Yes, Failure IS An Option

We'd be hard pressed to find an innovation that has changed our modern living as much as the light bulb. When Thomas Edison and his employees experimented with methods to bring about an incandescent light, they finally arrived - almost by accident - on using a cardboard filament. After its success, he famously quipped "I [...]

Being a Teacher (but first, just being “Dad”)

About four years ago my wife called me at school and told me that our oldest daughter had gotten off the school bus crying. Walking up our 100 feet of driveway between the road and our door, she had her report card in one hand and was clearly trying to gather herself before getting to [...]

Preparing Career Ready Students? Go Back to Kindergarten

At the beginning of my teaching career, I worked as the 8th grade English Language Arts teacher in a K-8 parochial school. Once a month, my students would pair up with the kindergarten students to complete a creative project: paper maché globes, paper kites, Q & A interviews. On those afternoons, my noisy and awkward adolescents longingly stared at various [...]

Life After High School: Reaching Beyond Poverty

This article is part of a new series based on interviews with former high school students about their experience of school and teachers in high school. courtesy   Meg grew up in intense poverty.  She had little parental support throughout her childhood and teen years, and had to navigate her own way through her [...]

Life After High School – Former Students Tell Their Stories

courtesy One of the greatest pleasures a teacher enjoys is a conversation or correspondence from a former student.  As a high school teacher, I loved watching my students mature from intimidated freshmen into seniors ready to take on the world.  Keeping in touch with them after their last year in the public [...]