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  • 9 Simple Ways to Prevent Burnout in Special Ed Teachers

    on Jan 23, 15 • in Featured, Special Education • with Comments


    I recently wrote an entry on my other blog about how I intended to embrace laziness this year, amongst other things, because I feel that I work so hard that I often run myself into the ground. I work hard in my personal life, as the parent of a child with autism, but I work even harder at my job as a Special Educator. I confess that I find it hard to honor that promise to myself. I often stay up past midnight working, drop into bed exhausted, and then drag myself out of bed

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  • Just Say NO! How To Do It the Right Way

    on Jan 22, 15 • in Educator Professionalism, Featured, Special Education • with Comments

    Just Say No! How to Do it The Right Way!

    As special educators, we often feel obligated to do more than our job requires. The job description becomes blurrier and blurrier with time as we get more job responsibilities tacked on with time–you know you can do that Educational Testing, write that report, and work with kids in small groups, all while following an inclusion model, right? All of this extra responsibility means we have less time to give to others who might demand more of our time. At some point, to avoid burnout, you must say no to something. But what happens if you’re in

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  • How to Implement Successful Differentiation Strategies

    on Jan 8, 15 • in Instructional Strategies, Special Education • with Comments


    As a special education teacher, I see differentiation going on all the time, but that doesn’t mean that teachers always know that they’re doing it or what differentiation means. I hope that with this infographic, teachers not only will see how to implement successful differentiation strategies, but understand what the word means. So, for all you visual learners out there, I’ve differentiated  the presentation of the material for you… Tweet: Learn how to implement successful differentiation strategies @educatorsroom @embracespectrum #differentiation How do you implement successful differentiation strategies in your classroom

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  • Money Talks: Classroom Incentives That Work

    on Dec 15, 14 • in Instructional Strategies, Special Education • with Comments

    Classroom incentives that work

    Let’s go ahead and get real right here and now. You probably have a handful of kids in your classroom who are intrinsically motivated. We can lament all day long about yesterday’s kids and how we used to just do our homework because the teacher said so and complain about the fact that kids these days just don’t value time the way we used to. None of that helps us. You’ve probably also realized that the mounting zeros in the grade-book, the lunch detentions, and the administrative referrals mean literally nothing to a child who probably

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  • Using Food to Teach Fractions: Math You Can Eat

    on Dec 11, 14 • in Instructional Strategies, Mathematics, Special Education • with Comments

    Teresa Image

    Like most students I teach, my students all got taught multiplying fractions the classic way. You multiply the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator. You either learn the method or you don’t (just like any other procedural method you learn in math). Many kids take to concrete methods of learning better than abstract methods, though–especially struggling learners. Using food to teach fractions, though? Brilliant. When I came across the brownie pan method while running my usual extensive internet search for concrete teaching methods, I got really excited. Not only could

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