based on television shows, movies, and books. As a lateral entry teacher, I had to study and take a test that demonstrated my understanding of child development, special education, and the tenets of teaching and learning. As someone who had always done well with tests, I aced those bad boys, but that did not mean that I knew what teaching would really be like. Were it not for a really great mentor, my colleagues, my passion,

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  • Redefining Expertise in Education

    on Jan 28, 16 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured, From the Front Lines, Policy • with Comments

    the educator's room (13)

    One of the most humbling things about my seventh year teaching is realizing how much I have left to learn. I am lucky enough to work with several teachers with 10 to 20 years of experience under their belts. I am inspired by the breadth and depth of their knowledge. At the same time, I am realizing that I am no longer a novice. I’m proud of the solid base of experience I am developing. It has been a national trend for some time to diminish the importance of experience in teaching. I entered the

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  • There’s More To a Student than Just A Number

    on Jan 27, 16 • in From the Front Lines, Opinion, Policy • with Comments

    A Teacher's Worth (1)

    I was so angry. How could anyone just give up on a child because of a number! Let me back up. Way back to this past summer. Bear with me. I tutor during the summer. I had a family contact me about tutoring their foster children, a soon-to-be first grader and a fifth grader. They had been in a horrible family situation; abuse, neglect, so on and so forth. I scheduled an initial assessment date and looked forward to meeting with the family and kids. Upon assessing them both, the first grader was at a

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  • What Teachers Are Really Searching For Online

    on Jan 26, 16 • in Ask a Teacher, Common Core, Current Events in Education, Educational Reform, From the Front Lines, Middle School, Policy, Professional Development, Teacher Burnout • with Comments

    What Teachers Are Really Searching For Online

    Wonder what teachers are really searching for online? I can tell you – it’s not just lesson plans or decoration ideas. It’s not just how to deal with the unruly child, or how to motivate a reluctant reader. Those searches would be understandable. What teachers are really searching for online is this: jobs for retired teachers\jobs for ex-teachers\jobs for teachers leaving teaching\jobs for teachers\jobs for former teachers\jobs for teachers leaving the profession\careers teachers good jobs for retired teachers\new careers for teachers\jobs for teachers other than teaching\jobs after teaching\leaving teaching for a new career\careers after teaching

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