Creating Excitement In The Classroom With Hyperdocs

Have you explored using hyperdocs in your classroom? I hadn't either, until I attended the CUE Conference in Palm Springs, California. The CUE Conference is the largest (this year topped 7,000 attendees) and oldest (35 years and still going strong) conference for educators interested in using technology to make a positive impact in their classrooms [...]

Balancing Teaching and Mothering

I’ve always been a working mom. I guess I should qualify that - I’ve always been a work-outside-the-home mom. Since I was in my thirties before I had both children, I spent several years teaching before they rocked my world...and to be honest, it was a struggle to figure out how I could balance it [...]

What Are We Teaching Teens About Making Excuses?

I get really tired of excuses.  In fact, in my classroom when my 8th graders try to excuse their behavior, lack of homework, or unpreparedness I tell them kindly yet firmly, “Excuses are useless.”   Initially quizzical looks form on their faces, and then they start to stammer…which is exactly when I interject my reasoning. [...]

The Hidden Emotional Labor of Teaching 

It’s time for teachers to talk about our feelings Thursday morning I was called into a meeting unexpectedly and given the news that one of my students would probably not be returning to school this year. The news and the surrounding circumstances hit me with a wave of emotions. After discussing logistics such as how [...]

Stop Grading Everything! On Grading What Matters

What should teachers include in their grade book? Coming from several school cultures where there is a category for everything and almost everything is graded, I notice a recurring theme. Students who typically do well continue to do so, but the students who struggle rarely find success. The fact that homework, classwork, quizzes, and tests [...]

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