Got Discipline? (Charter School Diaries)

Year 2 Week 3- 1/21 – 1/25 One of my roles as an assistant principal is school disciplinarian. I loathe this role. My charter school uses a lottery system to enroll students. There are no requirements to apply to the school; prospective students are vetted somewhat, however we do not reject any applications. We have rules, [...]

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Step Up and Teach – Part 2: ELA Writing Standards

Read Part 1 of this series about Reading Standards here.   picture courtesy Princess, my first grader, writes all of the time.  One day in kindergarten, after getting into trouble at home, I found a note taped onto the wall beside her bedroom door: “Git my stompys or im not ginoo clen [...]

Educators Must Avoid Isolation (Charter School Diaries)

Year 2 Week 4 9/23 – 9/27 courtesy Educators in urban schools are constantly trying to figure out how to get students to perform better academically. Some establish strategies that help children achieve academic success. Others simply maintain the status quo. Some simply do not believe anything can be done to help [...]

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Parents, Teachers, and Conflicts of Interest (Charter School Diaries #28)

Year 2 Week 3 9/16 – 9/20 courtesy One of the things that I loathe about my position is dealing with unhappy parents. One of my job duties concerns student discipline. I give out and schedules detentions for students. I also make phone calls to parents and inform them of detentions. During [...]

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Administrative Frankensteins (Charter School Diaries)

Year 2 Week 1 (9/9 – 9/13) courtesy So I took the plunge this year and decided to jump into school administration. I still teach and I am a department head, but my new role is as the assistant to the principal.  Essentially, I am the assistant principal in my building. I [...]

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