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  • 20 More Weeks of Blizzards: A Groundhog’s Day Pred-Election

    on Feb 2, 16 • in Featured, Legal, Management, Opinion, Policy, Social Studies • with Comments

    groundhog day

    Today marks the 129th year that Punxsutawney Phil (well, maybe the 30th version of him) will come out of his burrow to either see his shadow or not, declaring whether winter will be extended by 6 weeks, or whether spring is pending. However, after today, there’s still 20 more weeks of blizzards to endure. They don’t smash snow in your face, instead, they bring television, radio, and print ads. There will be phone calls pleading for money. There will be hurt feelings. There will be heated rivalries and contentiousness. There will also be a time

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  • Pioneering Nearpod

    on Jan 28, 16 • in Going Paperless, Instructional Strategies, Policy, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments

    On Mispronouncing Names, A Teacher's Guide (1)

    The 1:1 digital classroom is no different from any classroom in terms of management challenges. The excitement of technological change and student attention span tends to wane at the same speed and undivided attentions seek distractions if a system of motivation and inquiry is not put in place. This is true for all teaching because I remember my own years in high school zoning out during monotone monologues. To stay awake, I distracted myself by playing with the bell tones on a watch or doodling along the margins of a spiral notebook or by passing notes. In the

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  • The Challenger Disaster: Revisiting a Lost Teacher, 30 Years Later

    on Jan 27, 16 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion, Science, Social Studies • with Comments

    Teacher & Astronaut Christa McAuliffe

    For many of us teachers, January 28, 1986 was a tough day. Why? We lost one of our own. Christa McAuliffe, social studies teacher at Bristol High School in New Hampshire, perished in the Challenger disaster. In late 1985, McAuliffe was selected from more than 11,000 teachers to venture into the great unknown. In an attempt to showcase the importance of teachers in a post-Nation At Risk educational climate, President Ronald Reagan and his team selected this New Hampshire social studies teacher to travel with six others. Their names – Francis R. Scobee, Commander; Michael

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  • Classroom Work Flow Before the Holidays

    on Dec 15, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Educational Apps, Featured, From the Front Lines, High School, Literacy, Social Studies • with Comments

    Classroom Work Flow Before the Holidays

    I have one week and three days to go before students are released for the holiday break. It is such a difficult time of year to set goals, establish a workflow and keep the enthusiasm in student learning. Students carry the stress and the burden of the holidays on themselves in a myriad of ways which leads me to plan activities that are hands on.  Inevitably some students fall behind in work as they plan holiday concerts, work after school, balance homework with college application essays and the first events of the sports season.

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  • Cafe Walk: Review of Learning

    on Dec 7, 15 • in Elementary Classrooms, Instruction&Curriculum, Social Studies • with Comments

    In my past 20 years as an educator teaching has changed.  I love seeing the active involvement of students in their learning.  Gone are the days of lecture, record, regurgitate.  Students jump into learning and show what they know in a variety of ways.  With that, there are a variety of ways to review what has been learned as well. Next week my fourth grade class has an end of unit test.  Yes, it is old-fashioned, but it shows me mastery of content. Summative assessment has a place among formative assessment in learning.    We spent

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