Seven Steps to a Fresh Start for your Class

You started off with the best of intentions—a clean desk, new notebooks, resolutions for the new school year—but things are already turning sour.  Students aren’t working the way that you’d like them to, lessons have flopped, you are having discipline and classroom management issues.  Your classes feel chaotic and out of control, and you are [...]

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How “Big Ed” Could Ruin America

There’s been much-to-do with EpiPens in the news these past few weeks. As the company Mylan has raised the price of the life-saving, anti-allergen medicine from $100 to $600, there have been more than 1,700 articles claiming everything it costs $30 to manufacture to denouncing the teachers’ union for being complicit in the calamity. Seriously. This [...]

[Podcast S2E6] Are My First Amendment Rights Coming in Second?

During this episode, Franchesca Warren speaks to a long-time writer for The Educator's Room and 7th-Grade History Teacher, Mr. Jake Miller, about our first amendment rights.  Just last week, Jake wrote an article about first amendment rights entitled, "A Letter to My Students On First Amendment Rights" and it got me thinking- how can teachers approach subjects [...]

Small Things to Create a Great Community

At the end of last school year, after I informed my students that I would be leaving the district, they showered me with gratitude. They wrote notes; they gave speeches; they made a scrapbook; they spent money on gifts; they arranged parties with food; they collaborated with teachers and counselors to surprise me with a [...]

Proof of Civilization’s Decline? Teacher In-Services

“All that is human must retrograde if it does not advance.” --Edward Gibbon   Audacious barbarians at the gate do not always foretell a civilization’s decline. No, sometimes the changes are small and unspoken in a culture, manifesting themselves in the most surprising of places. Bemoaning a hollow cult of celebrity or decrying the perpetual [...]