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  • A Tale of Two Field Trips: Perilous Yet Rewarding

    on Apr 11, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Management • with Comments

    School Bus in Alaska

    I recently took 11th and 12th grade on a field trip to Yale Repertory Theatre to see These Paper Bullets, a “modish remake” of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. We had arrived early enough to have a little time before the show to stroll the sidewalks of Yale/New Haven and grab a cup of coffee before filing into the University Theatre. The weather cooperated for the first time this year,  the show was fast-paced, and engaging, and students participated in a talk-back with the crew and cast after the show. “Best show ever!” was their collective response, and I agreed. This was a great field

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  • How I Flipped My Classroom

    on Apr 7, 14 • in Instruction&Curriculum, Management, Technology • with Comments


    It was just over a year ago when I first heard the term “flipped classroom,” and I recall wondering what part of the classroom was flipped.  I saw pictures of desks and books upside down, but never thought much about the concept.  I never thought this theory would lead to a new approach to the classroom and quite possibly revolutionize education, especially in the digital age.  I remember my high school days, 1998—2001, when we, the students, walked into the classrooms, took out our notebooks, and rigorously recorded every single word the teacher said from

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  • Gamify your Class without Electricity

    on Apr 3, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Management • with Comments

    Card Deck

    Class Dojo, Socrative, Nearpod, Zondle and Play Brighter dominate most conversations about gamification in education. This focus on technology and apps automatically alienates some teachers: “I don’t have any computers in my room, so that leaves me out!” However, it is possible to gamify your class in the absence of any technology . . . even in the absence of electricity. This is because to ‘gamify’ is to use ‘game mechanics’ to motivate students. The concepts behind a good game are the same whether that game is on the internet or in a box with

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  • Where Should I Sit?

    on Apr 3, 14 • in Instruction&Curriculum, Management • with Comments

    picture courtesy

    I was talking with my principal Friday after school about a webinar she has to take this week.  We were discussing how this is not the way either of us like to learn new information.  It is better than audio, because it has visuals, but I need to see the speaker.  I feel connected and find it easier to concentrate when I have a real live person in front of me to interact with.  During webinars I struggle to pay attention to the topic at hand.  Webinars are becoming popular, however, so they obviously have

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  • The Student Deserving of an “A” (and Other Grading Policies)

    on Apr 1, 14 • in Management, Opinion • with Comments

    Success Failure Buttons Show Successing Or Failing

    When I was in an interview for the job at the school where I now work, one of the questions they asked me was what I thought about the importance of grades.  My answer? Grades are merely a tool. They don’t always represent the heart of a child, or the effort that was put forth or where they will end up in life. Where do you fall on the side of grades?   Are they a measuring stick or an implication? Are they even needed at all? One thing is certain, they can and often are, a source of argument and

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