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  • What Is The Most Important Thing A Teacher Can Ever Do?

    on Oct 21, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Opinion, Parents • with Comments


    “To be endowed with a benevolent disposition, and to love others, will almost infallibly procure love and esteem; which is the chief circumstance in life, and facilitates every enterprise and undertaking; besides the satisfaction, which immediately results from it.” — David Hume, “Of Impudence and Modesty” My youngest daughter, Emma Kate, was born two months premature. Although the doctors were confident in their demeanor and firm in their conviction that she would be “just fine,” on the night she was born I was not allowed to cradle her in my arms. “Premature babies,” I was

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  • Teachers’ Kryptonite

    on Sep 22, 14 • in Featured, Management, Parents • with Comments

    Teacher and children

    “Can I take him to the bathroom and wash his ears?” I turned to stare at the practicum student teacher who had just asked the question. Maybe it was my ears that needed to be washed. “I beg your pardon?” “His ears are filthy. Just filthy! Actually, he’s filthy in general, but his ears…” She shuddered. She was not an early twenties student teacher but a woman in her forties. She had come to do a short-term teaching practicum in our classroom three weeks before the school year was over. “No. You may not wash

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  • Dealing With Death

    on Sep 15, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, From the Front Lines, Opinion, Parents • with Comments


    My husband has been a high school teacher for twelve years. During his fifth year, several of his students from the soccer team were killed in a car accident. The driver lost control of his car, went through a barrier, flipped the jeep and landed in a ravine full of water. A few years later, another student was killed on the train tracks by the high school. The latest was four years ago when a student was killed by a drunk driver. I had just met this student at prom of that year where my

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  • Exercising Caution On Independent Reading

    on Aug 29, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion, Parents • with Comments

    Young Student Reading A Book

    School has started! I absolutely love what I do. As I prepared for my new crop of kiddos I made the rounds to my normal haunts to purchase ‘new stuff’ for my classroom. I always get excited about getting new things for my students. Whether its games or art supplies, I anxiously await the smiles and cheers that always arise from my little people. One of my projects this summer was sorting my 8,000-plus library books. Many of them had been scanned into our library app, but for this year I wanted to categorize all

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  • Parent-Teacher Communications

    on Aug 25, 14 • in Featured, Parents • with Comments

    courtesy imagechef

    As I walked out of my classroom, I saw a wiry, first grader take a couple of hops then run full tilt down the hall towards the wall 50 feet away. I hurried behind him. He was too fast to catch, and he appeared to be an accident waiting to happen. To my complete astonishment, he ran up the wall and did a flip through the air. His beautiful landing would have made any Olympic gymnast jealous. I was just a few feet behind him when he touched down. “Hmmm! Donald, we don’t run up

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