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  • The Advantage of Disadvantage, Part I – Book Review

    on Jul 21, 14 • in Book Review, Featured, Opinion • with Comments

    David and Goliath,
By Malcolm Gladwell

    David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants, by Malcolm Gladwell Publisher: Penguin Books, Ltd., Oct. 2013 I remember years ago watching a piloted TV show that was based on a character that was much like that of the popular television personality Martha Stewart. In the show, the Martha character looked to her TV mother and said something like, “Thank you for withholding just enough love from me to make me into the overachieving success that I am today.”  I remember it well, even though it was years ago, because it made me wonder what

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  • Why Teachers Should Be Obsessed With THE THOMAS JEFFERSON HOUR

    on Jul 17, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion • with Comments

    Thomas Jefferson (Image: public domain)

    For the past decade I have been nursing a steady but intensifying obsession with The Thomas Jefferson Hour. The Thomas Jefferson Hour is radio at its absolute best. Writer, scholar, and to my way of thinking, genius and national treasure, Clay Jenkinson, plays the part of Thomas Jefferson. For an hour each week he and a host field questions from listeners relating to all things Jeffersonian. I have attended Mr. Jenkinson’s live performance three times—twice when taking on the persona of Jefferson and once as Theodore Roosevelt—and every time I leave the performance with a

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  • Teachers Pay Teachers – The Greatest Program You’re Not Using

    on Jul 7, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured, Opinion • with Comments


    Let’s face a fact here – the average reader of The Educator’s Room isn’t your average teacher. These are the teacher-leaders of this profession. They work hard. When the public accuses our profession of working minimal hours, we look at the piles of awesome writings, projects, and own curricular material they’ve written on their own and ask, “Really?” They wish the $’s in their paychecks would start to catch up with the countless hours they put into this incredible, but demanding work of a teacher. Enter I had heard of this website before. In

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  • A Teacher’s Summer Schedule

    on Jul 2, 14 • in Educational Apps, Featured, Opinion • with Comments


    Educators often find it difficult to unwind from the accelerated pace of the end of the school year. I wonder what to do once summer becomes a reality. Non educators pose this question in a different tone, what do you do all day while the rest of us work? I thought I’d actually present an insiders look into my summer plans. Who in their right mind would start the first week of summer with a essay grading? Me and approximately 1,000 history private, public and charter school teachers who join forces with graduate students and college professors

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  • 10 Reasons Educators Should Read ‘The Fault In Our Stars’

    on Jun 27, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Literacy, Opinion • with Comments

    John Green's 'The Fault in Our Stars'

    The hottest book on the shelves – and one of the most-watched movies your students will be seeing this summer – is The Fault In Our Stars. Here are 10 reasons you should be reading TFIOS, minus any spoilers – so feel free to read without fret! 1. Hazel Grace Lancaster is a well-written, complex character The protagonist is just brimming with life. In a sarcastic and cynical way, Hazel is the most alive person in the book despite being on the throes of death. She deals with her cancer (thyroid and lung) by accepting

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