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  • The Power Of A Teacher

    on Mar 26, 15 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, Opinion • with Comments


    I ran into my first grade teacher the other day while shopping. I knew that she had gone on to be a counselor, then retired a few years ago, after 30+ years of service. I would love to be able to say I told her what an amazing impact she has had on my teaching, and that wouldn’t be completely wrong, except probably not in the way she would like to be remembered. So I just continued with small chit-chat, a smile plastered on my face. You see this teacher DID impact me. She was

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  • The Resource Desert: Schools in the 21st Century

    on Mar 24, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Opinion • with Comments


    Dry. Thirsty. Tired. Beaten-down. Hopeless. Stranded. Barren. Arid. Scorched. Desolate. Endless. These words can describe a desert, but they can also describe some of our nation’s resources for education. Taxpayers / community members (their demonym of choice depends on how angry they are) will be the first to tell you that. Property taxes – the most common national way to pay for schools – are tough. For our elderly citizens, some people lose their homes over taxes. Tax increases are tough to stomach. They push school board members and state legislatures to uphold their right to

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  • Encouraging Success In Our Students

    on Mar 23, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, From the Front Lines, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion • with Comments

    DO YOU(1)

      Success was always important when I was growing up. I’m an only child, so the pressure was palpable from my parents. They were always pushing me to do better, wanting me to ‘amount’ to something worthwhile. Unfortunately their worthwhile careers were those of a doctor, attorney or highly paid businessperson. Not that of a teacher. Going through school I did my best at everything I attempted. I was over-involved in extra-curricular activities, made straight A’s and ended up graduating as a Valedictorian of my class. When I went off to college, I tried to

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  • Cultural Sensitivity – Being tolerant, teaching tolerance

    on Mar 19, 15 • in Featured, Opinion • with Comments


    The highest result of education is tolerance. — Helen Keller As the demographics of the United States change over the next several decades it becomes exceedingly important for teachers to become culturally sensitive to their students. Knowing the cultural backgrounds of your students will make communicating with parents easier. It will also make discipline easier. And most importantly, it will provide a better education for all of your students. Let me provide you with a few examples of what I mean by cultural sensitivity. 1. At the beginning of the school year look over your

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  • Breaking The Cycle of Disrespect in the Classroom

    on Mar 19, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, From the Front Lines, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion • with Comments

    Teaching reading(2)

    I am an Oklahoman, born and bred. And although Oklahoma might not have a beach, DisneyWorld or one of the nation’s historic landmarks, it has amazing people who time and time again have come together to help one another when the rubber meets the road. Having said that, many of us ‘Okies’ were heartbroken when one of our own, at the great University of Oklahoma, took it upon himself to degrade African Americans while headed to a party with his fraternity brothers. He didn’t realize he was being videoed. Fueled by alcohol or not, it

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