The Many Personalities of Teachers-And Why We Need Them

I’ve always been a salmon among trout, preferring to take the scenic route and discover things on my own rather than taking other peoples’ ‘suggestions’. Having admitted that I can say that teaching with others hasn’t always been easy, especially when a team is involved who believes in a hierarchy among themselves. (Don’t get me [...]

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Making the Dual Language Decision

We all know that communicating with parents is essential to being an effective educator, but when the majority of your students speak a different language at home, it becomes frustrating to have to find a translator for every single phone call. I’ve also learned, after numerous confusing emails, not to completely trust Google Translate. I [...]

Science is Under Attack

Most educated individuals can agree that science and science education is of the utmost importance to our children and our future. The state of Florida does not see things quite the same way as evident by a recent law that allows ANY individual to challenge what is being taught in science class.  To make a [...]

Making STEM Matter in Schools

I just got back from a fascinating conference about the state of STEM in U.S. schools, sponsored by U.S. News and World Report. I was compelled by the idea of making STEM matter in schools; as a middle school teacher, I know this is the prime time to hook kids into STEM. This is the [...]