About Mike Dunn

Mike currently serves as the Director of College Counseling and Upper School History teacher at a small independent school outside of Philadelphia. He teaches courses in interest/career exploration, college essay writing, college admissions fundamentals, and African History. He is also the Principal Consultant for Mike Dunn Educational Consulting.

Philadelphians: Don’t Let School Issues Halt Your Student’s Education

It is no mystery to those who pay attention that education is under attack in America. I am not talking about teachers being attacked (although they are), or schools being attacked (although they are), or administrators being attacked (although they are). I am talking about the value of education -- the actual priority that Americans [...]

The Case For Learning Through Experience

In 1938, education theorist John Dewey published a short volume entitled Experience and Education. In typical Dewey fashion, he begins by arguing the philosophical underpinnings of what makes experiences so valuable. He states that in truth, young learners (in particular) are most accustomed to learning from experiences. They do so on a daily basis: [...]

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Fulfilling The Interdisciplinary Dream

picture courtesy Exploring Education The education world is all about buzzwords. From early classes in all disciplines to graduate level courses in specialized topics, practitioners are constantly throwing around terms like “differentiation”, “STEM” (now STEAM), “flipped classrooms”, “high-stakes testing”, “collaborative learning”, and “MOOCs”. These catch phrases live in the [...]

Learning With Our Inner-Gamer: Using Board Games in the Social Studies Classroom

The idea of using games in the classroom has been a popular practice for teachers across varying disciplines for years. Board games have offered meaningful ways for teachers to easily captive students in learning experiences; scenario based games have offered teachers means to encourage students to think more deeply about topics; card games have [...]

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