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  • STEAM Inspired Spin on Social Studies

    on Dec 8, 14 • in Instructional Strategies, Policy, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments

    STEAM  +

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – the STEM subjects joined forces with Art (Design) to become STEAM, the acronym which stands for education that deliberately promotes 21st century transformations in thinking. Social studies is not included as a focus and I like to think it’s because it is at the root of of the original STEM.  As a social studies educator I’m struggling to make that more apparent so I attended the November, Vermont State Technology Conference hosted by  The makerspaces and new tools were exciting and innovative but I wanted something that would not change

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  • Social Studies Educational Apps 101

    on Dec 4, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Technology • with Comments


    Having access to technology in a classroom is one of the best ‘next generation’ resources you can have. Teachers all over want to be able to give students exactly the information that they need in engaging ways. The answer? Apps. Now, we know that not all apps are created equal. I’ve put together a list of my favorites — the apps I use all the time. I promise I’m not getting any type of reimbursement from these companies. They are just really great resources to use!   1- Brain Pop: I love, love Tim and

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  • iPhones in the Classroom are Game Changers

    on Nov 13, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Educational Apps, Featured, Special Education, Technology • with Comments


    Dyslexic Students Becoming Independent with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices Imagine constantly being presented with the printed word and not able to read it. Imagine being in class listening to the teacher, actively participating in class discussions, but then the teacher hands out a worksheet that you can’t read. Imagine the frustration of knowing the answers, but because you can’t read the test, you are unable to show how much you know and thus you keep making failing grades. Can you really imagine that? How would it make you feel? How would you survive

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  • 21st Century Classroom Management is… Fun?

    on Nov 6, 14 • in Management, Policy, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments


    Recently a veteran colleague and a teacher in training posed questions concerning classroom management and power struggles with students. Years ago the approach to dealing with students who test the boundaries of rules was quick and strict reprimand.  Students were graded on neatness, orderly and timely manners, for being quiet unless called upon. While there is value in forming these habits most current grading practices tend towards skills and content mastery only. Educators know that students do not necessarily sit still to learn. Research, experience and parents would that teachers spend more time teaching and

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  • Wait for it… Esther Earle’s Star

    on Oct 24, 14 • in English Language Learners, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy, Technology • with Comments


    I saw the book cover on the non fiction shelf at the library and was immediately hooked. This Star Won’t Go Out promised to fulfill the real world answers to questions swirling amongst YA followers of Fault in our Stars. The wonder and hopes that fans carry for the character heroes with terminal cancer will appreciate that Green’s FIOS dedication is Esther Earle, the star more amazing than anyone could imagine. Her story compiled from her own journals, her parents notes and reflections is a story of hope more than struggle. It is a book

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