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  • Conquering Teacher Home Visits with Three Simple Questions

    on Oct 1, 15 • in Educator Professionalism, Featured, Management • with Comments


    It’s been three years since I’ve started my second stint in the classroom and without a doubt my favorite new practice as a teacher is home visits. Home visits create an opportunity for home-school collaboration that is hard to find any other way. Home visits aren’t a new practice, but they’re gaining more attention, and for good reason. It’s hard to list all the benefits, but to name a few: They show families you care and are willing to go the extra mile. They provide a chance to learn more about the interests, family values

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  • 10 Ways Disengaged Students are like Zombies

    on Sep 25, 15 • in Featured, Management, Opinion • with Comments


    With all the zombie flicks out there today, I’ve started to become enthralled with the concept of zombies. I mean, how does a zombie epidemic start anyway? If you watch the movies and television shows out there, you’ll see that multiple theories exist for how zombies might come about, but there’s no research on it or how to end the epidemic once it starts. We know what causes lack of engagement in the classroom, though, right? Lack of relevance, insistence on worksheets, lack of support, disrespectful climate, and fear of failure are just some of the things that

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  • Ask Three Before Me: Encouraging Student Voice and Independence

    on Sep 21, 15 • in Featured, Instructional Strategies, Management • with Comments

    Instructional Coaching 101_ You've Just-5

    I’m lucky to be married to a brilliant early childhood educator. But I’m not just bragging. I share this, because her perspective on teaching really young students we have has given me a lot of insights to my own work with third graders. One thing that has stayed with me is the way my wife talks about the ideas and conversations she shares with four year-olds. Recently she shared a conversation she had with one four-year old about patterns in skip counting. Together they noticed that you could get to 12 by counting three 4s

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  • Leaving Your Babies to Have Your Baby: Maternity Leave Readiness

    on Sep 14, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Management, Opinion • with Comments

    Because We Know-3

    Maternity leave as a teacher is different from any other profession. Six weeks of lesson plans are needed and as you already know, just leaving a plan for one day is a struggle. Leaving your students in the hands of another person for six-week is daunting and overwhelming. As a teacher, we have a need for control and leaving a classroom for that long is not easy for us. We are in the middle of a “baby wave” at our school and I have seen some wonderful organization tips and some not so great situations

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  • Classroom Thief: How to Find Peace When Things Go Missing

    on Sep 10, 15 • in Featured, Management, Opinion • with Comments


    So you have a “classroom thief.” Things come up missing–both classroom items and those belonging to other students. You believe you’ve found the culprit, but he or she will not admit to stealing anything. Before you pull your hair out, try out these strategies for finding peace when things go missing in your classroom. Create Boundaries I spoke about how to create boundaries in my post about how to create boundaries in your classroom. This might be a good place to start. First, Remember Who You’re Dealing With You’ve got to remember that these people

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