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  • Michelle Rhee’s Pro-Union Husband

    on Apr 24, 14 • in Educational Reform, Featured, Policy • with Comments

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    Sacramento mayor and retired NBA All-Star Kevin Johnson and his bride Michelle Rhee are almost certainly the “first couple” of education reform. (Sorry, Porter Magees). Together, they have advanced the fiercely urgent causes of school choice, charter expansion, test-based accountability, and, of course, union-busting. In fact, Kevin Johnson (or KMJ, as Rhee calls him) invented StudentsFirst, Rhee’s scrappy nationwide ed reform organization that is bankrolled by tens of millions of dollars from corporate foundations, has millions of members (many of whom don’t even realize it), and gets mad internet love from Bangladesh. In Rhee’s book

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  • Disruptive Innovation: Gaming as the Future of Education [Part 2]

    on Apr 22, 14 • in Educational Apps, Educational Reform, Featured, Technology • with Comments


    Like most boys his age, my 11 year-old son is a gamer.   He plays a myriad of video games, and together, he and I are avid tabletop gamers.  His gaming life is full of colorful characters, mysterious landscapes, adventure, challenge, triumphs, and, yes, lots of failure.  But no matter how much failure he encounters, he continues to press on, to learn more, to beat the challenge and defeat the monster, understand the physics, or build the massive castle.  He has that essential element of resilience we talk about in education: grit. And he has confidence

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  • Recruitment and Retention Part 6: Enhance Teacher Career Options

    on Apr 17, 14 • in Educational Reform, Educator Professionalism, Policy, Recruitment & Retention, Series • with Comments

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    I’m someone that needs a good challenge, whether it be in my personal or professional life.  I like the thrill of facing a difficult problem and having to come up with a creative solution.  For example, possibly my most exciting day this year was when my air conditioning went out and I had to figure out how to translate my carefully planned visuals and drawings to a room without a board! The challenges inherent in teaching are one of the reasons I continue to do it.  Research suggests that our irreplaceable educators share my passion

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  • Children Are Not Widgets

    on Apr 16, 14 • in Educational Reform, Opinion, Policy • with Comments


    In an effort to improve education, many reformers suggest that we use a business approach to evaluate teachers.  To do this they suggest that teachers must be rated based on what they “do” for the children that they teach.  For many, this means judging the quality of a teacher based on the improvements students make on standardized tests in a given school year. Essentially this requires us to look at children as a definable product.  But children are not widgets. Let me explain what a business defines as a widget.  A widget is the placeholder

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  • Staff Loungin’ Podcast and the Zombie EDpocalypse

    on Apr 16, 14 • in Educational Reform, Featured, Policy • with Comments


    Hi, I’m Dave Pluscauskas, I’m a teacher from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. I’m also the founder of the Staff Loungin’ podcast and I am very excited to be sharing my podcast with The Educator’s Room. Staff Loungin’, the podcast where teachers talk about teaching and eat their lunches while they do it, was born of my frustration at how teachers are shut out education reform. Many “reformers” neither seek nor value our opinions. It occurred to me that people might respect teachers’ opinions more if they actually heard them, so I determined that, somehow, I would

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