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  • What’s More Important: A Degree Or Experience?

    on Jul 30, 15 • in Adult Learning, Ask a Teacher, Current Events in Education, Educational Reform, Educator Professionalism, Featured, From the Front Lines, Opinion, Policy • with Comments


    Several districts in Kansas have decided to employ non-certified teachers to place in classrooms. I am torn between thoughts on this being wrong or right. The educated teacher in me says no way! Teachers who are responsible for the education of others should be educated themselves. They should go through the ropes of being disciplined enough to have a four-year degree that has taught them classroom management, appropriate techniques, pedagogy and above all, self-discipline and responsibility. However, as a parent of two kids in college, I would have to rethink my understanding of today’s higher

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  • 20 Tips for Surviving Your First Year Teaching and Beyond

    on Jul 16, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, From the Front Lines • with Comments

    You just started teaching and you have great plans for changing the lives of the young people you will teach in the coming years. Full of energy, positive-thinking, a little fear, and a lot of determination, you will go into this school year pumped up! So what do you need to know if you’re just starting out your life as a teacher? Here are some tips for surviving your first year teaching (and beyond). Whether you’re a new teacher or a veteran, sometimes we all need reminders for how to make it through the year. These

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  • Be Interactive: Twelve Tremendously Helpful Math Resources

    on Jul 9, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, Common Core, Instruction&Curriculum, Mathematics • with Comments


    When you’re teaching any subject, it’s good to have a few tricks in your teaching hat to get your students engaged in learning. When you’re looking for interactive resources, it’s time-consuming work. What if all of your resources were located in the same place? Well, I’m here to provide you with an index of really awesome math resources to simplify your life. Illuminations. Here you’ll find one of my favorite places to go for lesson plans and interactive resources. If you click on Common Core Standards in the search box, you’ll get to choose grade

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  • 6 Ridiculously Refreshing Summer Relaxation Tips for Teachers

    on Jun 10, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, Current Events in Education, Elementary Classrooms, Kindergarten • with Comments

    The educator's room (2)

    The end of the year has finally come and you just finished dancing in the hallway with the other teachers while playing “Celebrate Good Times” on your cell phone. The halls look empty without students and your classroom is nearly cleaned out. You’re so used to stress that you don’t know what to do with yourself once the summer comes. So, what now? Summer should consist of relaxation for the stressed out teacher, but we often spend our summer working instead. We go to workshops. We plan for the next school year. Where’s the break

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  • 6 Ways to Rekindle Your Love for Teaching

    on Jun 4, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, Policy, Special Education • with Comments


    If you’re a teacher you know that the saying that “those that can’t do teach” is a complete falsehood. Teaching entails more than just providing instruction, especially if you’re a special education teacher. The pressure to make better test scores while creating content that appeals to multiple intelligences while providing 21st century skills and writing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) can get exhausting. This is especially true if you attempt to get all of this done with no real planning time, because you end up staying up far too late trying to make everything work, from lesson plans

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