Part 3: Adventures in Real Word English/Language Arts – Let Them Be Great

I love English Language Arts (ELA), but real world ELA can be eye opening.  I have been teaching my Technical Writing class for two weeks now. And I have had my share of ups and downs. I’ve always taken myself seriously as an educator. My love of literature and writing always translates easily into the classroom. [...]

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Group Work and the Introverted Student

"As children, our classroom desks are increasingly arranged in pods, the better to foster group learning, and research suggests that the vast majority of teachers believe that the ideal students is an extrovert."  -Susan Cain Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking (pg. 6) How often do we as teachers assign group projects and [...]

[Podcast S2E3] Why I Left Teaching to Poop in a Bucket

Introduction Welcome to Episode 2 Season two  of The Educator's Room podcast! In this episode, Franchesca interviews Christina Gil, former seventeen-year public school veteran about why she decided to use her mid-life crisis to leave teaching and go and live on a homestead community in rural Missouri. Every teacher has gone through it- days where you [...]

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A Seventeen-Year Veteran Teacher’s Regrets:  The Grade Game

In the many years I've been teaching, I've often wished that I could just have a group of students who smilingly followed my every instruction.  But beyond instruction, one of my biggest goals as a teacher was to get my students to think for themselves. However, it was difficult to reflect that goal in my grading [...]

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#EdTechCorner: Owl Eyes Helps With Annotation

One of the ‘banes of my existence’ as an English teacher is having to teach classical literature and then watching my students struggle through every single line for basic comprehension. Twenty years ago, I’d pull out my trusty guides that annotated the work(s) line by line. These days though, with technology at the forefront of [...]

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