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  • Learning Disorders in the Math Classroom

    on May 19, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Management, Mathematics, Special Education • with Comments


    The combination of Common Core standards, especially in math, and placing students with learning disorders in the least restrictive environment possible has become a conundrum for teachers and students alike. Neither common core nor least restrictive environment is going away any time soon so we need to find a way to actively engage all of our students in the math classroom. All of the suggestions that I am making in this article have been used successfully in my own classroom with students who had a variety of learning issues. 1. Place students in groups of

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  • Special Education Assistants – How to Make the Most of an Important Resource (Part 3)

    on Nov 26, 13 • in Management, Special Education • with Comments

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    Teachers usually welcome all the help they can get.  Unfortunately, teachers are not always prepared to best work with Educational Assistants.  Even the most experienced teacher can improve their management skills when working with others who are also trying to help their students. This can lead to the underuse of valuable human resources like Education Assistants, Teacher Aides, or even classroom parents. Here are some tips for teachers on how to ensure you are getting the most of the assistance offered to you in your classroom. 1. Plan and Organize This probably sounds like common

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  • Special Education Assistants: 5 Steps to Getting Assessment Support Just Right (Part 2)

    on Nov 19, 13 • in Instruction&Curriculum, Special Education • with Comments

      Part 1 of this series offered 5 areas of ongoing professional development for Education Assistants. In this installment, I provide EA’s with 5 steps to help determine what level of support to offer a student. 1. Talk to the Teacher Find out in as far advance as possible which students you will be expected to support and the specific reasons the teacher has flagged them for this help.  Sometimes the student and their capabilities will be well known to you.  But often a new student can be assigned without much notice. Don’t be afraid

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  • Special Education Assistants – 5 Important Areas of Professional Development (Part 1)

    on Nov 12, 13 • in Featured, Special Education • with Comments

    The use of an Education Assistant to help with assessments is a common support strategy. Therefore, EAs need to have the skills necessary to support students in the testing situation without taking over and completing the task on behalf of the student

        Students with disabilities and students with learning difficulties are provided with various accommodations for classroom strategies, resources, and assessments so they are not disadvantaged.  It is often difficult for educators to determine the most appropriate accommodation to use and whether or not they are reasonable.  An accommodation or adjustment that helps one student may not work for another.  The use of an Education Assistant (EA) to help students with classroom work and assessments is an important teaching and management strategy. Teachers want their students to succeed. After spending five or more weeks teaching

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  • My Most Frustrating Wonderful Student

    on Oct 4, 13 • in Confessions of a Teacher, Featured, Special Education • with Comments

    In honor of Selective Mutism Month, The Educator’s Room will continue to bring  your stories about selective mutism and how this condition affects both students and teachers.  By Anne Tenaglia *All names have been changed along with any personal information Amari Grady may have been the most frustratingly wonderful student I have taught. He passed through my friend Elizabeth’s class and was placed in Sharon’s class when he left mine. We were the teachers in the intermediate grades who were known to be flexible or unflappable, and that’s where the “unusual” students were usually assigned

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