Inspirational Educator: Joshua Katz, TEDx Talks' "Toxic Testing Terminator"

Every plaguing problem needs a caped crusader. When it comes to the burdensome culture of standardized assessment, teachers have found one in Joshua Katz (@jakatz87), the “Toxic Testing Terminator.” It’s been about one year since Katz delivered his TEDx Talk on “The Toxic Culture of Education.” In between then and now he’s run for political [...]

Inspirational Educator – Fran Warren, Founder & CEO of The Educator's Room

The Educator's Room Founder & CEO, Fran Warren We'd like to introduce you to Fran Warren, Founder and CEO of The Educator's Room. What was once a small blog has continually blossomed and grown, becoming a true voice for education and educators around the United States and world. Fran is a great leader, [...]

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