My Favorite Routines for Classroom Management

I am all for getting students to try new things and push their boundaries once in a while, but I don’t think it will come as a surprise that one of the best ways to manage a class is to establish routines and then stick to them.  Students know what to expect, they feel comfortable [...]

Student Teaching Diaries: Before We Start

Teaching is about learning.  Teachers take classes to learn about content, strategies, behavior, classroom management and more.  In order to move our educational system forward, however, the knowledge, experience, and expertise of master teachers needs to be shared with those entering the profession.  Each college has its own path for how this learning takes place; [...]

New School Year Advice from a Ten Year Teacher

Next week, I will celebrate the beginning of my tenth year in education. Teaching is a career that is always changing. One can never get too comfortable because before you know it there is something new. New standards, new strategies, or a new curriculum. One thing that never changes are the kids. The students are [...]

Beyond the Seats in Flexible Seating

Without change, we exist in a stagnant environment.  Learning is about persistence, failure, and change. Each summer there are buzz words that emerge and ideas for teachers to think about.  However, not everything fits into a neat little package.  There is not one boxed program, method, or idea that will work in every classroom.  Teaching [...]

Book Review: Teach Like A Champion 2.0

The book Teach Like A Champion is one that many educators have read, or, at the very least, heard of. This especially rings true for our classroom leaders who teach in urban schools. The first edition launched in 2010 by Doug Lemov, a teacher and administrator for the Uncommon Schools initiative, this book chronicles Lemov's attempts to [...]