My Math Learning Disability: A Student Perspective

As a student with a math learning disability, there are a lot of difficulties I experience in the classroom that get in the way of my learning, including “memory, language, attention, temporal-sequential ordering, higher order cognition, and spatial ordering” (WGBH Educational Foundation, 2002). Many times, as I sit in the classroom, I feel like I [...]

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The Grieving Year: A Major Professional Error

During the 2014-2015 school year, I landed a brand new job. This teaching gig seemed to be exquisitely designed for me. I had just received my Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing, and I was excited by an opening at my county's most prestigious arts school. The job ad for a creative writing [...]

How Far is Too Far to Save a Life?

The phone rings at midnight.  That's never a good sign, right?  We imagine our relatives in a terrible accident, something gone wrong for our parents, or our children in trouble.  But when you are a school administrator, you have to figure there is a chance the school caught fire, got burgled, or generally something went [...]

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Just Keep Swimming: What Dory Teaches Us About Disabilities

  My kids and I loved Finding Nemo, so when I found out that there was going to be a Sensory Friendly viewing of Finding Dory, my husband and I jumped at the opportunity to go see it with our two boys, one of whom has autism. The movie was definitely meant for kids, but [...]

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More Tales from the Dark Side… Best Parent Conference Ever

You are sitting at your desk after a long Thursday, drinking your cold coffee.  No, it's not iced coffee; it's just left over from this morning. You open your email and your stomach turns over. The subject line of the email says Parent Conference Scheduled, and it's from your principal." The email tells you that you [...]

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