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  • Finding your Happiness in the Classroom

    on Aug 26, 15 • in From the Front Lines, Opinion, Policy • with Comments

    Department meetings-2

    We started school a few weeks ago and I am still getting to know my students. I teach at a small school, around 400 students, so I know faces and names before they come into my classroom. The students know me as well, even before they enter my classroom. You develop a reputation outside of your classroom and like it or not, the students decide whether they like you based on the opinions of the other students, especially high school students. My fourth block informed me of my reputation this past Friday. We were are

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  • Maybe the Film Credits Are the Best Lesson

    on Aug 26, 15 • in From the Front Lines, High School, Instructional Strategies, Literacy • with Comments

    Maybe the Film Credits Are the Best Lesson

    Twice this summer, I found myself thinking that maybe educators are not taking advantage on how we could show films in class. We seldom, if ever, show the film’s credits. Perhaps the lack of attention to film credits is because there is not enough time already for what many educators might consider a passive activity of sitting and watching. I have worked for administrators who have limited or banned films entirely from curriculum because they perceived that a movie shown in class was merely a babysitting tool. In these situations, I would try to convince

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  • Why I Fled Special Ed (and How to Fix It)

    on Aug 20, 15 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, Policy, Special Education • with Comments

    the educator's room-4

    At the end of last year, I had had enough of my job. After eight years as an expert Special Education teacher, I felt that I could no longer do my job and stay sane. I wanted out! I knew from previous experiences that, despite my certifications and work history, I would not easily get a position outside of Special Education within the walls of any building in that same school district. The need for people like me to work as Special Education Teachers versus the need for Language Arts or Math teachers is disproportionately high

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  • Advice from Adventures in Seating Plans

    on Aug 14, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, From the Front Lines, High School, Management • with Comments

    Advice For ESOL Teachers_ Professional

    The seating plan is often thought of as an important element for student success. From the first day of school, the seating plan is a teacher’s strategy for learning student names, and student names can be the most important piece of information a teacher can gather the first day of school. For that reason most teachers choose to use an initial seating plan that is alphabetical, but once names are committed to memory, should teachers still use the seating plan? Scramble the Seating Plan One year, I experimented with my 9th grade students to change things up by using a different

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  • Stolen Pens and Broken Tape: How to Create Boundaries in Classrooms

    on Aug 14, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, Current Events in Education, From the Front Lines, High School, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion • with Comments

    Book list  for teachers on break

    One day, I walked into my classroom to discover I had less pencils than the day before. I hadn’t given any out, so this made no sense. Then I found a broken white-out tape dispenser hidden among my things. I sighed and put things in my desk that I didn’t want taken. A few days later, I saw that some pens in my desk had again came up missing. It felt that the line had been crossed, but when? Was the line crossed when things had been taken off of my desk, or when someone went into

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