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  • Mathematics with a Social Justice Agenda?

    on Apr 23, 14 • in Instruction&Curriculum, Mathematics, Social Studies • with Comments


    I attended several sessions on Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice at this year’s NCTM Annual Conference. I noticed similar faces in all of the sessions I selected. This meant that hundreds of other faces had completely excluded this topic as one of value to their pedagogical growth. I started wondering how this important work would trickle down if its pool of proponents was stagnant. So, I began asking some questions. As I met random people and we struck up conversations I covertly posed one of three questions: 1) Have you attended any Social Justice Sessions

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  • It’s Not Just a Classroom; It Could be a Museum

    on Apr 23, 14 • in Management, Opinion, Social Studies • with Comments


    I think every teacher has been asked the following question: What does your ideal classroom look like?    I know some teachers think about the answer to this question every day.  Some answers include an interactive whiteboard, a few computers or tablets – preferably iPads and MacBooks or Chromebooks, and round tables over desks.  In a world moving at the speed of an internet connection, teachers love having the most up to date technology and tools for their students.  It is a feeling of accomplishment in some ways.  When you have the best and most up

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  • Generating Work Flow in 1:1 iPad Classroom

    on Apr 18, 14 • in Educational Apps, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments


    I’m finishing this first full quarter with the 1:1 iPad classroom but apps do not hold attention spans this time of year. With April, love springs to life in all of its awkward forms. Attention spans are diverted towards prom invitations and long looks out windows; lacrosse, melting snows on the softball diamond hold great appeal. Thus the last quarter begins with incentives and compromises to motivate students. I turn towards studies of current events and apps that generate discussion and negotiation, simplicity and possibility. My choice apps are and Explain Everything. Before introducing new apps

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  • My first day at the Organization of American Historians 2014 Conference in Atlanta

    on Apr 18, 14 • in Educator Professionalism, Instruction&Curriculum, Social Studies • with Comments


    April 11, 2014: I am excited to be at this conference. I am a huge history nerd, so of course going to a conference that helps fulfill that love is nice. I am also an educator so I am interested in how this conference of historians could relate to my and other’s educational practices. My day started late. Since I work, I had to come in late. Not that made the conference any less interesting. While waiting for a session to start I wondered through the exhibit room looking at books that were for sale

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  • Revolutionary Thinking- Pay-Based Grading

    on Mar 27, 14 • in Social Studies • with Comments

    Interior of The School. Primary school

    There are two studies that have survived the test in my classroom: 1) All students can relate to the reasons for revolution and the need to rebel, and 2) All students like the challenge of a good game. Thus, March Madness is an opportune time of year to combine the two. Students have engaged in class routines enough to work independently. I ascertain individual strengths and weaknesses from year long assessments, which means I know what challenges students are willing or curious to face. Game on. Students love gaming for a variety of reasons. Games

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