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  • But What if They Reflect?

    on Feb 3, 16 • in Current Events in Education, Elementary Classrooms, Management • with Comments

    Adventures (1)

    I have never been a traditional teacher.  This year I removed most of the desks from my classroom and have added a standing table, coffee tables and areas for students to work away from a desk. This has been an amazing transformation with many benefits.  Last week the custodian was in my room and she asked, “What are your kids going to do next year when they have to sit in a desk?”  I smiled and said, “Not my problem.  I am supposed to teach them to the best of my ability and I am.&#

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  • 20 More Weeks of Blizzards: A Groundhog’s Day Pred-Election

    on Feb 2, 16 • in Featured, Legal, Management, Opinion, Policy, Social Studies • with Comments

    groundhog day

    Today marks the 129th year that Punxsutawney Phil (well, maybe the 30th version of him) will come out of his burrow to either see his shadow or not, declaring whether winter will be extended by 6 weeks, or whether spring is pending. However, after today, there’s still 20 more weeks of blizzards to endure. They don’t smash snow in your face, instead, they bring television, radio, and print ads. There will be phone calls pleading for money. There will be hurt feelings. There will be heated rivalries and contentiousness. There will also be a time

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  • Teaching the Basics in Education

    on Jan 29, 16 • in Featured, Instructional Strategies, Management • with Comments

    the educator's room (14)

    My  classroom is a non-traditional  environment in education. Knowing that children are,  children, my environment  is designed to promote the way they learn best; through being able to wiggle around, get up and move if needed, make choices and decisions. and develop crucial social skills through working in small groups. For so many years early childhood ‘appropriate classrooms’ have stopped in first grade. Classrooms are set up with rows of desks, isolating students from each other for the sake of classroom management. Toys have been removed, replaced with a few board games and maybe some

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  • Six Common Sense Behavior Management Strategies That Really Work

    on Jan 19, 16 • in Featured, Instructional Strategies, Management • with Comments

    No matter what grade level or subject you teach, you will always come into contact with students who either challenge your authority or disrupt the class in some way. Whether you have the student that constantly makes weird noises, the student constantly gets out of his or her seat, or the student who wants to argue with your every request, it is possible to get those problem behaviors under control, and you don’t have to rule with an iron fist to do it. The following common sense behavior management strategies really work, and they could quite

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  • No One Wants to be ‘Managed’

    on Jan 12, 16 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, High School, Instructional Strategies, Management, Opinion • with Comments

    the educator's room (10)

    Years ago I stopped presenting, coaching and even talking about ‘classroom management’. Who wants to be managed? To be ‘handled’? As an adult, I want to be led. Students want to learn and they want (yearn for) boundaries; AND they want to be led. Creating and adhering to a list of concrete rules and automatic consequences will kill any sense of community in a classroom. Students in these classes turn into one of the following archetypes: 1) the Automaton – the student who blindly obeys every rule for fear of the consequences 2) the Denier

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