Homeschooling: 10 Action Items To Help You Start Right

by: Jackie Bledsoe The start to homeschooling can be a daunting task for first timers.  Especially for those coming from a traditional school environment.  For traditional school families there are some preparation tasks, but not a whole lot. Tasks such as purchasing basic school supplies, attending orientations, showing up for meet-the-teacher night, and making sure their child is at the bus stop or dropped off for the first day of school. […]

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{Parent's Corner} Preconceived Notions about Virtual Education

Preconceived notions about virtual education annoy me. When it comes to preconceived ideas about a public virtual school, it truly runs the gamut. Comparing a virtual education to a traditional home school is relatively fair, but even then it is not the same concept. Looking at it from a brick and mortar school standpoint is closer, but still not the same. From no socialization to getting to work whenever you want,  I want to try to put some of those assumptions to rest. For example, the idea that a virtual school is one where you can take your child and put them in front of a computer and expect them to learn without help is trouble waiting to happen. True, much of the learning is individualized and the student can complete it on their own. However, much like in a traditional school, the student will require assistance to master concepts. A parent cannot expect it all to happen by itself. Much like in a traditional home school setting, it is up to the parent to make certain that concepts are being understood and retained. […]

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A Homeschooling Mission Statement. Do You Have One? Should you?

By: Jackie Bledsoe Almost every successful company,  organization, and institution has a mission statement.  Apple, Nike, the YMCA, Harvard, and Stanford all have mission statements.  All are some of the most successful organizations and institutions in the world. If you do a poll of successful individuals you will likely find they have some form of written mission or vision statement that has been a guide for their actions, basis for their goals, and a foundation for their decisions. So, if successful organizations, institutions, and successful individuals have mission statements, should homeschoolers have mission statements?  Yes, if we want them to thrive, to flourish, and to have a great educational foundation for our children.  Below I share what a homeschooling mission statement can do and how you can create one. […]

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10 Educational Websites for the Homeschooler

The Internet is a Home Educator’s best friend. In the past, homeschoolers relied, to varying degrees, on the local public library and the postman.  Now, with always-on internet and smart phones, information is available in seconds. I have bookmarked hundreds of websites in my 6 years of homeschooling and find additional ones everyday. Here is [...]