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  • Student Mentors

    on May 27, 15 • in Featured, Management • with Comments


    It seems like by the time everything gets settled, the school year ends. Then in August, new freshmen arrive and need to be “broken in” to the high school climate. While we have amazing freshmen teachers to help with the adjustment period, sometimes they are not enough.  In Japanese culture, there is a “senpai,” an older friend, a younger student looks up as a guide. This interesting concept is missing from American culture, however, the in a few American high schools, the mentor is appearing. What is a mentor? A mentor is a usually a

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  • The Reigning Terror of Indoor Recess

    on May 15, 15 • in Featured, Management • with Comments


    Oklahoma has been hammered this spring with thunderstorms, flash flooding and, the song of my people, tornadoes. This type of weather creates what some teachers cringe at-INSIDE RECESS. Giving kids a little too much free time when they are already cooped up is usually a catastrophic combination for those schools that still get recess time. So when the indoor recess days roll out in droves, I try to plan ahead with a little bit more of a directed recess approach. Here are some ideas to help keep some semblance of sanity through what can turn

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  • Why I Lend Out My Personal Books to My Students

    on May 4, 15 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy, Management • with Comments

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    In my incredibly messy classroom, behind my desk are my personal books. Novels ranging from Pride and Prejudice to Splintered. They are worn, underlined, and some have sticky notes in them. About six weeks into the school year, one of my students wanders over there, at first to look at my pictures, then they pick up a book and causally flip through it. Then my favorite part of my job begins, “So did you read this?” I smile and of course, light up. Then, “So I can borrow it? Really?” Absolutely. I know there is

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  • Before You Go: End of the Year Field Trips

    on May 1, 15 • in Elementary Classrooms, Management • with Comments

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    The end of the year always brings excitement and one of those traditions for many schools is the class field trip.  Hearing those two simple words can bring delight or fear to the heart of a teacher.  If you are planning a field trip, follow a few simple steps and it will start your journey on a positive note to help you have an enjoyable day. Set Your Day Up for Success–Make sure you have open communication with the location or locations you will be visiting.  Ask about back up plans for weather, how many

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  • Ending Sexual Stereotyping

    on Apr 22, 15 • in Educator Professionalism, Featured, Management • with Comments

    We have all seen it. The student who walks to his own drumbeat, different colored hair, withdrawn, hoodie up, possibly small and lanky, a little more feminine than most guys his age. maybe a few piercings or tattoos. He is silently screaming, “Look at me!” without saying a word. And other students do see him. And talk about him. And say awful things about him. You hear it. Or the girl who wears the baggy pants and keeps her hair short. The ‘tomboy.’ The girl who doesn’t quite fit the stereotypical ‘girl’ mold, but doesn’t

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