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  • Formative Assessment: Getting Started

    on Feb 27, 15 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Management • with Comments


    Formative assessment is not just another buzz word in education.  Formative assessment goes beyond the exit ticket and check-in tests.   This is a shift in teaching and classroom management that allows for students and teachers to reflect on learning.  Formative assessment involves setting clear learning goals and knowing what mastery of these goals looks like.  Then, teachers and students work together to collaborate and reflect on the learning.  This series will cover ways you can adjust what you are currently doing to gain time and learning in your room through formative assessment. Teachers are savvy

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  • Top 5 Reasons Socrates Would Rock a High School TODAY!

    on Feb 27, 15 • in Common Core, Educator Professionalism, Instruction&Curriculum, Social Studies • with Comments

    Socrates - from "The Death of Socrates" by Jacques-Louis David

    Great teachers come in all shapes and in all sizes. But to my way of the thinking the greatest teacher in Western history is Socrates. Sure, his bombastic ways and eccentric personality might strike modern students as odd or even offensive. But he would still be a decisive figure in the lives of his students. Here’s why: #5: Teenagers absolutely love him! In Ancient Athens Socrates was the best show in town. He was unkempt, slovenly, and generally known to be the ugly man in Athens. And yet, he gallivanted around town intellectually jousting and

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  • The Importance of Progress Monitoring in Special Education

    on Feb 26, 15 • in Featured, Special Education • with Comments

    picture courtesy

    As we attempt to bridge the gaps and get students to meet grade level expectations, many special education teachers feel pressured during benchmarking time. A lot of school districts get it right and use both benchmarking data and progress monitoring data, which is important.  Special education students shouldn’t get assessed using benchmarks alone. Why? I’ll start my explanation by defining benchmark assessments and progress monitoring. What are Benchmark Assessments? Assessments that assess students progress as compared to national norms for the grade level they’re in. Completed 2-3 times per year Used to determine whether a significant

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  • The Instructional Techie: Interview with James Sanders of the Ed Tech Team

    on Feb 26, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Instructional Strategies, Technology • with Comments

    James Sanders, Director of Innovation, EdTech Team

    This article was edited for length from the original interview. To see the whole interview, please view the video embedded at the end of the article. On February 16th, I sat down with James Sanders, Director of Innovation at the Ed Tech Team, a former middle school History teacher, and Ed tech innovator for an interview using Google Hangout. I was able to hear James speak at a recent Google Apps for Education Summit and immediately knew that an interview needed to happen. I spoke with James about his background, involvement as a White House Fellow,

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  • Teaching for Mastery in the 21st Century: a Conversation with Utah State Sen. Howard Stephenson

    on Feb 26, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Technology • with Comments

    Utah State Senator Howard Stephenson, advocate for 21st century learning

    Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hear Utah state Senator Howard Stephenson (R, Salt Lake) speak about the success of Computer Assisted Instructional Software (CAIS) and its hugely successful impact on learning for mastery in Utah schools. Sen. Stephenson has served in the Utah Senate since 1992 and has become a leading voice in innovative technology for the classroom. His focus is finding opportunities and avenues for students to gain more personalized instruction for mastery and to move public education out of its 19th century factory model.  For background, I encourage you to

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