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  • Money Talks: Classroom Incentives That Work

    on Dec 15, 14 • in Instructional Strategies, Special Education • with Comments

    Classroom incentives that work

    Let’s go ahead and get real right here and now. You probably have a handful of kids in your classroom who are intrinsically motivated. We can lament all day long about yesterday’s kids and how we used to just do our homework because the teacher said so and complain about the fact that kids these days just don’t value time the way we used to. None of that helps us. You’ve probably also realized that the mounting zeros in the grade-book, the lunch detentions, and the administrative referrals mean literally nothing to a child who probably

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  • Using Food to Teach Fractions: Math You Can Eat

    on Dec 11, 14 • in Instructional Strategies, Mathematics, Special Education • with Comments

    Teresa Image

    Like most students I teach, my students all got taught multiplying fractions the classic way. You multiply the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator. You either learn the method or you don’t (just like any other procedural method you learn in math). Many kids take to concrete methods of learning better than abstract methods, though–especially struggling learners. Using food to teach fractions, though? Brilliant. When I came across the brownie pan method while running my usual extensive internet search for concrete teaching methods, I got really excited. Not only could

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  • What’s the Difference? IEP vs 504 Plan

    on Dec 4, 14 • in Instructional Strategies, Special Education • with Comments

    What's the Difference between a 504 Plan

    As a special education teacher, it seems that this topic comes up a lot. Inquiring minds want to know…when deciding what’s best for your child, which plan do you go with? Does it matter whether your child has an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or a 504 Plan? And what do those words really even mean? If I were on the outside looking in and someone asked me which plan to choose in the epic battle of IEP vs 504 Plan, would I know? Most people  know that both plans do something to help children in the classroom, but they struggle to

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  • 5 Strategies to Help the Struggling Readers in the Special Education Setting

    on Dec 2, 14 • in Featured, Literacy, Special Education • with Comments

    5 Ways to Help the STRUGGLING READER in

    Everywhere you look, it seems a new program has sprung up to help the struggling reader in the classroom. More and more children, it seems, get referred for special education services because of reading deficits. So what can you do in the classroom to help? You could ask your RTI specialist, your special education teacher, or your school psychologist for a long list of strategies based on the area of need, but I’ll give you a good list of go-to strategies to start with, and you can head back later for more if you need

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  • What to Expect During a Manifestation Determination Review

    on Nov 18, 14 • in Featured, Special Education • with Comments

    Parent Meeting

    Last week, TER writer and educator Paula Glass wrote an article about how daunting a Manifestation Determination can be from an educator’s standpoint. The consequences of such a meeting weigh heavily on everyone involved, from the student all the way back to the educator in the classroom. For that reason, it’s extremely important that when you get in a situation where you get called upon to participate, whether you’re the parent, the administrator, the teacher, or even the student, you should know what to expect during a manifestation review, how to prepare, your rights, and the

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