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  • Zero Tolerance For Zero Tolerance

    on Nov 9, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Educational Reform, Featured, Opinion, Policy, School Improvement, social justice • with Comments

    Zero Tolerance For Zero Tolerance

    As Russell J. Skiba points out in his research on zero-tolerance policies, it’s quite difficult to find the “moment” when our schools implemented zero-tolerance policies in our school, but we can trace the impact of them to the 1994 Free Schools Act as a time when districts were quick to suspend students for fear of losing federal funds. And now it’s time we suspend zero tolerance. The American Psychologist, Dr. Paul Mattiuzzi, Educational Research Magazine, Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, notable newspapers like the Baltimore Sun, the American Bar Association,

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  • What President Obama Didn’t Say About Standardized Testing

    on Oct 30, 15 • in Common Core, Current Events in Education, Educational Reform, Opinion, Policy • with Comments

    Randy Pausch

    On Saturday, October 24th, President Obama came out with a wholehearted message about his concern about how much schools, teachers, and students were focusing on standardized testing. He began his speech with a pop quiz, asking parents what school options they would like to provide students who had more time to learn and what they could do with it. His answer, like yours and mine, includes just about everything – other than more tests. President Obama came out with a wholehearted message about his concern about how much schools, teachers, and students were focusing on testing. The President provided

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  • American Dream, Education Nightmare

    on Oct 19, 15 • in Educational Reform, Featured, Opinion • with Comments


    Last night I had a dream whereby I visited the high school that my former middle school students attend. While walking up and down the hallways, I saw images of things that greatly disturbed me. First, I saw students who sat silently in desks and took tests – in every room of the high school. When I interacted with a few students who were in the hallways, each of them asked me how their younger siblings were in my current class, and when I went to talk, I realized that I had no mouth. Frustrated,

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  • The Breaking Point of Education

    on Sep 15, 15 • in Current Events in Education, Educational Reform, Featured, Opinion, Policy • with Comments

    Beyond the Jitters_-2

    Benjamin Franklin is often attributed to saying “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” The dividends from the investment in American education are long-lasting and truly have changed humankind’s bottom line. From the far-flung 1776 idea that people could govern themselves in a republic to the 21st century one of tying us entirely together using the Internet, American knowledge has produced an unrivaled return on investment. But that has and continues to produce (pocket) change as education, and those involved in it, reaches a breaking point. As a teacher, I and a huge majority

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  • As Education Resources Dwindle, So Do Quality Teachers

    on Sep 2, 15 • in Educational Reform, Featured, Policy • with Comments

    Because We Know-2

    More and more quality teachers and administrators are resigning from positions they’ve held for years in the state of North Carolina. I suspect the same holds true for schools in many locations around the United States as education funding fails to meet the needs of children and those who teach them. Continuing to work for a state that does not respect the job we do every day seems like lunacy. Education resources dwindle while the needs of our children fail to decrease or fail to rise fast enough to keep pace with society. Many of

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