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  • Parent Tips: How to help your child be prepared for Kindergarten

    on Mar 30, 15 • in Featured, Parents • with Comments

    Sitting in the hallway at school today I was thinking about the parent side of Kindergarten. It was especially paramount in my mind because I was registering my own daughter for school. As she was being assessed for her academic skills, I began thinking about the other things that she should know to enter school. As a Kindergarten teacher myself, I thought about what would help students if academics are not their strongest at the beginning of the year. Here are some tips for helping your child be prepared for their first school experiences. Sitting- Don’t laugh. The ability

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  • Student Teacher Diaries: Parent Teacher Conferences

    on Mar 25, 15 • in Featured, Parents, The Student Teacher Diaries • with Comments


    Twice a year the school system demands we stop and reflect.  This is not enough, but I love this time of year when I look at the growth all students have made.  Not everyone is where I want them, but it is important to focus on how far students have come in the year and share this progress with parents.  Parent teacher conferences are an important reflection period in our classroom. Mentor Teacher: Lori Rice–I believe in showing growth and focusing on what students have done.  I start each conference with a student written letter.  The students

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  • Tips for Parents: Change Your Math

    on Mar 24, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Elementary Classrooms, Instruction&Curriculum, Mathematics, Parents • with Comments


    I love math!  In high school, however, I remember we were asked to show ALL work.  There were things I was just doing in my mind that I had never been asked to break down or explain.  This was a difficult task, but it made me push myself to understand the process.  No longer was I memorizing a procedure and going through the motions, now I was applying learning and explaining my thinking.  It sucked! I spent the first 12 years of my teaching career in kindergarten and first grade.  The math skills we covered got

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  • Tips for Parents: How to help your high school ELA student succeed in Common Core

    on Mar 23, 15 • in Featured, Instructional Strategies, Parents • with Comments


    There are major shifts in all curriculum with the new common core standards. Many parents are intimidated by the changes and all doing all they can to help their children succeed. As an ELA teacher, I have a simple and obvious solution to help your high school student read. Seriously. Don’t just hand them a book or watch them struggle over the complex classic, your child’s English teacher has assigned. Read it with them. Buy your own copy, show your child how you take notes and mark up the text. Ask them questions and discuss

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  • Cayman Naib: Story of Student Tragedy

    on Mar 20, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, From the Front Lines, Parents, social justice • with Comments

    Cayman Naib

    Cayman Naib was an 8th grade student in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He had a smile that linked ear-to-ear. He was a happy kid. He was your typical 13-year-old. But come March 4th, that all ended. In the midst of a squalling snow storm, he took his own life. The first question any educator has is – “WHY?!” The question marks and exclamation points are not added for effect. They are our true thoughts. I mean, this young man had yet to deal with true heartbreak. Disappointment. Lost family members. A mortgage. Failed investments. Car

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