Despite the Teacher Shortage, Some Educators Need to be Coached out of the Profession

When you are a teacher, it is easy to be so consumed with your classroom that you might not notice the work of your colleagues.  You might assume your principal did a great job of hiring your colleagues and they are all working their butts off to do what is best for our students just [...]

A 3M Philosophy to Be A Great Teacher: Be Meaningful, Measurable, Manageable,

Guest Writer: Archie Wortham, PhD “Never fight unless you have to. Never fight alone. And never fight for long.” This was advice Fox Connor, best remembered as the man who made Eisenhower. Having taught for most of my adult life, I wondered what makes a good teacher. Having served in the military for 20 years, [...]

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Blueprint for Reform: Building the Foundation

Ever since the 2002 reauthorization of ESEA—otherwise known as No Child Left Behind—a day doesn’t pass without talk of education reform.  The media tell us our schools are failing students, our teachers are exhausted, and our parents are dissatisfied.   As much as we can agree that our nation’s schools are struggling, it is not as [...]

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Dear Administrators: Don’t Move Ineffective Teachers to a Lower Grade; Help Them Improve

Guest Writer: Shawnta S. Barnes The great school mix up is one strategy elementary principals use to remove ineffective teachers from upper elementary grades, the grades where state standardized tests are taken.  Apparently, moving these teachers to an ‘easier’ grade will magically fix the problems they faced in their upper-grade classroom.  There are a few [...]