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  • What’s the Difference: Accommodations vs. Modifications

    on Oct 30, 14 • in Featured, Special Education • with Comments


    When it comes to accommodations and modifications, very few educators have a solid grasp on the differences between the two. What’s the difference between accommodations and modifications? Here’s how to tell them apart! Accommodations vs. Modifications An accommodation helps a student with learning gaps experience the same curriculum as his or her peers. For an accommodation, you will give strategies, but you don’t alter the curriculum and the learning outcomes remain the same. A modification helps a student with a more significant learning need experience the same curriculum as his or her peers, but with the

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  • The Working Hours of a Special Education Teacher

    on Oct 23, 14 • in Confessions of a Teacher, From the Front Lines, Special Education • with Comments


    Special education teachers work hard. People see smaller class sizes and equate that with less work, but that’s a fallacy. I can tell you that in my small class, I’m planning three different lessons and within those three lessons, I’m modifying within levels. In my inclusion classes, I modify assignments, and teachers look at it like it takes just a few minutes, but sometimes I create modifications and it takes time to do that. So the inclusion teacher might create the lesson plan, but then I must plan for the small percentage children in the room

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  • How to Apply for a DonorsChoose Grant (And Why You Should)

    on Oct 17, 14 • in Ask a Teacher, Current Events in Education, Featured, From the Front Lines, Special Education • with Comments


    Less than two months ago, I applied for a grant at out of pure desperation. I needed supplies for my classroom and I didn’t see any other way that would happen with the current budget crisis in effect. Where I’m at, the special education budget has hit on all-time low, so our resources are actually lower than those of anyone else in the school system. Technology, learning tools, and anything else I could request, I would have to get from my school, not from my special education department, and the budget only stretches so

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  • 7 Strategies for Helping Students with Organizational Problems

    on Oct 9, 14 • in Instructional Strategies, Special Education • with Comments


    You’re teaching a lesson on math, and you see Johnny shuffling through his enormous trapper keeper still. Not only can’t he find his pencil, but he left his notes in his locker. At the end of class, he shoves all his papers into the trapper keeper, not bothering to look where he shoves them, nearly drops his stack of books at he trips out the door, and you wonder if he’ll finally get his homework done tonight. Perhaps “Johnny” describes one student in your classroom or makes up a composite of several students in your

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  • During and After the Storm: Everyday Behavior Strategies

    on Oct 2, 14 • in Instructional Strategies, Special Education • with Comments

    Young Student Ready To Study

    Last week, I covered behavior strategies to use prior to behavior incidences occurring as a way of being proactive (call it hurricane preparedness training, if you will). This week, I’d like to cover what to do during and after the storm, so to speak. What happens when you’ve got a student in your room currently exhibiting behavior issues that you need interventions for? This list will cover everyday behavior strategies. Behavioral contract: Sit down with the student and come up with a behavior contract. Make sure the agreement outlines specifics. It should include specific positive behaviors

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