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  • {New Podcast} Staff Loungin’ World Tour Interview

    on Mar 7, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured, Teacher Branding • with Comments

    staff lounging

    Welcome to Staff Loungin World Tour, the podcast where educators talk about education and fly around the world in a Lear jet sipping champagne and eating caviar while they do it In this inaugural episode of the tour Dave jets down to Atlanta to talk to Franchesca Warren, founder of the popular blog, The Educator’s Room . Click here to listen to the podcast. Contact Staff Loungin Twitter: @staffloungin iTunes:  

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  • Teacher Branding 101: Teacher Brainwashing Has to Stop

    on Dec 26, 13 • in Educator Professionalism, Instruction&Curriculum, Policy, Teacher Branding, The State of Education • with Comments


    “Well, I’m okay with struggling financially, I teach because I love my kids not to get rich.” “Well…I’d like to move to that job in Central Office, but I don’t know if I’m qualified.” “I don’t know if I could ask for what I wanted. They may not let me do that.” As educators, we’ve all heard these statements from our colleagues as they’ve discussed some aspect of our job. These statements are not meant to be depressing, but instead are supposed to show the world how dedicated teachers are  to the kids we teach

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  • Stand out from the crowd: How to Secure Your Dream Teaching Job

    on Nov 19, 13 • in Featured, From the Front Lines, Teacher Branding • with Comments

    Landing a great teaching job is difficult. It really is. And especially in today’s economic climate of pink slips and education budget reductions, getting the job is a significantly more frustrating and insecure process. There are fewer jobs to go around, and many more people who are fighting for them. I graduated my teaching credential program last May, and I am one of the fortunate few who started this school year with a full-time job. Not just any job, but my dream job. I know this is partly due to an awesome bout of luck,

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  • Teachers Need an Authentic Career Path

    on Jul 25, 13 • in Policy, Teacher Branding • with Comments

    courtesy of teacherleaders

    After teaching for thirteen years, attending countless hours of professional development and teaching hundreds of kids, I am bored with being in the classroom. I’m not bored with actually teaching children, but I’m more discouraged by the politics that go with what/how/when to teach in the classroom. This boredom  slowly crept in, and before I knew it, I was sitting in my classroom trying to figure what I could do to “spice” things up a bit. Morning after morning I would walk into my classroom slightly dreading going into the classroom to teach the same

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  • School is Out for the Summer – What is Next?

    on Jun 6, 13 • in Literacy, Teacher Branding, Technology • with Comments

    “What is next for me personally?”  is great question.  In its simplicity and sincerity this question has  left me believing that someone actually cares about my answer.  Our middle and high school have already begun its professional development for next year’s fall semester and a move towards implementing 1:1 IPads  for students.  Because this carries serious demands on preparedness and paradigm shifts, we hired the best consultant in digital technology, a Google certified instructor, Lucie deLaBruere.  She introduced us to organizational applications while steering us away from being enthralled or reliant on tools as the

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