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  • Last week of 1:1 iPad classroom

    on Jun 6, 14 • in Educational Apps, Instruction&Curriculum, Technology • with Comments


    I have two block classes left for the school year, and I’m wrapping up some successes and challenges in the 1:1 iPad classroom. I learned that I love some educational transformations resulting from that ubiquitous access for all students.  No one  at our school was left out of an experience or left behind. No students lost their school work or asked for a second copy of a handout.  Any student who wanted paper copies or textbooks or some other technology could have it because it was their choice, not because they couldn’t afford other options.  Choice

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  • Open Your Doors to Learning

    on May 20, 14 • in Elementary Classrooms, Instruction&Curriculum, Technology • with Comments


    The winter was long here in Kansas.  When we finally got some spring air it was refreshing to open the windows and get outside.  Students and teachers can both benefit from getting out of the classroom. It’s just a space, the classroom.  Learning comes from the lessons, the questions, the educator, and the interactions among and with your students. If the activity you are doing does not require supplies, resources or technology, why are you indoors?  If students are reading or working without these supplies, go outside!  I have a classroom set of clipboards (garage sales

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  • Gaming and Education: They are not Enemies [Part 3]

    on May 8, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Technology • with Comments

    Online education and business concept.

    In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I discussed the bigger picture of gaming in our students’ and children’s lives and how gaming can connect to education.  In this article, I discuss how gaming has affected my own son’s education. I’ve written previously about how my son began unschooling a year ago.  As a fairly traditional teacher at the time, it was a much bigger adjustment for me than it was for him. He’d already experienced so many difficult schooling experiences, that he moved quite smoothly through a period of what is generally

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  • Disruptive Innovation: Gaming and Education [Part 2]

    on Apr 22, 14 • in Educational Apps, Educational Reform, Featured, Technology • with Comments


      Like most boys his age, my 11 year-old son is a gamer.   He plays a myriad of video games, and together, he and I are avid tabletop gamers.  His gaming life is full of colorful characters, mysterious landscapes, adventure, challenge, triumphs, and, yes, lots of failure.  But no matter how much failure he encounters, he continues to press on, to learn more, to beat the challenge and defeat the monster, understand the physics, or build the massive castle.  He has that essential element of resilience we talk about in education: grit. And he has

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  • Generating Work Flow in 1:1 iPad Classroom

    on Apr 18, 14 • in Educational Apps, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments


    I’m finishing this first full quarter with the 1:1 iPad classroom but apps do not hold attention spans this time of year. With April, love springs to life in all of its awkward forms. Attention spans are diverted towards prom invitations and long looks out windows; lacrosse, melting snows on the softball diamond hold great appeal. Thus the last quarter begins with incentives and compromises to motivate students. I turn towards studies of current events and apps that generate discussion and negotiation, simplicity and possibility. My choice apps are and Explain Everything. Before introducing new apps

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