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  • Let Them Make T-Charts!

    on Jan 30, 15 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Instructional Strategies • with Comments

    Pity the copier. Stuck in the windowless corner of the teacher’s room, churning out page after page of quizzes, newsletters, and course descriptions. Probed and shoved and slammed, the oft maligned copier needs a break. What could teachers do to lessen the toll that results in the overheated roller or stapler malfunction? Stop the madness….there is no reason to copy a graphic organizer! The graphic organizer is meant to help students prepare for another activity…a discussion, a quiz, or an essay. Graphic organizers can be used at any grade level. Graphic organizers can be used in any subject. But,

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  • The New Teacher in a New Country, and Year 9 in IB Geography

    on Jan 29, 15 • in Current Events in Education, education blogging, Social Studies, The Traveling Teacher • with Comments

    WIS Logo

    By Guest Writer Melissa Kandido Melissa Kandido teaches IB Art, IB History, IB English, & IB Geography for middle and upper grades at the Windhoek International School in Windhoek, Namibia.  She is sharing with us her experiences and adventures this year as an international educator and IB teacher.   Joining  a school community from a point that is not the beginning of the year is difficult.  Getting acclimated to the electronic platforms of communication is daunting. Navigating through the where-to-get-what-and-from-whom-and when type of logistics is also a challenge. I am now using Edmodo, Managebac, and

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  • Why Special Educators and General Educators Need Each Other

    on Jan 28, 15 • in Featured, Management, Special Education • with Comments

    Special education and general education

    Let’s address the gigantic elephant in the room. We don’t talk enough and, quite frankly, a lot of times it seems that we just don’t get along. You just want to teach and I just want to follow my IEPs. We do have something in common, though. We both want all of our students to learn and grow.  I’m certain that’s true because we’re all responsible for these children. In order for that to happen, we need each other. Why do special educators and general educators need each other? Well, we have been trained in two entirely

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  • Student Teacher Diaries: The First Lesson Plan

    on Jan 28, 15 • in Elementary Classrooms, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy, The Student Teacher Diaries • with Comments

    Student teacher diaries

    I see lesson plans everywhere!  I have always been the teacher that goes somewhere, looks at something, picks up a book and can think of ways to bring it into the classroom as a lesson.  A friend once commented, “It does not matter where we go you think of a way to teach kids.” There is a paper trail in lesson planning as well.  I remember learning the format in college.  Lessons were centered around a book or activity.  There was an anticipatory set; grab their attention!  Objectives were written “SWBAT…” with explicit instructions to

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  • Teaching Strategies: Using Kahoot! Software

    on Jan 26, 15 • in education blogging, Educational Apps, Featured, Instruction&Curriculum • with Comments


    Teaching Strategy: Using Kahoot! Software 1.Go to (or just Google Kahoot if you forget it) 2.Create an account. Use your school info (email and such) 3. If you’ve already created an account, log in 4. Then you’re at your Kahoot homepage a.On the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see the following: My Stats – lets you know how many Kahoots (review games) you have, the questions in all of them, how many times you / others have played it, how many have played it, and how many other people shared it My Recent

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