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  • Don’t Discount Trauma For Young Children

    on Dec 3, 14 • in Featured, Management, Opinion • with Comments

    courtesy Charles Schultz

    I had my eyes really opened today by one of my students who lost his house in the 2012 Oklahoma tornado. We were talking about how the things we are thankful for change as we get older. This young man is 11. He and his family lost EVERYTHING. House. Cars. Belongings. Everything except their lives and their dog. People who haven’t gone through an experience like this seem to discount the idea that the ‘stuff’ was lost, but ‘thank goodness more lives weren’t lost.’ This mentality is definitely a state of mind of those of

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  • Coping with a Different Child

    on Nov 17, 14 • in Featured, Management • with Comments


    Each class has one, that quirky child who just can’t seem to fit in. Even the nicest kids aren’t sure how to handle them. I could be a psychological issue, a hygiene issue, the desire to cling to everyone, the OCD boss, or the super-social ADHD student who just cannot be quiet. As adults we understand the class’ uncertainty but we know the importance of working with everyone. We understand the need to belong and have a place in the group. We also empathize with the other students. These outliers wear us down, too. You

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  • Celebrating Students: 3 Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Show Support

    on Nov 11, 14 • in Featured, Management • with Comments


    Our jobs as teachers are not limited to simply teaching, instruction, and delivering information. Our jobs extend to being mothers, fathers, caregivers, therapists, nurses, and anything else that our students need us to be. Students who are loved at home, come to school to learn, and students who aren’t, come to school to be loved. –Todd Whitaker The best part about being a teacher is that it matters. The hardest part about being a teacher is that it matters every day. –Nicholas Ferroni    So, how do we help those who struggle emotionally, physically, and instructionally want to come to school

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  • Artsy Smartsy

    on Nov 6, 14 • in Elementary Classrooms, Management • with Comments

    picture courtesy

    Monkey, my three-year-old, “wrote” a dinosaur song a couple of weeks ago.  He drew shapes and letters and has it sitting on the piano.  He will play and sing his song, very proud of himself.  Princess, my seven-year-old, is constantly creating.  She writes stores and draws pictures.  I am forever finding creations around the house and her room is full of papers.  Why do we, as educators, let this slip away? Too many classrooms are overwhelmed with anchor charts and following directions.  Creativity is often stifled and individual thinking is not celebrated.  I have an

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  • 21st Century Classroom Management is… Fun?

    on Nov 6, 14 • in Management, Policy, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments


    Recently a veteran colleague and a teacher in training posed questions concerning classroom management and power struggles with students. Years ago the approach to dealing with students who test the boundaries of rules was quick and strict reprimand.  Students were graded on neatness, orderly and timely manners, for being quiet unless called upon. While there is value in forming these habits most current grading practices tend towards skills and content mastery only. Educators know that students do not necessarily sit still to learn. Research, experience and parents would that teachers spend more time teaching and

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