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  • Building Long-Term Relationships: The Puzzle of Teacher Retention

    on Jul 15, 14 • in Educator Professionalism, Featured, Policy • with Comments


    Studies related to teacher attrition have become ubiquitous. From the Gates Foundation to Harvard’s Project on the Next Generation of Teachers, to the Connecticut Center for School Change, educational researchers are searching for the enigmatic key to unlock a new understanding of the issue. The answer, however, remains elusive. Despite this treasure trove of studies, teacher retention has remained a problem without a solution. Teacher retention is an important issue to be considered by district leaders on two fronts. First, there is a significant financial cost associated with teacher attrition. By virtue of the fact that

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  • Helping Students Learn about Global Economics through Online Sales

    on Jul 14, 14 • in Policy • with Comments


    Helping Students Learn about Global Economics through Online Sales Students need to learn about how the world works in realistic terms. Simply telling them about global economics and its principles will not always get the message across. It becomes necessary to work through models and projects. Since every economy throughout the world is being run more often through the Internet, setting up a project utilizing the Internet as a teaching platform is a great way to show your students how the world works. You can set up an online store and use drop shipping to

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  • Common Core and Mathematics

    on Jul 10, 14 • in Policy • with Comments


    During my entire career, there were always standards in mathematics. Whether I was dealing with the mathematics standards of the School District of Philadelphia, the standards of the state of Pennsylvania, or the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), I followed some standards in the teaching of mathematics. With this as my background in using standards, I am going to share with you my feelings about the use of Common Core for Mathematics. When I began teaching the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) provided us with a set of standards for

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  • Tennessee Education’s Perception Problem

    on Jul 9, 14 • in Educational Reform, Policy • with Comments


    My 10th grade girls are all into HUGE purses, the size of backpacks. They can be very distracting as the girls rustle through the bag’s cavernous depths on a quest to find any and all manner of items. This spring I decided to institute what I thought was a fair and simple policy where purses would be placed in designated areas around the room before class began to eliminate this distraction. The outcry was immediate and strong. The girls didn’t see the need for the new system and thought I didn’t understand them. (I’m a non-purse-toting

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  • Flipped Conversations on Stereotypes

    on Jul 8, 14 • in Policy • with Comments


    Why is the discussion of race or gender so fraught with stress? Recently more than 1,000 educators were forced to grapple with the aftermath of a misinterpreted welcome speech at the annual AP World History (WHAP) score reading. Within a day of his opening address, the Chief Reader gave a public apology, acknowledging his remarks and actions as culturally and racially insensitive. This was followed with an another apology letter from ETS (Educational Testing Services) with a continuing commitment to “to follow rigorous sensitivity guidelines and standards” and to prevent such future actions. How did such a politically correct community of

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