[Episode 52] Teaching Controversial Topics in Elementary School

"You can start teaching social justice to students when they're young enough to suffer from social ills." In this episode of The Educator's Room podcast, we talk to two elementary school teachers, LaNesha from Education From An Apron and Naomi from Read Like a Rockstar about teaching K-5 students about controversial topics. From Charlottesville to Hispanic Heritage month, these teachers [...]

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[Episode 53] Helping Students With Dyslexia in Schools

In this episode, Franchesca Warren interviews Mike T. Dunn, Director of College Counseling at AIM Academy, a school for students with dyslexia. In this interview Mike discusses the following: how schools can best support students they suspect may have dyslexia what are some of the signs that teachers miss that indicate dyslexia strategies for schools [...]

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[Episode 54]Are Teachers Watching the Decline of Education?

In the episode, Franchesca Warren interviews Jeremy Adams and his widely popular article, Do Modern Educators Have a Front Row Seat to the American Decline. In this podcast, they discuss the following: how teachers are on the front line to the societal ills of our society specifically what's the special decline teachers are privy to [...]

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TEACHING RESPECT: Removing Creativity Hinders Respect for Teachers

Lack of respect is something that I've discussed with many of my fellow educators, as it has seemingly run rampant in recent years.  The product of our discussions usually center around our love for teaching, but also, we discuss how difficult it has become to maintain in an environment where we do not feel respected [...]

It’s Time to Build The Case for More Vo-Tech Classes

A recent PDK poll shows that 82% of Americans support job-skills classes, even if it's at the expense of academic classes. Additionally, 86% believe schools should offer certificate / licensing programs that lead to jobs. But they're forgetting one very big thing: this type of education already exists. It's just that everybody forgets vocational-technical training. And [...]