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  • Let’s Talk School Start-Up–Again

    on Jun 26, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Educational Reform, Featured, From the Front Lines, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion, Parents • with Comments

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    Ever since I wrote my first piece about starting my own school I receive at least four emails a week asking for more information as to how other individuals can start schools. I never really thought this type of idea would take off, it seems that more and more teachers are reaching the fork in the road and having to decide whether to keep doing something they love by staying in the classroom and just ‘sucking it up’, or taking a huge risk and diving into the adventure of school start-up which may or may

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  • Vocabulary: Something to Talk About

    on Jun 10, 14 • in Featured, Parents • with Comments


    Research shows a connection between early elementary students’ word knowledge and reading comprehension in both early elementary school and throughout upper grades (Juel and Deffes, 2004). As a fourth grade teacher and parent of three, I see this connection every day. I am often  asked, “What can I do for my kids at home?  What should we be doing during the summer?” And the answer is simple: “Talk to them!” Remember how excited you were to hear your baby’s first words? How you cooed and encouraged any sounds they made? You would have conversations about nothing,

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  • Unschooling: When There is No End to the School Year

    on May 23, 14 • in Featured, Opinion, Parents • with Comments


    This time of year is filled with so many conflicting feelings for teachers.  I remember my time in the classroom as I faced June: elation, anxiousness, constant review of what needed to get done, finalizing grades and projects, planning for next year, thinking about the summer…  The end of the school year is a huge relief for students and teachers as they leave the classroom for a 2 month break.  No such milestone exists for an unschooling child – a student who learns outside the traditional school system works on a different calendar: one that

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  • Beyond the Learning: An Elementary Reflection

    on May 22, 14 • in Opinion, Parents • with Comments


    My son, Sport, had his eighth grade promotion Monday.  Although an antiquated practice, it followed my heart and mind with memories of his journey.  I was filled with pride at the man he is becoming and hope for his future. School goes beyond academics.  I remember dropping Sport off at preschool in the morning and at the end of the day when I picked him up he had artwork and songs to share.  He learned to make friends.  He learned to share and take turns.  Building blocks from kindergarten prepared him for the next step

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  • The 5 Things Every Parent Can Do to Help their Child Become a Better Reader in Elementary

    on Apr 22, 14 • in Featured, Literacy, Parents • with Comments

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    At the beginning of the year, I found a simple and truly wonderful idea for my Open House/Meet the Teacher day. I set about putting it into place: a parent wish jar. All it really is are slips of paper that parents can fill out with their wish for their child. I figured these parental dreams would really help me to guide instruction for my students this year in Kindergarten. After Open House, I opened the jar and eagerly began to read the wishes: “I wish for my child to read.” “Read.” “I want my

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