TEDTalk: Help for Kids the Education System Forgets

One of the best TED Talks I've seen in a while was by Victor Rios, a sociology professor at the University of California. The segment, titled "Help for kids the education system ignores" was poignant, direct, and necessary. His speech highlighted how some of our neediest students are falling through the cracks, and what our mandate - as [...]

Can Public Schools Survive the Era of School Choice?

Last week Betsy DeVos was tapped as the Secretary of Education by the incoming Trump administration. Now many educators in traditional public schools are cringing and bracing for the worst because DeVos is known in Michigan for her support of school vouchers and charter schools, often called "school choice." The charter school topic can be a very [...]

No Right to an Education: Detroit Schools and the Secretary of Education Nominee

In September 2016, seven students in the Detroit school system filed a lawsuit against Michigan governor Rick Snyder and other state education officials. In their complaint, the students allege that over the last several decades, there has been systematic disinvestment in and “deliberate indifference” to the Detroit schools, which has fundamentally denied Detroit school children [...]

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Will President-Elect Trump be Good for Education?

This past Tuesday, America elected a new President to provide leadership, guidance, and safety for our great country. On January 20, President Obama will spend his last day in the White House, and President-Elect Trump will take over as Commander in Chief for the United States. This is big stuff, considering the difficult election Americans [...]

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We Need our Educators Now More than Ever

We desperately need dedicated educators willing to build a career around serving today’s learners and today’s communities-our tomorrow depends on it. Under the guise of "reform", public education and teaching have been under a years-long attack driven by private interests in collusion with policymakers looking to profit from and gain control of a private education [...]