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  • How to Set up Video Conferencing at the Workplace

    on Nov 14, 14 • in Policy • with Comments

    teacher and computer class room

    How to Set up Video Conferencing at the Workplace At this point, modern and advanced video conferencing solutions are seen as a time and cost-effective method to facilitate a faultless communication between employees, business partners, and family members. Video conferencing systems, like Blue Jeans Video Collaboration, represent a viable option designed to reduce costs, improve internal and external communication on different levels, and boost productivity and profitability. In other worlds, video conferencing leads to faster and better decisions, stronger teams, and a clearer, simpler way to share knowledge and provide feedback. According to, video

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  • Manifestation Meetings: Have You Experienced One?

    on Nov 12, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Featured, Opinion, Policy • with Comments


    I recently had a crash course in what is called ‘Manifestation Determination’ or ‘Manifestation Meetings’. I had never heard of these until this week. Now mind you, I am by no means a special education teacher, nor do I claim to know much about all of the forms and paperwork that these saints endure. I do believe that every child can learn and should have the opportunity to do so. Having said that, I was a bit concerned about these so-called ‘Manifestation Meetings’ which are defined by IDEA as “a test employed when a student

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  • 21st Century Classroom Management is… Fun?

    on Nov 6, 14 • in Management, Policy, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments


    Recently a veteran colleague and a teacher in training posed questions concerning classroom management and power struggles with students. Years ago the approach to dealing with students who test the boundaries of rules was quick and strict reprimand.  Students were graded on neatness, orderly and timely manners, for being quiet unless called upon. While there is value in forming these habits most current grading practices tend towards skills and content mastery only. Educators know that students do not necessarily sit still to learn. Research, experience and parents would that teachers spend more time teaching and

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  • Masters as the New Bachelors

    on Nov 2, 14 • in Policy • with Comments

    In today’s information era, the workforce has a higher percentage of college graduates than ever before. And while this may sound like a good thing, and in some ways, it is, the influx of grads has had the drastic effect of devaluing education. According to Time, nearly 70 percent of today’s high school graduates go on to college. Several different perspectives can explain this high number. One, socio-economic evaluation points to growth of the middle class, which has allowed families to send ever-increasing numbers of children on to higher education. This view is especially true

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  • Philadelphia Teachers Contract Cancelled

    on Oct 23, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Policy • with Comments

    Philly Federation of Teachers

    In my article “Teacher Activism,” I explained the background of the takeover of the School District of Philadelphia by the state of Pennsylvania. The District is still under the control of the School Reform Commission (SRC) which is not elected nor does it have any taxing power. Until 2013 the SRC managed to negotiate contracts with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT). For some reason although the teachers are still working under the last contract the SRC has not been willing to negotiate fairly with the PFT. Suddenly, On October 6, 2014, the SRC cancelled the

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