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  • 6 Ridiculously Refreshing Summer Relaxation Tips for Teachers

    on Jun 10, 15 • in Ask a Teacher • with Comments

    The educator's room (2)

    The end of the year has finally come and you just finished dancing in the hallway with the other teachers while playing “Celebrate Good Times” on your cell phone. The halls look empty without students and your classroom is nearly cleaned out. You’re so used to stress that you don’t know what to do with yourself once the summer comes. So, what now? Summer should consist of relaxation for the stressed out teacher, but we often spend our summer working instead. We go to workshops. We plan for the next school year. Where’s the break

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  • 6 Ways to Rekindle Your Love for Teaching

    on Jun 4, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, Policy, Special Education • with Comments


    If you’re a teacher you know that the saying that “those that can’t do teach” is a complete falsehood. Teaching entails more than just providing instruction, especially if you’re a special education teacher. The pressure to make better test scores while creating content that appeals to multiple intelligences while providing 21st century skills and writing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) can get exhausting. This is especially true if you attempt to get all of this done with no real planning time, because you end up staying up far too late trying to make everything work, from lesson plans

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  • 9 Ways to Keep Calm and Soothe the Angry Parent

    on Apr 9, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, Educator Professionalism, Special Education • with Comments

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    When you decided to become a teacher, you did it to change the lives of children. You never imagined that attached to those children, you might find parents with endless questions, some of which go well beyond the scope of your classroom, or that some parents might get more difficult than planning lessons. Unfortunately, we all come in contact with an angry parent sometimes, and it takes some skill and tactical reasoning to navigate those choppy waters. Dealing with an upset parent can take up some time and can take an emotional toll, but if

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  • #SATCHAT’s Coalition of the Willing Should Be in Teacher Ed Programs

    on Mar 12, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, Current Events in Education, Educational Apps, From the Front Lines, Instructional Strategies, New Teacher Bootcamp, Recruitment & Retention, Teacher Branding • with Comments


    Rather than sleep in, hundreds of educators spend Saturday mornings (7:30 EST) tweeting away on Twitter in discussions with other educators worldwide about current issues in education. The hashtag #satchat takes educators to the discussion selected for that morning. The topics are usually posted by one of the coordinators so that educators can prepare in advance for the flurry of responses they want to make for the hour of tweeting. The topic on 3/7/15 was tweeted out by ‏@ScottRRocco as Tomorrow’s Classrooms Today.  At 7:30 AM last Saturday, the tweet tsunami began and soon Twitter’s#satchat was trending (by the numbers: 3654 Tweets;

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  • What Am I Thankful For? A Damn Good Public Education

    on Nov 26, 14 • in Ask a Teacher, Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured, From the Front Lines, Opinion • with Comments

    A DAMN Good PUBLIC education-2

    When people ask what one another are thankful for, there are a variety of great answers. Family, is notably and rightfully among the top answers. Many people are thankful for their friends who’ve helped give them guidance. Others are thankful for a home and a place to lie their head, or the food that’s on their table. There are many things to be thankful for this holiday season – but the thing I’m most grateful for is a damn good education. I grew up in an old coal town in Anthracite Pennsylvania, the area that

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