Trying to Find a Balance

When you are a new teacher, there are so many small parts of teaching you have to figure out. And you get bombarded by advice on what to do. You’ve got feedback from your principal, tips from veteran teachers, and “best practices” from professional development consultants. You have to sift through it all and somehow [...]

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Seven Steps to a Fresh Start for your Class

You started off with the best of intentions—a clean desk, new notebooks, resolutions for the new school year—but things are already turning sour.  Students aren’t working the way that you’d like them to, lessons have flopped, you are having discipline and classroom management issues.  Your classes feel chaotic and out of control, and you are [...]

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Teaching a Superpower

“I am going to teach you a super power.” I said this to over twenty classes last week, from first through seventh grades. I am covering for an art and music teacher on leave for the next several weeks. I certainly can cover the art portion without any trouble. I can sing, so we will [...]

Time to End Students’ Need for Instant Gratification

When you were in your educational psychology class a few years back, you probably learned about instant gratification. This behavior, at heart, is when we pursue what we want, when we want it. Often, that means now. The primal need couldn't be more evident in our school children - and it's up to us educators to redirect it. [...]

How to Avoid Teacher Burnout

One of the great pieces of advice that I received in my teaching career is that at the end of the day students should be more tired than the teacher.  The other great piece of advice that I got was from a freshman in one of my classes.  She said, “Why don’t you just give [...]

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