Top 5 Things Every Teacher Should Do Before School Starts

Have the teacher dreams started? Does your heart pound when you see the school supply section at Target? While you’re relaxing on the beach, have you defaulted to lesson planning over novels? To help calm your nerves, I’ve compiled notes about five top things every teacher should do before school starts - and guarantee you’ll [...]

My Journal From Working in a Rural School- Entry One

Mr. McConnell’s Rural Schools Journal Entry 1 (7/7/2016) What it looks like, lives like, what I’ve seen In a rural area, the suppression and exclusion of the hardest working and neediest among us can readily be seen in almost any school that serves struggling populations. It probably looks different and it comes at you different, [...]

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[Live] 3 Teachers Reflect on Back-to-School Tips for New Teachers

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Teacher Resignation Accepted

Guest Post: By Patricia Wood  August 2004- Jan 2016 Resigned. My teaching career is over. “Hey Mr. S, can I talk to you for a minute?” I poked my head into my principal’s office, hoping I could ask his advice. I wanted to know how to proceed on taking advantage of the unpaid family leave [...]

The Bathroom Battle Is Coming to Your School – Are You Ready?

When the U.S. Dept. of Education issued its "Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students," it essentially asserted that transgender bathroom rights will be an issue that schools are expected to solve. This upcoming fall will no doubt make school bathrooms a boiling issue. Will you be ready for it? Schools have not been asked to take up a rights' issue of this magnitude since Brown [...]