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  • Exercising Caution On Independent Reading

    on Aug 29, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion, Parents • with Comments

    Young Student Reading A Book

    School has started! I absolutely love what I do. As I prepared for my new crop of kiddos I made the rounds to my normal haunts to purchase ‘new stuff’ for my classroom. I always get excited about getting new things for my students. Whether its games or art supplies, I anxiously await the smiles and cheers that always arise from my little people. One of my projects this summer was sorting my 8,000-plus library books. Many of them had been scanned into our library app, but for this year I wanted to categorize all

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  • Parent-Teacher Communications

    on Aug 25, 14 • in Featured, Parents • with Comments

    courtesy imagechef

    As I walked out of my classroom, I saw a wiry, first grader take a couple of hops then run full tilt down the hall towards the wall 50 feet away. I hurried behind him. He was too fast to catch, and he appeared to be an accident waiting to happen. To my complete astonishment, he ran up the wall and did a flip through the air. His beautiful landing would have made any Olympic gymnast jealous. I was just a few feet behind him when he touched down. “Hmmm! Donald, we don’t run up

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  • Watch Your Mouth: Speaking with Parents

    on Aug 20, 14 • in Management, Parents • with Comments

    Parent Meeting

    Each year we get a new group of students and they bring along parents.  We have opportunities at the beginning of the year to set up a relationship here that can work towards learning or against learning.  There are a few simple things you can do as you start the school year to invite parents into your classroom and open communication. 1.  Watch Your Language.   As educators we are immersed in the vocabulary and acronyms of education.  We understand our curriculum and strategies we use in our classrooms for mathematics and reading education.  Parents do not know

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  • The Importance of Reading Out Loud

    on Aug 19, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy, Parents • with Comments

    Young Student Ready To Study

    Read out loud. It’s my mantra. I don’t care how old my elementary students are, I feel they all can benefit from reading out loud to their grown ups. And in this hurried world we live in, the grown ups benefit too. Younger readers need to read out loud to practice reading strategies, to work on pronunciation and increase comprehension. If younger students read on their own and stumble across words, they are losing valuable comprehension skills. Younger readers need to be reading under the watchful eye of a grown up in order for the

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  • 6 Tips for Students with Learning Disabilities Who Plan to Attend College

    on Aug 15, 14 • in Educational Apps, Featured, Parents, Policy, Special Education • with Comments


    It’s that time of year again! Students everywhere, including students with Learning Disabilities, are gearing up to start another year of school. For many of these students, this will be their last year as high school students. It’s a year full of many emotions and uncertainty about their future. Homecoming, Homecoming Week, Prom, Senior Night, visualizing graduation ceremony, worrying about passing all their classes… and the list goes on and on of all the many activities and thoughts seniors have their last year in high school. There is simply so much to do and be

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