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  • A Little Spring in Your Break: Continued Learning Outside of School

    on Mar 10, 14 • in Parents • with Comments


    Winter seems to be lagging along across the US, but soon schools everywhere will close down and students will exit to Spring Break.  Teachers find this time refreshing as they can spend a few moments focusing on themselves and their own families.  Kids relish the time off to get outside and begin the pre-rumblings of summer fun.  Parents look for solutions to make the days go faster until school is back in session. Spring Break should be a fun time for relaxation and (I hope) a fun time for outside adventure.  It is the perfect

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  • When We Lose a Student: Vindication, Forbidding Mourning

    on Feb 4, 14 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, Opinion, Parents • with Comments

    Mothers and fathers often say that the most difficult thing they can ever do is bury their own child. Since I have no children of my own, I’m not yet able to empathize. In the meantime, however, each child that walks into my classroom is “one of my own,” and when we lose one, in two simple words – I mourn. This past Wednesday, I attended the funeral of a former student. I tried to prepare myself by re-reading Jeremy Adams’s article on the same subject. I tried reading some of my old poetry, including

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  • Tried and True Resources for Curriculum Reinforcement

    on Jan 24, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, From the Front Lines, Instruction&Curriculum, Literacy, Management, Opinion, Parents • with Comments


    Over the course of my 18 years of teaching, I’ve seen many trends in skills that aren’t mastered before kids move into the next grade level. I’ve also been in schools where funding is not adequate for curriculum and supplies that are needed. Most of my teaching experience has been with early childhood, Pre-K through third grade. When kids enter my classroom lacking a solid foundation in crucial skills, I see it as my responsibility to find resources to help bring these students up to par. I have several ‘go-to’ materials in which I have

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  • Homework: It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore

    on Jan 16, 14 • in Featured, Parents • with Comments


      As an elementary teacher and parent of three, I am not a believer in homework.  I am, however, a huge believer in learning.  I am a huge believer in doing things WITH your children.  I am a huge believer in conversation and dialog.    I am a huge believer in play.  Children learn though activity, discussion, and play.  These are the things that should be done at home.  There are the things that help your children learn. I have had too many parents tell me tales of homework woes.  Tears, refusal, hours sitting in deadlock

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  • Give Them A Hero- Advocating for Students

    on Jan 6, 14 • in From the Front Lines, New Teacher Bootcamp, Opinion, Parents • with Comments

    My family and I spent New Year’s Eve together, which may not sound like much, except that my three kids are 19, 17 and 14. I know they could have gone with friends, but they chose to stay home and ring in 2014 with mom, dad and grandma. I was so excited that they made that choice. Among a nice dinner, snacks and several very competitive rounds of spoons, I had a movie planned,  Rise of the Guardians. I love this movie, and even though I know my kids are the ages they are,

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