The State of Education: Funding Control Changes in California

Approximately 93 percent of education funding comes from the state or local level. As we are a federalist system where a state is responsible for the safety, morality, and health of its residents (known as “police powers”), education falls within a state’s reserved powers, and thus it is primarily a state responsibility to fund its educational [...]

Teacher Branding 101: Teacher Brainwashing Has to Stop

"Well, I'm okay with struggling financially, I teach because I love my kids not to get rich." "Well...I'd like to move to that job in Central Office, but I don't know if I'm qualified." "I don't know if I could ask for what I wanted. They may not let me do that." As educators, we've [...]

Education, Circa 2038

Twenty-five years from now, I will be just shy of 65 years old. I should be retired by then. As I read recently about Amazon's delivery drone idea and at the same time thought about the seeming inevitability of the Common Core State Standards and their associated tests (even, eventually, in my non-CCSS home state), [...]

The State of Education: Montana

By Peggy Cordell Two state educational issues in Montana are receiving some attention these days. The first is an issue of equity in school funding. Our bicameral legislature has struggled to find a fair funding formula between large (urban) and small (rural) school districts. Through the years, legislative school funding measures have passed and lawsuits [...]

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The State of Education: State of Fear in Small-Town Tennessee

The area in which I teach can be viewed from the outside as your typical agricultural region: farms, tractors, cowboy boots, Southern accents, etc. Newcomers feel wary of the locals and of being treated like outcasts; meanwhile, locals feel wary of newcomers and of being treated like simpletons. Truth is, life is more complex than [...]