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  • Have You Heard of People First Language?

    on Aug 20, 14 • in Featured, Management, Special Education • with Comments


    What is People First Language? People First Language refers to the language our society uses to refer to people with disabilities. People First Language places emphasis where it should be, on the person and not the disability. People with disabilities, moreover our students with disabilities, are- first and foremost- people, who have individual abilities, likes, dislikes and needs. Their contributions, no matter how small or great, enrich our schools and classrooms. As a result, we must always be mindful to respect them as individuals and not think of them as their disability and model that

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  • Watch Your Mouth: Speaking with Parents

    on Aug 20, 14 • in Management, Parents • with Comments

    Parent Meeting

    Each year we get a new group of students and they bring along parents.  We have opportunities at the beginning of the year to set up a relationship here that can work towards learning or against learning.  There are a few simple things you can do as you start the school year to invite parents into your classroom and open communication. 1.  Watch Your Language.   As educators we are immersed in the vocabulary and acronyms of education.  We understand our curriculum and strategies we use in our classrooms for mathematics and reading education.  Parents do not know

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  • Utilizing Journals Across Subjects

    on Aug 15, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Management • with Comments


    One of the skills I see kids lacking consistently is the ability to find information on their own. Resourcefulness used to come almost innately, but nowadays it’s missing in action. One of the ways I try to teach this skill is with journals. We use journals for just about everything in my class. Most of the journals are interactive, but some journals just contain information that needs to be learned over the course of time. Here are a few of the ways I utilize journals across subjects: My kids always journal after reading. Whether they are

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  • Teaching Champions

    on Aug 14, 14 • in Instruction&Curriculum, Management • with Comments

    We had an amazing in-service in our district this week.  In a time where your focus is on class lists and curriculum, bulletin boards and name tags, it is refreshing to get information that pushes you as a teacher.  The training was about Champs Classroom Management from Randy Sprick.  This is real information about real kids for real teachers.  This article is my take away from the in-service we received and how I plan for the CHAMPS system to look in my fourth grade classroom.  It can, however be used pre K-12 and is based on reaching all

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  • Four Little Tips to Transform Your Classroom

    on Aug 5, 14 • in Educator Professionalism, Featured, Management • with Comments


    This post was featured on Classroom Chronicle on Wednesday, July 23rd 2014 Another school year is almost upon us! Along with content, systems and management planning, thinking strategically about how you set up your classroom this year will boost student engagement and success all year long. How does classroom set up do this, you ask? Classroom setup directly correlates to classroom management. If it’s structured strategically it can diffuse potential disruptions and conflicts, leaving you with more time for teaching and learning instead of behavior managing. Additionally, Tennessee teachers spend at least 1,440 hours in

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