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  • How to Apply for a DonorsChoose Grant (And Why You Should)

    on Oct 17, 14 • in Ask a Teacher, Current Events in Education, Featured, From the Front Lines, Special Education • with Comments


    Less than two months ago, I applied for a grant at out of pure desperation. I needed supplies for my classroom and I didn’t see any other way that would happen with the current budget crisis in effect. Where I’m at, the special education budget has hit on all-time low, so our resources are actually lower than those of anyone else in the school system. Technology, learning tools, and anything else I could request, I would have to get from my school, not from my special education department, and the budget only stretches so

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  • Are you a leader or a follower?…On Twitter.

    on Sep 12, 14 • in Ask a Teacher, Confessions of a Teacher, Opinion, Policy, Technology • with Comments


    Are you a leader or a follower?  Me?  I’m a follower, and my students and I are very happy about that.  When I say I am a follower, I mean on Twitter.  I love Twitter.  I would not have said this a few years ago, because I thought Twitter was just a constant Facebook status.  Who needs to see a Facebook status updated in real-time?  I never really cared about people telling me they were buying a latte, working out at the gym, checking in to a sporting event, or even taking pictures of themselves

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  • It’s August: Better to Get to Work on those Summer Work Packets!

    on Aug 11, 14 • in Ask a Teacher, From the Front Lines, Parents • with Comments


    “Ancora imparo. [I am still learning.]“ ― Michelangelo, at age 87 in 1562 In the United States, students will spend 96 weeks or collectively about two years of their academic life in summer vacation days. There is tradition of “taking a break” associated with summer vacation, yet, there is a growing body of research on the adverse impact of summer vacation on student learning.  Many researchers refer to the achievement damage done as the “summer slide,” especially for urban communities. So what do some teachers do to counter this effect? At the beginning of summer, students are sent home

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  • Reminders for the New Year for Teachers

    on Jan 7, 14 • in Ask a Teacher, Current Events in Education, From the Front Lines, Management • with Comments

    The excitement of break and holiday fun is over.  Snow has come and gone and may come again.  But everywhere across the United States, classes are starting back for teachers and students.  In elementary classrooms it is generally back to business as usual.  We don’t have class changes or a new group of students.  Here are a few important things  to keep in mind as you gear up for the second semester.  Classroom Management—while you have established your rules and routines, everyone has been on a break. For some students the transition back into the

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  • 20 Simple and Free Gifts for Any Teacher

    on Dec 17, 13 • in Ask a Teacher, Featured, Opinion, Parents • with Comments

    What do I give to my child’s teacher? As people of all walks of life traipse the store aisles this December looking for the perfect holiday gift, the teachers that give so much to your children occasionally enter your mind. Should you feel obligated to give a gift? By no means, no. But if you do decide to give to your child’s teacher, here are 10 free and 10 simple options for you and your child to show your appreciation: The Simple Gifts: Gift cards – The fastest growing gift of any and all populations

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