More Tales from the Dark Side… Best Parent Conference Ever

You are sitting at your desk after a long Thursday, drinking your cold coffee.  No, it's not iced coffee; it's just left over from this morning. You open your email and your stomach turns over. The subject line of the email says Parent Conference Scheduled, and it's from your principal." The email tells you that you [...]

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10 Things You Can Do Now that It’s Summer Break

Man, being a teacher is such a sweet gig. I mean, we get out of school at three o'clock every day, have our weekends free, have super-long vacations, and we get the summer off? Okay, so maybe all of that's not true (most of that's not true), but unless you're at a year-round school, you still [...]

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Damn You, Kid, For Making Me Cry

When the end of the year comes around, we teachers like to take that last snapshot of our classroom and the wonderful contents in it. Sometimes we get more than we bargain for; sometimes tears are shed. This is their story. And damn them for making me cry. On the first day of my [...]

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Take the Sham out of VAM

The selective and convenient use of VAM (valued added measures) by reform advocates, along with other statistics lingo, has helped to frost over the veritable turd cake of ill-conceived reform efforts and the lack of accountability in areas it's sorely needed. It's true that there is no excuse for giving up on the obligation to help children [...]

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A Letter to First Day Families

You've enrolled at a new school!  Excitement, nervousness, and anxiety towards the unknown start to kick in.  Questions are filling your mind as you and your little one are headed to your first day of preschool.  Stop, take a deep breath, and relax.  For some, the transition to a new school is easy and takes little time at [...]

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