Educators Must Avoid Isolation (Charter School Diaries)

Year 2 Week 4 9/23 – 9/27 courtesy Educators in urban schools are constantly trying to figure out how to get students to perform better academically. Some establish strategies that help children achieve academic success. Others simply maintain the status quo. Some simply do not believe anything can be done to help [...]

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New Year, Same Song (Charter School Diaries)

Year 2 Week 1 (9/2 – 9/6) courtesy edudemic The beginning of any school year marks the chance to start over… students who wish to earn good grades and actually learn something; teachers who desire to be masters at their craft; administrators who aspire to be more innovative, transformative and supportive; parents who [...]

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Graduation! (Charter School Diaries #25)

Week 6/24 – 6/28 When I think about the process of schooling in America, the ultimate culminating event for any and every student participating in that process is graduation. I can remember just about every graduation I’ve been a part of and as I contemplate reentry in graduate school, I fanaticize about a potential walk [...]