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  • My Mission to Create Successful Students

    on Oct 29, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, education blogging, From the Front Lines • with Comments

    How can teachers create more success in the classroom? Teachers everywhere clamor for the answer to this question in the face of increasingly higher demands on state assessments. In interviews with various teachers, Nieto (2003) revealed that caring will change the behavior of students. Further, Kottler, Kottler, and Zehm (2005) note that the teachers who do the best are the ones who not only demonstrate but feel dedicated and show concern for those around them. Given the great amount of evidence showing the need for positive relationships with students, I created my mission statement around

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  • Increasing Student Engagement through Belongingness and Cognitive Rigor

    on Oct 27, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, education blogging • with Comments

    Increasing Student Engagement through Belongingness and Cognitive Rigor

    As a middle school teacher, the battle to gain and then hold the attention of students in the classroom is hard won. According to Christensen, Fulmer, Kackar-Cam, Trucano, and Turner (2014), middle school is when lack of engagement increases for many students. As a consequence for this disengagement, students will begin to exhibit disruptive behaviors, isolation, and/or a downward progression in their academic achievement (Christensen et al.) which is why tackling this issue has become a personal priority. Working with a high poverty middle school, I see the issue of lack of engagement occur more

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  • Gun Violence: A Teacher’s New Normal?

    on Oct 8, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, From the Front Lines, Middle School • with Comments

    The Perils of the United States of Smug-2

    Tomorrow morning I’ll bike to school like I always do. I’ll park by my classroom, unlock the outside door, and head into the indoor hallway. I’ll hear other English teachers leading their lessons, and I’ll peek inside to see the 7th grade faces. As I near my classroom, I’ll hear the chatter from the Spanish room across the hall. I’ll turn the lock in my metal door, and note the metal plate where the glass window used to be. When it was first replaced I was annoyed not to be able to see out, but

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  • Advice from Adventures in Seating Plans

    on Aug 14, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, From the Front Lines, High School, Management • with Comments

    Advice For ESOL Teachers_ Professional

    The seating plan is often thought of as an important element for student success. From the first day of school, the seating plan is a teacher’s strategy for learning student names, and student names can be the most important piece of information a teacher can gather the first day of school. For that reason most teachers choose to use an initial seating plan that is alphabetical, but once names are committed to memory, should teachers still use the seating plan? Scramble the Seating Plan One year, I experimented with my 9th grade students to change things up by using a different

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  • Stolen Pens and Broken Tape: How to Create Boundaries in Classrooms

    on Aug 14, 15 • in Ask a Teacher, Current Events in Education, From the Front Lines, High School, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion • with Comments

    Book list  for teachers on break

    One day, I walked into my classroom to discover I had less pencils than the day before. I hadn’t given any out, so this made no sense. Then I found a broken white-out tape dispenser hidden among my things. I sighed and put things in my desk that I didn’t want taken. A few days later, I saw that some pens in my desk had again came up missing. It felt that the line had been crossed, but when? Was the line crossed when things had been taken off of my desk, or when someone went into

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