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  • Inspirational Educator: David Menasche, Author of The Priority List

    on Sep 8, 14 • in Book Review, Featured, Interviews • with Comments

    The Priority List, by David Menasche

    David Menasche was a teacher for 15 years in Miami. He was diagnosed with brain cancer the day before Thanksgiving, 2006. However, it wasn’t until July 15, 2012 when he suffered an episode (still not sure if it was a seizure or a stroke) that his life was completely changed. Since then he’s become mostly blind and paralyzed on the left-side of his body. But his sense of humor and positivity haven’t been affected by the 3 surgeries, 30+ chemo treatments, and more. He’s most famous as the author of The Priority List, his book

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  • Yes, Teacher Leadership is for you! – A TER Book Review

    on Sep 4, 14 • in Book Review, Featured, Opinion • with Comments

    Insights Book

    Book: Insights into Action, by William Sterrett Publisher: ASCD, 2011 The beginning of every school year is often fraught with non-stop action: getting those last minute lesson plans in place, meeting (and remembering the names of) new students, settling on a management system for your classroom, and getting used to standing most of the day again.  But amidst all the new-year-bustle, consider something new for yourself this year: challenge yourself with a leadership goal.  Teachers often miss a big-picture view of themselves within their profession and end up careening through the school year the same

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  • The Advantage of Disadvantage – Part II – A Book Review

    on Aug 13, 14 • in Book Review, Featured, High School, High School, Literacy, Opinion • with Comments

    David and Goliath,
By Malcolm Gladwell

    David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, Malcolm Gladwell Publisher: Brown and Company (October 1, 2013)   Have you ever wondered what makes a person successful? Does it stem from advantage or disadvantage? In my previous article (Part I) we looked at a book written by Malcolm Gladwell called David and Goliath. In Gladwell’s book, he challenges the reader to the prevailing sentiment that bigger is always better, advantage is always advantage and disadvantage creates failure.  As we continue onto Part II, consider asking yourself what makes a person successful? It may not be

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  • The Advantage of Disadvantage, Part I – Book Review

    on Jul 21, 14 • in Book Review, Featured, High School, High School, Literacy, Opinion • with Comments

    David and Goliath,
By Malcolm Gladwell

    David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants, by Malcolm Gladwell Publisher: Penguin Books, Ltd., Oct. 2013 I remember years ago watching a piloted TV show that was based on a character that was much like that of the popular television personality Martha Stewart. In the show, the Martha character looked to her TV mother and said something like, “Thank you for withholding just enough love from me to make me into the overachieving success that I am today.”  I remember it well, even though it was years ago, because it made me wonder what

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  • Teacherpreneurs – A Book Review

    on Mar 18, 14 • in Book Review, Educator Professionalism, Featured • with Comments

    courtesy of teacherleaders

    Most of the readers and writers of The Educator’s Room would consider themselves more than “just teachers.” We’re ground movers, educational landscapers, and men and women who patch the faults of children and our profession. We also move some of our thoughts into actions, making us entrepreneurs of our profession. Certainly, we all don’t generate a sizable amount of income from it, but we do take risks to seek rewards. Likewise, not all of the “payouts” of these ventures can be considered failures if the dollars don’t follow – rather, we’re looking to change an

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