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  • 4 Steps to a Happy Ending to the School Year

    on Apr 24, 14 • in Featured, Management • with Comments

    Spring break is behind you. One morning, some wisenheimer shouts “Only 25 days of school left!” Even though you have been secretly counting down, you know this is it: the beginning of the crazy year end behavior. The students’ attention begins to diminish, and noise and classroom chaos climb frantically. Here are four steps to understand the mayhem and help control the nuttiness. I taught second grade but these strategies will work for any grade. 1. Plan a big project. Pick a topic that you have not been able to get around to teaching or

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  • It’s Not Just a Classroom; It Could be a Museum

    on Apr 23, 14 • in Management, Opinion, Social Studies • with Comments


    I think every teacher has been asked the following question: What does your ideal classroom look like?    I know some teachers think about the answer to this question every day.  Some answers include an interactive whiteboard, a few computers or tablets – preferably iPads and MacBooks or Chromebooks, and round tables over desks.  In a world moving at the speed of an internet connection, teachers love having the most up to date technology and tools for their students.  It is a feeling of accomplishment in some ways.  When you have the best and most up

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    on Apr 22, 14 • in Featured, Management • with Comments


    It’s loud. I’m tired. I’ve tried getting these 35 students under control 3 times already this hour. I’ve had enough! Do your work! Pay attention! Listen to me! It’s time to go to the principal’s office! A recent article in The Guardian has labeled yelling as “emotional child abuse,” and it’s opened my eyes to two questions: Why do we yell? Do we really need to? For some teachers, the source of our screams are outside of class. We lead normal lives like other individuals, filled with ups and downs, curves and straight-aways, and a

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  • Packing Up Your Clip Chart

    on Apr 21, 14 • in Elementary Classrooms, Instruction&Curriculum, Management • with Comments


    My philosophy in teaching, and in life, is to leave things better than you found them.  Each person is placed here for a purpose and a reason.  As an educator, it is my role to foster the strengths within each student and help them reach their potential.  This task, while difficult, is best done with respect. The new buzz in education seems to be clip charts.  Pinterest, teacher stores, and blogs all over the web have resources and clip chart systems to use in your classroom.  This system rewards and punishes students; placing the management

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  • A Tale of Two Field Trips: Perilous Yet Rewarding

    on Apr 11, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Management • with Comments

    School Bus in Alaska

    I recently took 11th and 12th grade on a field trip to Yale Repertory Theatre to see These Paper Bullets, a “modish remake” of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. We had arrived early enough to have a little time before the show to stroll the sidewalks of Yale/New Haven and grab a cup of coffee before filing into the University Theatre. The weather cooperated for the first time this year,  the show was fast-paced, and engaging, and students participated in a talk-back with the crew and cast after the show. “Best show ever!” was their collective response, and I agreed. This was a great field

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