Fostering an Independent Three-Year-Old

Children are capable of so much more than society gives them credit for.  Helicopter parenting is becoming increasingly common and children are being required to do less and less for themselves.  Sure, it's easier to do for your child rather than wait or risk a tantrum.  How much are they learning from it though?  Today's society [...]

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Dewey in 2016: Still Relevant?

When I was pursuing my master’s in education, I spent a great deal of time examining the philosophies of various critical theorists. Vygotsky, Piaget, Freire, Montessori, Gardner, Pestalozzi and a whole host of other big educational names became part of my courses of study. Knowing these philosophers and their perspectives even helped me pass Florida’s [...]

Take the Sham out of VAM

The selective and convenient use of VAM (valued added measures) by reform advocates, along with other statistics lingo, has helped to frost over the veritable turd cake of ill-conceived reform efforts and the lack of accountability in areas it's sorely needed. It's true that there is no excuse for giving up on the obligation to help children [...]

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The Benefits of an Individualized Approach

I’ll never forget the first year I started teaching. I was slightly skeptical of the whole process, although I believed in it (because I am the product of the Montessori school I now direct) millions of thoughts swarmed my head. “Teachers are ‘guides’ in the classroom and educational process,” “How am I going to keep 40 [...]

Movie Review: Tested

Think that there's a lot on the line for kids taking tests? Plenty of pressure? Stress? Difficulties? Mess? Welcome to New York City Public Schools, says writer, producer, and director Curtis Chin in his film Tested. His story line follows twelve 8th grade students who are wrangling over the decision to take the Specialized High School [...]