Podcasts in the Classroom: My Students

Author’s Note: This article is part 1 of using podcasts in the classroom and looks at my classes’ personal experiences with them. Part 2 of the article will focus on the benefits, uses, and tools of podcasts in the classroom. _________________________________________________________ In Spring 2016, my co-taught World Literature class sat furiously writing. On each desk [...]

An Alternative to Book Reports: Assessing Independent Reading

I am a huge advocate for student choice when it comes to reading, but one thing that people repeatedly ask me is: How do you assess and grade students' independent reading if they are all reading different books? I've written before about how I don't use Reading Logs, but rather Response Notebooks. I use response [...]

Rethinking the Literary Canon

There have been countless discussions launched about the need to teach the historically accepted literary pieces included in the canon. Just as controversial as the discussions engendered about the canon, so too is the definition. The "canon" is defined by dictionary.com as “a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine.”  The very definition [...]

How to Apply The New American Lecture to Mathematics

While it is important to gain the attention of students through activities that create opportunities for learning, sometimes lectures are necessary to help students connect prior knowledge to what they need to learn, and the New American Lecture is designed to teach students in a way that provides them with opportunities to interact with the [...]

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What Do You Do With the Highly Advanced Reader?

As a teacher of gifted students, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. Most students demonstrate asynchronous development. Others are bright but underachieving. Still, other students are not truly gifted, but are bright “teacher pleasers,” with the sort of behaviors that make teachers lives easier. What I did not expect was to find three students in [...]