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  • Revolutionary Thinking- Pay-Based Grading

    on Mar 27, 14 • in Social Studies • with Comments

    Interior of The School. Primary school

    There are two studies that have survived the test in my classroom: 1) All students can relate to the reasons for revolution and the need to rebel, and 2) All students like the challenge of a good game. Thus, March Madness is an opportune time of year to combine the two. Students have engaged in class routines enough to work independently. I ascertain individual strengths and weaknesses from year long assessments, which means I know what challenges students are willing or curious to face. Game on. Students love gaming for a variety of reasons. Games

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  • The Absent Educator in a 1:1 iGen Classroom

    on Mar 21, 14 • in Instruction&Curriculum, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments


    Every once in a while, I have to take a sick day as a result of my own human frailty. A foot surgery scheduled for April was suddenly bumped up to last week, leaving me three days to prepare. As an educator, I hate missing school and I despise writing sub plans. Even with the most intuitive and competent substitutes, the dynamics in the classroom change. Students will put off or set aside the classwork hoping that it somehow doesn’t hold the same value. If I set up a video or film, students will ignore

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  • Week 5/6: iPad Rollout- Differentiation

    on Mar 5, 14 • in Instruction&Curriculum, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments


    Living in Vermont means making amends for educational productivity when a perfect snowstorm blankets the state. Students and teachers embrace the cold powder while it lasts. We ski, we snowboard, we play hard. No wonder Vermont supplies a proportionate number of Olympians. At school we gained one actual snow day and then a week of residual effects as smiling, exhausted populations loped through the doors. Now we are on our winter break. Week 5 merged into week 6 of my experience with a 1:1 iPad rollout but not without sound accomplishment. Smart Technology-  I created

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  • Veteran Teacher Reflects on his Olympic Race

    on Feb 19, 14 • in From the Front Lines, Interviews, Social Studies • with Comments


    I had been teaching for two years when my colleague and future husband was named to the 1998 Olympic team to Nagano Japan. It was a classic story. A full time teacher takes a year off from the daily grind of education, transfers that intensity, focus, dedication and stamina into skiing and wins the one gold ticket race. How hard do teachers work? It can be an Olympic effort. Marc Gilbertson recently took time out of his full schedule as a technology integrationist to speak to the students during their 20 minute advisory. Some educators

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  • Issue Project: How I Empower Students to Change the System!

    on Feb 19, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Social Studies • with Comments


    I teach high school government because I want my students to become empowered, active citizens who know how to effect the change they want to see. And the best way to get them there is to have them effect change while they are still students in my classroom. Enter the Issue Project. First, each student identifies a social, political, or economic problem about which they care deeply. Each week, students get classroom time to work on guided activities that connect their issue to the content covered that week, and structure their research so they can

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