Letting Students Have a Say In What They Learn

We started our school year this week, and I have a small class of very eager kids. They love to learn, want to participate in everything and have some great ideas of their own. As I stood in class moving from one activity to another, I was preparing to ask my students what THEY hoped [...]

Faith in Transition

Being in public school education for 25 years, it was made apparent, as teachers, we were not allowed to share our Christian beliefs with our students. Every so often, it might come up with a colleague but talking about God with students would be enough to get you in some serious trouble. And I can [...]

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A Teacher’s Gratitude… for Her Teachers

Tomorrow is my 23rd first day of school. Unlike the past five years, I will not be in front of the classroom; instead, I will be behind the scenes as a building administrator at a university. Even though the setting has changed, the feelings remain the same. The night before the first day of school [...]

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Group Work and the Introverted Student

"As children, our classroom desks are increasingly arranged in pods, the better to foster group learning, and research suggests that the vast majority of teachers believe that the ideal students is an extrovert."  -Susan Cain Quiet:  The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking (pg. 6) How often do we as teachers assign group projects and [...]

Teaching Class (With Class)

  In the past, we’ve explored the “10 Ways to Fix Education” mini-series. We’re resurrecting this topic, and one way I'd like to fix education is teaching class (with class). This homophone highlights two items that should be at the forefront of our working memory and, well, our work. The first association – class, a noun [...]