The Bathroom Battle Is Coming to Your School – Are You Ready?

When the U.S. Dept. of Education issued its "Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students," it essentially asserted that transgender bathroom rights will be an issue that schools are expected to solve. This upcoming fall will no doubt make school bathrooms a boiling issue. Will you be ready for it? Schools have not been asked to take up a rights' issue of this magnitude since Brown [...]

Google Classroom Part 3: First Year Reflections

I surveyed 42 of my juniors for this article.  The questionnaire asked them to comment on benefits and frustrations with Google Classroom and Google Apps. Every student agreed that they felt more connected to students and curriculum by using Google Classroom.  Most students said they preferred to virtually collaborate because of convenience, connection to teacher, [...]

How Humility Is Hurting Teachers

A favorite education professor probably told you that being humble is a trait of an effective teacher. They probably read a 2011 ASCD article about "what makes for an effective teacher" and shared it with their students. They probably also shared the notion that a great teacher continually puts others ahead of themselves. Dave Stuart, Jr. [...]

7 Hidden Reasons Teachers Deserve a Pay Raise

Across the country, teachers are fighting for their rights to a fair salary, and for good reason. If you think teachers don't deserve better pay because you truly believe that they only work from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon, you've clearly never met a teacher. Teachers today do so much more [...]

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Standardized Protesting

Most Americans are quite aware of their First Amendment rights, namely their freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. One of the most often overlooked freedoms in that all-too-important amendment is the freedom to protest, and it's something that teachers should consider when it comes to standardized testing. They can standardized [...]