About Yoshana Jones

Yoshana B. Jones, Esq. is an educator and Professional Learning Facilitator with Fulton County Schools. She leads the professional development of educators lead PLCs at Westlake High School. For the 2013-2014 school year, Coordinate Algebra students experienced at 11% gain on the state standardized test. Ms. Jones is committed to educational equity for all students. She is the Chair of the new PLC Development team, which is dedicated to providing opportunities for teachers to learn and grow as professionals. In addition to her work with students, Ms. Jones is the Owner of Good Samaritan Apparel, LLC. Good Samaritan Apparel is a Christian t-shirt company that hopes to spread love, joy, and the Word. Ms. Jones writes inspirational blog posts that encourages Christian believers to remain full of faith.

Do Teachers Have Freedom of Speech?

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees many freedoms. It guarantees the right to publish news (freedom of press), the right to practice or not practice a religion (freedom of religion), the right to request a course of action from the government (freedom of petition), and the right to gather to express your views [...]

Firm Decisions Before an IEP Meeting May Violate the IDEA

Every teacher is a special education teacher. From attending Individual Education Program (“IEP”) meetings to differentiating instruction to meet the needs of students, every teacher plays some role in educating special needs students. The Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (“IDEA”) is a federal law that guarantees that students with disabilities receive a free [...]

Workplace Bullying in the School- When Is Enough..Enough?

Teachers are often the ones who must protect students from bullying. But, who is going to protect the teacher when he or she is being bullied? Unfortunately, workplace bullying or harassment is not a new phenomenon. There has been federal legislation prohibiting job discrimination since the 1960s. The unique thing about teacher bullying, however, [...]

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A Blind Eye to Color: The Future of Affirmative Action in U.S. Colleges and Universities

Most colleges and universities in the U.S. seek to provide an educational environment where students, faculty, and staff share their experiences and learn from one another. The first gatekeeper of learning utopia is the Office of Admissions at the university level. Admissions officers are charged with the important task of selecting the right students [...]

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