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  • Custodial Care: Respecting the Essential Education Support Services

    on Sep 25, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Opinion • with Comments

    custodian tools

    Who are the custodians at your school? Do you know them by name? Do you know their strengths and weaknesses? Are you reliant upon them? The crazy mess with custodial services in Chicago has made national news. Last year the Chicago Board of Education contracted custodial services with Aramark and Sudexo. Sudexo is primarily working at charter schools. Aramark is servicing the remainder of the schools. The complaints of dirty schools have been rampant. Over forty percent of the Chicago Public School principals replied to a survey sent out by AAPLE, a principal activist group

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  • Extending A Helping Hand: Mentor

    on Sep 24, 14 • in Elementary Classrooms, Opinion • with Comments


    Teaching is a blending of science and art.  Colleges across the nation prepare teachers to write lesson plans, understand discipline and teach content.  Interwoven in a great classroom, however, is experience and heart.  If you are a new teacher, find veteran teachers in your building who have strengths and ask questions.  If you are a veteran teacher, find teachers in your building who have strengths and ask questions.  We can all learn. And we can all mentor. I am honored to be part of a mentoring program in my district this school year.  We spent

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  • Have you Read a Banned Book Yet This Week?

    on Sep 23, 14 • in Featured, Literacy, Opinion • with Comments

    Young Student Reading A Book

    National Banned Books Week is upon us, and the American Library Association once again reminds us that the Freedom to Read is a right everyone deserves. Most school libraries, especially in high schools, used to celebrate Banned Books Week by making commonly banned books available or displaying them as a reminder. But nowadays, with massive budget cuts, many schools have been left without librarians or even libraries. If there are libraries, students rarely get to spend time there because of all the demanding proscribed classroom curriculum they must get through each day. But this week is

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  • A Reading Affair to Remember

    on Sep 19, 14 • in Literacy, Opinion • with Comments

    Young Student Reading A Book

    My love affair with reading began underneath the dining room table.   It was something I passionately desired to do, and my first glimmer of this new realm was in Kindergarten. There was some kind of power behind the flashcards Ms. Crowning was holding up and I had to have it. I attended Kindergarten in 1985 and now in 2014 the expectations and standards have certainly changed. From Kindergarten I went on to first grade in Mrs. Gallay’s class, and this brings me to my position underneath the table. This was the year that I truly

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  • The Importance of History in the Elementary Classroom

    on Sep 17, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion • with Comments


    This past week marked the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11. My first and second graders haven’t a clue about what this terrorist attack on the United States meant. Some adults still don’t realize it either, for that matter. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember that these kids are only six and seven. I liken it to the idea of the JFK assassination when I was growing up. I wasn’t alive at the time that JFK was assassinated, but the stories I heard from my parents and teachers and the impact it had on their lives definitely

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