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  • The Adventures of Teaching Middle School

    on Jul 23, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured, High School, High School, Management, Middle School • with Comments


    Whether you are teaching middle school for the first time, or have taught middle school for a few years and still aren’t quite comfortable with the assignment, this article is for you. During the time that I spent earning my degree in education, I always wanted to teach first grade. When I was hired for my first teaching assignment there were no lower elementary assignments available. Because I was certified K-8, I decided to take a position in a newly opened middle school far away from my dream of teaching first grade. Apparently the universe

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  • Classroom Community and Rock-Paper-Scisssors

    on Jul 22, 15 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, Management, Middle School • with Comments


    “When it is time to walk the dog, my kids do rock-paper-scissors.” This was a Facebook message posted by the mom of three of my former students. Several of her friends commented on how nice it was that they knew how to negotiate and not fight. I just laughed. It is a treat to see that the classroom culture I had worked so hard to build each year was reaching the larger world. The summer is a perfect time to think about the culture of your classroom. It is a chance to think about what

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  • First Day of School Tips from a Teacher

    on Jul 20, 15 • in Adult Learning, Current Events in Education, Featured, High School, High School, Management • with Comments

    The First Day of School

    After nine years of teaching and eighteen “first days” due to semester schedules, I still get butterflies. Weeks before school I wake up with nightmares and think of scenarios that will never happen. One of the many joys of teaching. There are different ways to handle the first day of school, in fact Harry Wong even has an entire book on it. These are some tips and tricks I have used to make the first day of school go a little more smoothly: 1. Seating Charts. Not everyone agrees with me, but I have a

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  • The Trials of Junior Year

    on Jul 13, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, From the Front Lines, High School, High School, Management, Parents • with Comments

    The trials of junior year

    Junior year in high school is considered the most difficult year for a variety of reasons. Here are reasons why and ways to help your 11th grader not only survive their junior year, but also feel accomplished. 1. Coursework.  Junior year curriculum is difficult. American Literature, American History, Chemistry, and Algebra II are the core courses most 11th graders take. Many juniors find themselves overwhelmed by the difficulty of the courses and the work load. Many juniors, especially honors students, have coasted through freshmen and sophomore year without studying or even completing homework. Junior year

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  • Student Mentors

    on May 27, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, High School, High School, Instructional Strategies, Management, Middle School • with Comments


    It seems like by the time everything gets settled, the school year ends. Then in August, new freshmen arrive and need to be “broken in” to the high school climate. While we have amazing freshmen teachers to help with the adjustment period, sometimes they are not enough.  In Japanese culture, there is a “senpai,” an older friend, a younger student looks up as a guide. This interesting concept is missing from American culture, however, the in a few American high schools, the mentor is appearing. What is a mentor? A mentor is a usually a

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