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  • Dear Santa…

    on Dec 18, 14 • in Featured, Opinion • with Comments


    Dear Santa, Well, it’s that time of year again. The end of the first semester. And I am tired. Like, exhausted. Mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s been a long 83 days. And that doesn’t even include the days of school from last January to May or all the time I spent on ‘summer break’ preparing for all the little Johnnies and Sallies I now have in my classroom. Not to mention all the money I spent, and am still spending, out of pocket with no sight of reimbursement, other than the PTA sending me cookies

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  • Teachers Need to be on the Same Team

    on Dec 18, 14 • in Educator Professionalism, Featured, Opinion • with Comments

    Teacher and children

    “A house divided shall not stand,” and neither will a public school. I am really seeing this issue clearly for the first time this year. At my elementary school, we have begun much more integration of grade levels.  Two teachers teach math to three different grade levels, one teacher teaches reading to two grade levels, and I myself have a different grade level for an hour of the day (although not structured lessons, much of the time is intervention). While I have always felt that our “end of the school” has always been supportive of each other, I feel it

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  • Are You at the Wrong School? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

    on Dec 17, 14 • in Featured, Opinion • with Comments

    school-apple defines a school as “an institution where instruction is given, especially to persons under college age.” But a school is so much more than that for a teacher. It isn’t just a structure housing our profession, it’s where we change students’ lives, root for the sports teams, and call a second home. It’s possibly a place where a teacher’s own children go to school. It’s an ample part of a teacher’s own professional and personal community. With that being said, how do teachers know that they’re at the right school? Better yet, how do they know they’re at the wrong school

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  • 8 Reasons Why Gum Has No Place in the Classroom

    on Dec 16, 14 • in Featured, Opinion • with Comments


    I like to debate the issues with my colleagues, and one debate I had with one of my best of friends was over his choice to allow his 8th grade students to chew gum.  I, on the other hand, am fervently opposed to allowing it in my 7th grade classroom.  In fact, we teachers shouldn’t be chewing gum in class either. It might seem trivial to many teachers, but there are reasons why we shouldn’t permit our students to chew gum in class. 1.  The classroom is not a barn yard. Chomp-clack-chomp-clack. When I taught at a high

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  • Teaching Expenses: Cutting Costs

    on Dec 10, 14 • in Featured, Opinion • with Comments

    picture courtesy

    I have always spent a ton of out-of-pocket money on classroom expenses. Always. And I know a host of my teacher friends do the same. With the way budgets have been cut and the PTA (if you’re lucky) not able to offer as much, unless you want a blank, dull looking classroom (not a good thing in an elementary classroom) it’s almost a given that teachers are going to eat a few paychecks for the sake of their classrooms. I’m always looking for ways to cut costs, even on basic supplies. Here are a few

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