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  • Have You Heard of People First Language?

    on Aug 20, 14 • in Featured, Management, Special Education • with Comments


    What is People First Language? People First Language refers to the language our society uses to refer to people with disabilities. People First Language places emphasis where it should be, on the person and not the disability. People with disabilities, moreover our students with disabilities, are- first and foremost- people, who have individual abilities, likes, dislikes and needs. Their contributions, no matter how small or great, enrich our schools and classrooms. As a result, we must always be mindful to respect them as individuals and not think of them as their disability and model that

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  • 6 Tips for Students with Learning Disabilities Who Plan to Attend College

    on Aug 15, 14 • in Educational Apps, Featured, Parents, Policy, Special Education • with Comments


    It’s that time of year again! Students everywhere, including students with Learning Disabilities, are gearing up to start another year of school. For many of these students, this will be their last year as high school students. It’s a year full of many emotions and uncertainty about their future. Homecoming, Homecoming Week, Prom, Senior Night, visualizing graduation ceremony, worrying about passing all their classes… and the list goes on and on of all the many activities and thoughts seniors have their last year in high school. There is simply so much to do and be

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  • Robin Williams Passing Shouldn’t be in Vain

    on Aug 12, 14 • in Featured, Opinion, Parents, Special Education • with Comments

    Robin Williams, 1951-2014 (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

    Remembering Robin Williams, a Great Icon Like most of us, I was stunned to hear the news of beloved actor, Robin Williams untimely passing. It was a reminder to me that you never know what someone else is going through. From the outside, all looks well. However, depression is an emotion that starts on the inside and works its way out. No matter who you are, it can happen to you. In life, I always try to take something away from such tragic situations. As I don’t know Robin Williams personally, the one thing that

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  • Learning Disorders in the Math Classroom

    on May 19, 14 • in Featured, Instruction&Curriculum, Management, Mathematics, Special Education • with Comments


    The combination of Common Core standards, especially in math, and placing students with learning disorders in the least restrictive environment possible has become a conundrum for teachers and students alike. Neither common core nor least restrictive environment is going away any time soon so we need to find a way to actively engage all of our students in the math classroom. All of the suggestions that I am making in this article have been used successfully in my own classroom with students who had a variety of learning issues. 1. Place students in groups of

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  • Special Education Assistants – How to Make the Most of an Important Resource (Part 3)

    on Nov 26, 13 • in Management, Special Education • with Comments

    picture courtesy

    Teachers usually welcome all the help they can get.  Unfortunately, teachers are not always prepared to best work with Educational Assistants.  Even the most experienced teacher can improve their management skills when working with others who are also trying to help their students. This can lead to the underuse of valuable human resources like Education Assistants, Teacher Aides, or even classroom parents. Here are some tips for teachers on how to ensure you are getting the most of the assistance offered to you in your classroom. 1. Plan and Organize This probably sounds like common

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