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  • A Light to Turn On

    on Oct 27, 14 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, Opinion • with Comments


    Little people. That is whom I teach. I have a room full of loud, curious, eager, fidgety little people who I must teach Reading, Math, English, Social Studies, Science, critical thinking, social skills and personal hygiene to in 170 days. State Department of Education, eat your heart out. It is a privilege to be trusted with this large task. I don’t take it lightly. I know that I have a very large role to fill and I know that I have the support of parents. But what about those of you who don’t have the

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  • Going Against the Flow: Student Self Worth

    on Oct 21, 14 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, Opinion • with Comments

    Young Student Ready To Study

    I view my ‘job’ as an educator as so much more than just focusing on academics. So many times I act as nurse, counselor, mother and friend first, then teacher. Some of the most important skills that children will take with them through life extend far past reading, writing and arithmetic. I had the opportunity last Friday to help a student realize the power of a skill that has been instilled in him for the past several years: the skill of standing up for himself and letting another student know that he wasn’t going to

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  • What Is The Most Important Thing A Teacher Can Ever Do?

    on Oct 21, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Opinion, Parents • with Comments


    “To be endowed with a benevolent disposition, and to love others, will almost infallibly procure love and esteem; which is the chief circumstance in life, and facilitates every enterprise and undertaking; besides the satisfaction, which immediately results from it.” — David Hume, “Of Impudence and Modesty” My youngest daughter, Emma Kate, was born two months premature. Although the doctors were confident in their demeanor and firm in their conviction that she would be “just fine,” on the night she was born I was not allowed to cradle her in my arms. “Premature babies,” I was

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  • Wiggles, Giggles and Learning

    on Oct 14, 14 • in Featured, Management, Opinion • with Comments


    The volume level in my classroom is not normal. And by that I mean it’s not silent. Or quiet. Or even remotely close to whispering. My classroom is noisy, busy and sometimes a bit chaotic. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now don’t get me wrong. We do quiet down, and even go silent at appropriate times, like when assignments have been handed out, tests are being given and when we are reading. But my busy bodies of six-and seven-year-olds get to wiggle, giggle and visit to their heart’s content during other times,

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  • Those Quaint Quirks of Kiddos

    on Oct 9, 14 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, Opinion • with Comments


    One of my favorite things about being a teacher is overhearing the things that kids say. Even better is hearing the things that parents say at drop off or pick up. I decided to compile a list of funnies from the past two weeks. Some of them leave me giggling randomly through the day, others, well, you tell me. Allow me to set up a few of the activities that are on going in my room. First, I have a selection of animals that I use to demonstrate different science concepts. Those critters include a

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