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  • The Classroom as a Transformative Space

    on Sep 3, 15 • in Featured, High School, Instruction&Curriculum, Middle School, Technology • with Comments


    Every educator I know spends time setting up their classroom designing the use of space to be aesthetically inviting, with little to no assistance, little to no training. That first connection with students is so important, the room they walk into tells them if they are safe, if they can be inquisitive or if they must be obedient. The images displayed, the student work of previous years, the maps and directions posted all relay a message about values in education. Not only the physical space but the digital sites and platforms also require thoughtful maintenance and attention

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  • Blending Digital Time: Mobile Learning and Self Reliance

    on Aug 6, 15 • in High School, High School, Instruction&Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Middle School, Technology • with Comments


    The shift in education towards mobile learning and self reliance has educators and parents grappling over the social dynamic shift in relationships between student and adult. Access to technology has transformed traditional responsibilities, and redefined cultural values which is alarming for some and liberating for others.  The media tends towards a worrisome focus on the health of those with access to digital tools and the prevalence of a device in the life of an individual. Should there be a limit to the daily hours spent on a device? It is a difficult question to answer since activity and levels of

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  • Clear Out Your App Collection And Build Student Mastery

    on Jul 24, 15 • in Educational Apps, From the Front Lines, Instruction&Curriculum, Technology • with Comments

    the educator's room

    The education technology industry is one of the most quickly growing industries in the United States. Billions of dollars are spent annually by tech juggernauts such as Pearson, Kaplan, and Apollo Group as they develop Learning Management Systems (LMSs), mobile apps, tutoring services, online course offerings, and digital textbooks. In terms of sheer dollar amounts funding for ed tech industry companies surpassed $500 million per quarter in the year 2014. As a result of this exponential growth, teachers, schools, and districts have been inundated with propaganda to encourage experimentation and use of technology in schools

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  • Bus Fare – The View from ISTE2015

    on Jul 2, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Policy, Technology • with Comments

    Best Buy's ad space at ISTE2015

    In the day- and-a-half I have spent at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Philadelphia, I have come to a troubling, but inescapable, conclusion: Money Is An Issue. This is not news to anyone in education. In fact, it is such an obvious conclusion that any reader who has spent a day in a classroom might be saying, “Yeah? And?” Fair enough. But there is education money, and there is the amount of money that is at stake at ISTE 2015. Every space, surface, consumable, and activity at ISTE’s conference is

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  • CNN’S Soledad O’Brien Opens #ISTE2015 in Philadelphia

    on Jun 29, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured, Professional Development, Technology • with Comments

    Soledad O'Brien opening ISTE2015

    You have seen her on CNN for a two decades. You might have caught one of her segments on HBO’s Real Sports, or NBC’s Today Show. But have you ever heard Soledad O’Brien talk tech? The anchor/documentarian opened ISTE’s 2015 conference on Sunday night with a powerful, passionate keynote, in which she talked about the intersection of race, poverty, education, and technology. O’Brien, whose Starfish Media production house makes and distributes documentaries on race, class, poverty, and other need-to-know issues, firmly believes that technology can close the achievement gap, but with a major caveat. “

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