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  • Close and Critical Reading: So What?

    on Oct 9, 15 • in High School, Instruction&Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Literacy, Policy • with Comments

    Why july is the best month to be a teach-6

    This is the final post in the Close and Critical Reading (CCR) Series. If you want to catch up: The first post defines what CCR is and why all teachers should be using it to instruct their students in reading. The second post discusses the importance of teaching summary. The third post examines why it is important for students to analyze a writer’s craft. And the fourth post explains why/how to teach students to infer while they are reading. This fifth–and last–post and it answers the question So What? This question’s purpose is to have students think about connections

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  • [Episode 6] Creating a Healthy Work/Life Balance as a Teacher

    on Sep 29, 15 • in Policy • with Comments

    Marketing Team-2

    You can also download these podcast on iTunes using this link.  

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  • The Breaking Point of Education

    on Sep 15, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Educational Reform, Featured, Opinion, Policy • with Comments

    Beyond the Jitters_-2

    Benjamin Franklin is often attributed to saying “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” The dividends from the investment in American education are long-lasting and truly have changed humankind’s bottom line. From the far-flung 1776 idea that people could govern themselves in a republic to the 21st century one of tying us entirely together using the Internet, American knowledge has produced an unrivaled return on investment. But that has and continues to produce (pocket) change as education, and those involved in it, reaches a breaking point. As a teacher, I and a huge majority

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  • A Closer Look at School Choice: The Pennsylvania Story

    on Sep 11, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Policy • with Comments

    The Next Era of Photography_ Will Mobile-2

    This is the first in a series on school choice. I am beginning this series of articles with my home state of Pennsylvania where I taught for 30 years and where I have firsthand experience with school choice. The PA Charter School Act School choice came to Pennsylvania through the PA Charter School Act of 1997. Here are the basics of the act. *Charters are independent public schools chartered by the district in which they reside. (Regional charters can serve more than one district.) Charters can be granted for no more than five years. *

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  • Sage Therapeutic Schools are the Right Choice

    on Sep 10, 15 • in Policy • with Comments

    Are you looking for a school who offers real solutions for students who need specialized services to obtain their education? Are you a school district struggling to educate your most vulnerable students due to lack of resources? Therapeutic Schools and their in-district services do this by providing alternative schooling for emotionally fragile students from grades 4 through 12. Students who attend the Therapeutic Schools generally suffer from depression, school phobia & avoidance among other issues that keep them from attending a traditional school. Research has shown that with the right therapeutic approach in place, students

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