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  • What to Expect During a Manifestation Determination Review

    on Nov 18, 14 • in Featured, Special Education • with Comments

    Parent Meeting

    Last week, TER writer and educator Paula Glass wrote an article about how daunting a Manifestation Determination can be from an educator’s standpoint. The consequences of such a meeting weigh heavily on everyone involved, from the student all the way back to the educator in the classroom. For that reason, it’s extremely important that when you get in a situation where you get called upon to participate, whether you’re the parent, the administrator, the teacher, or even the student, you should know what to expect during a manifestation review, how to prepare, your rights, and the

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  • Teaching with Music: Why it Works

    on Nov 14, 14 • in Instruction&Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Special Education • with Comments


    When I play a Flocabulary video, my students groan, but then sit back in their seats and start bobbing their heads to the beat. The mega-minds that started that website now really made a gold mine out of that company. Teaching with music? Genius! I knew when I began teaching seven years ago that my students responded better to videos and music than the sound of my voice. I always imagine the students start to hear me just like the adults in a Charlie Brown episode, going, “Womp-Womp-Womp Womp…” through their day if I talk too much

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  • iPhones in the Classroom are Game Changers

    on Nov 13, 14 • in Current Events in Education, Educational Apps, Featured, Special Education, Technology • with Comments


    Dyslexic Students Becoming Independent with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices Imagine constantly being presented with the printed word and not able to read it. Imagine being in class listening to the teacher, actively participating in class discussions, but then the teacher hands out a worksheet that you can’t read. Imagine the frustration of knowing the answers, but because you can’t read the test, you are unable to show how much you know and thus you keep making failing grades. Can you really imagine that? How would it make you feel? How would you survive

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  • How to Differentiate Instruction

    on Nov 5, 14 • in Instructional Strategies, Special Education • with Comments


    In my last post, I talked about the difference between an accommodation and a modification, two things that many educators have a difficult time differentiating between. Accommodations and modifications generally get utilized by students with 504 plans and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Differentiation becomes a sticky topic these days, though, as we educators feel the time crunch in the classroom and wonder how to differentiate instruction. Differentiation should not just happen for those few students with IEPs or those students who struggle in the classroom. By definition, differentiation merely means tailoring instruction to meet the

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  • What’s the Difference: Accommodations vs. Modifications

    on Oct 30, 14 • in Featured, Special Education • with Comments


    When it comes to accommodations and modifications, very few educators have a solid grasp on the differences between the two. What’s the difference between accommodations and modifications? Here’s how to tell them apart! Accommodations vs. Modifications An accommodation helps a student with learning gaps experience the same curriculum as his or her peers. For an accommodation, you will give strategies, but you don’t alter the curriculum and the learning outcomes remain the same. A modification helps a student with a more significant learning need experience the same curriculum as his or her peers, but with the

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