Inspirational Educator – Garrett Lim, All-Star Teacher

Every teacher wants to be called an all-star, but not many get the trophy to match. Garrett Lim is one of those honored few teachers to be recognized by Major League Baseball as an All-Star, as he was the Chicago White Sox's selection to the 2014 All-Star contest. We sat down with Garrett to watch [...]

Inspirational Educator Interview: Taylor Mali

Taylor Mali Taylor Mali changed the face of education with his eclectic poem entitled “What Teachers Make.” This middle school teacher and poet loved his job, but, like many of us, had enough of critics of our profession. The poem has become an anthem for teachers who value people over paychecks. I recently [...]

All Mathematics is Political: Post Session with Rochelle Gutierrez

Following an emotionally stimulating conference session presented by Dr. Rochelle Gutierrez, I was intent on waiting in a line behind dozens of people for the opportunity to sit and talk with her. She began her talk with an engaging moment where she asked audience participants to “Stand Up” for the reasons they entered the teaching [...]