How To Teach Creativity In A Test Driven Culture

I am blessed to have what many other teachers don’t: autonomy.  A 2014 Forbes article listed the top 10 skills wanted by employers: ability to work in a team structure, the ability to make decisions and solve problems, the ability to communicate, the ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work; and the ability to obtain and process [...]

Have You Tried Socratic Seminars Yet?

Have you jumped into Socratic Seminars in your classroom yet? If not, I've got a few easy tips to help you get started - including a 'real life' demo video! If you're already using Socratic Seminar, maybe I've got a way you can snazz yours up and take your students' thinking a little bit deeper. [...]

Let’s Talk About Race: Jodi Picoult’s ‘Small Great Things’

Racism is different. It’s fraught, and it’s hard to discuss, and so as a result we often don’t - Jodi Picoult. Every year that I have taught, To Kill a Mockingbird has been in the curriculum. As a lover of literature, I am excited to share this masterpiece with my students. And every year, most students [...]

“Letters Prove G. Washington a Coward!”- Fake News, circa 1776

Click bait headlines, such as the one above, may not have been “liked” instantaneously around the 13 original American colonies, but fake news and misinformation was still a factor in the news cycle of 1776.  A close look at American history reveals that fake news has been around since the country’s inception, and even the honorable George Washington had [...]

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