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  • Don’t Be THAT Teacher: Make a Positive Impact Instead

    on Nov 20, 14 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion • with Comments

    courtesy of teacherleaders

    It happened the other day. One of my ‘friends’ on Facebook had a birthday. I was wishing her well, on her page, when I noticed another person she was friends with. A former teacher. THAT teacher. I was an excellent student. I was involved in all kinds of extra-curricular activities, was a straight A student, graduated as a Valedictorian. As a young student I wanted to go into journalism. I was a school publications editor-in-chief from eighth grade through eleventh grade. I had aspired to be a reporter or a writer, or possibly even an

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  • College is Not for Everyone

    on Nov 18, 14 • in Featured, Opinion • with Comments

    Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbon

    You are not guaranteed a job when you graduate college. That is the reality of today’s world.  According to Peter Capelli, a professor at Wharton School quoted in a recent Washington Post article, a discrepancy exists between the amount of college graduates and the amount of jobs available for said graduates; many current employers are not looking for college-educated employees. The exceptions to this rule are degrees in engineering, technology, mathematics, or science. Yet society tends to push all children toward college while ignoring the other options available for building a stable career. Perhaps we

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  • Manifestation Meetings: Have You Experienced One?

    on Nov 12, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Opinion, Policy • with Comments


    I recently had a crash course in what is called ‘Manifestation Determination’ or ‘Manifestation Meetings’. I had never heard of these until this week. Now mind you, I am by no means a special education teacher, nor do I claim to know much about all of the forms and paperwork that these saints endure. I do believe that every child can learn and should have the opportunity to do so. Having said that, I was a bit concerned about these so-called ‘Manifestation Meetings’ which are defined by IDEA as “a test employed when a student

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  • Wiki-What? 10 Reasons It’s Time for Teachers to Embrace Wikipedia

    on Nov 7, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion • with Comments

    Wikipedia Logo

    My neighbor teacher and I have this roundabout every year. She, the English teacher, doesn’t permit students to use Wikipedia, and the debate ensues not long after she brings up the fact that she does not allow students to use something “so unreliable.” In fact, she’s like a huge majority of teachers who don’t limit the usage of a grassroots-fed compilation of sources like Wikipedia. It’s time to put that thinking in the dust and embrace Wikipedia as a legitimate resource for students to use for the following reasons: At the very least, Wikipedia provides

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  • The Importance of Solidifying Basic Math Facts

    on Nov 7, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Mathematics, Opinion • with Comments


    Each Friday I run my class through timed math facts tests. I give my kids five minutes to get through 100 facts. I assess my first through sixth graders on addition and subtraction; my third through sixth grade on all the facts of multiplication and division and my first and second graders on each set of multiplication facts that we have covered thus far. I feel that students need to be able to stop second-guessing themselves on basic facts. Bringing in the spirit of competition by timing these tests enables my students to show them

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