10 Memes for Back to School

Back to school is near and teachers are feeling some type of way. We're excited about decorating our classrooms and meeting our new students, but being in meeting all day we would rather pass on. Enjoy these memes and tell us what you're most excited about in your back to school routines. How many times [...]

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The Effects of Smartphones On School Aged Children

I left teaching this year after seventeen years in the classroom.  It was a typical midlife crisis, and my job was only a small part of why I wanted to get away from it all to do something completely different. And yet, the students that I taught last year and this year were someone different [...]

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Are You Using Interactive Student Notebooks? You Should Be!

Teaching full-time English and AVID found me drowning in papers - you know the feeling? A weekly stack of hundreds of papers to check off or grade left me frustrated, tired and unhappy most weekends. In an attempt to cut down on the overwhelming, mind-numbing amount of papers submitted to me by my middle school [...]

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Accountability Conversation

I am interested in educators taking back the conversation regarding education. Of course, we need to always be "developing" (sorry about the HEDI reference), and the vast majority of us always are partly by nature of the lifelong learner, but also because of what our nation is doing to it's most vulnerable. We, teachers, aren't [...]

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The Grieving Year: A Major Professional Error

During the 2014-2015 school year, I landed a brand new job. This teaching gig seemed to be exquisitely designed for me. I had just received my Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing, and I was excited by an opening at my county's most prestigious arts school. The job ad for a creative writing [...]