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  • Wait for it… Esther Earle’s Star

    on Oct 24, 14 • in English Language Learners, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy, Technology • with Comments


    I saw the book cover on the non fiction shelf at the library and was immediately hooked. This Star Won’t Go Out promised to fulfill the real world answers to questions swirling amongst YA followers of Fault in our Stars. The wonder and hopes that fans carry for the character heroes with terminal cancer will appreciate that Green’s FIOS dedication is Esther Earle, the star more amazing than anyone could imagine. Her story compiled from her own journals, her parents notes and reflections is a story of hope more than struggle. It is a book

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  • Teaching Creative Writing to Younger Kids

    on Oct 23, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy • with Comments


    I love to teach writing to my first and second graders. These kids can spin stories like no others. The challenge lies in their fine motor skills and being able to write down all of the wonderful ideas they come up with. I have three methods that I use which I have found helps out tremendously with this challenge. At the beginning of the year, I use pictures as writing prompts. These are usually snapshots of the kids I have taken each week. I hang them on our ‘Pick a Pic’ bulletin board. Each Thursday

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  • The Working Hours of a Special Education Teacher

    on Oct 23, 14 • in Confessions of a Teacher, From the Front Lines, Special Education • with Comments


    Special education teachers work hard. People see smaller class sizes and equate that with less work, but that’s a fallacy. I can tell you that in my small class, I’m planning three different lessons and within those three lessons, I’m modifying within levels. In my inclusion classes, I modify assignments, and teachers look at it like it takes just a few minutes, but sometimes I create modifications and it takes time to do that. So the inclusion teacher might create the lesson plan, but then I must plan for the small percentage children in the room

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  • Why Should We Care About Virtual Education?

    on Oct 22, 14 • in Featured, Technology • with Comments


    The world of education is changing. Sounds cliché, but it is true. I am seeing that with my own eyes as I have watched my short 7-8 year career evolve from teaching in a traditional classroom with limited technology to now teaching through a virtual classroom. It is this changing world that has me fascinated with what the future of technology could be. Virtual education is something that is growing and changing education for better or worse. From flipped classrooms to fully online schools, this is a burgeoning field of education that needs to be

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  • Experience Life in Your Classroom

    on Oct 22, 14 • in Elementary Classrooms, Instruction&Curriculum • with Comments


    Tonight Monkey (my three-year-old) and I made muffins and brownies.  We sang and laughed and he was so excited when I decided to put “cookies” in the banana muffins.  I was briefly confused and then realized he was talking about the chocolate chips.  To be fair, that is the only time we use those.  They are for making cookies.  But Sport (my teen) requested them in the muffins tonight.  Cooking with my children is a normal event.  I have fond memories of cooking with my grandmother and I enjoy cooking with my own kids.  The

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