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  • 20 More Weeks of Blizzards: A Groundhog’s Day Pred-Election

    on Feb 2, 16 • in Featured, Legal, Management, Opinion, Policy, Social Studies • with Comments

    groundhog day

    Today marks the 129th year that Punxsutawney Phil (well, maybe the 30th version of him) will come out of his burrow to either see his shadow or not, declaring whether winter will be extended by 6 weeks, or whether spring is pending. However, after today, there’s still 20 more weeks of blizzards to endure. They don’t smash snow in your face, instead, they bring television, radio, and print ads. There will be phone calls pleading for money. There will be hurt feelings. There will be heated rivalries and contentiousness. There will also be a time

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  • I Just Left #ECET2 and I am…

    on Feb 1, 16 • in Policy • with Comments

    I just spent the last two and a half days in San Diego with hundreds of educators from across the country. I attended break out sessions on social justice and “managing up”, and listened to some pretty phenomenal Ted talk-style speeches, all as part of Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers’ National Convening. Not a bad way to spend a January weekend. So how am I feeling? Humbled Have you ever met a state Teacher of the Year? This weekend I shared a conference hall with at least a dozen. I met teachers who

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  • “Dear Future Me…”A Great Reflection Assignment for Students

    on Feb 1, 16 • in Policy • with Comments

    On Mispronouncing Names, A Teacher's Guide (3)

    If you are one to focus on the future or the past very much, you may want to know that there’s a website out there called, “” With this website, you are able to write an e-mail to yourself and send it at a future date in which you wish to receive it. I wrote an e-mail to myself and scheduled it to arrive on my birthday (now that’s seriously clever because even if everyone forgets my birthday, I will have wished myself a happy one)! This website is adorable, and it really made me think about my own

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  • Pioneering Nearpod

    on Jan 28, 16 • in Going Paperless, Instructional Strategies, Policy, Social Studies, Technology • with Comments

    On Mispronouncing Names, A Teacher's Guide (1)

    The 1:1 digital classroom is no different from any classroom in terms of management challenges. The excitement of technological change and student attention span tends to wane at the same speed and undivided attentions seek distractions if a system of motivation and inquiry is not put in place. This is true for all teaching because I remember my own years in high school zoning out during monotone monologues. To stay awake, I distracted myself by playing with the bell tones on a watch or doodling along the margins of a spiral notebook or by passing notes. In the

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  • Redefining Expertise in Education

    on Jan 28, 16 • in Current Events in Education, Educator Professionalism, Featured, From the Front Lines, Policy • with Comments

    the educator's room (13)

    One of the most humbling things about my seventh year teaching is realizing how much I have left to learn. I am lucky enough to work with several teachers with 10 to 20 years of experience under their belts. I am inspired by the breadth and depth of their knowledge. At the same time, I am realizing that I am no longer a novice. I’m proud of the solid base of experience I am developing. It has been a national trend for some time to diminish the importance of experience in teaching. I entered the

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