On Being Responsible Adults

I’ve always taught my students that we live in a democracy. We even practice it on a daily basis, voting on anything that needs settling, with a "majority rules" mentality. We also discuss the importance of good sportsmanship- a lot. So suffice it to say that when we have an election, and people begin rioting about [...]

I Think I Failed You – A Civics Teacher’s Letter to her Former Students

Dear Former Students, I have started this letter a thousand times in my head in the last week. It’s hard to get past the first line: I fear I may have failed you as your Civics teacher. You have probably known me for many years as the one person in your life with unfailing trust [...]

Will President-Elect Trump be Good for Education?

This past Tuesday, America elected a new President to provide leadership, guidance, and safety for our great country. On January 20, President Obama will spend his last day in the White House, and President-Elect Trump will take over as Commander in Chief for the United States. This is big stuff, considering the difficult election Americans [...]

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150 Articles Later: A Reflection on My Time at The Educator’s Room

In October 2012, my local newspaper published "Exhaustion of the American Teacher" by John Kuhn. I remember reading the article once. Twice. Four-hundred times. It simply spoke every frustrated, burnt out end of my professional being. If you haven't read it yet, please stop reading this article and go there. So, like any curious reader, [...]

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