A Teacher’s Power of Positivity

I've spent enough times surrounded by negativity. I've gone the other way when the "negative teacher" walks down the hallway. I've watched people publicly belittle my profession and union over and again. I've led that union and had to open far too many negative emails of plea / help / disdain. I've hoped for that [...]

How My School Attained Blue Ribbon Status

On Thursday, September 28th, Good Hope Middle School (the school where I teach) was one of 342 schools (35 of the middle or junior high institutions) designated a Blue Ribbon School. Since then, a few of my fellow teachers asked me "How did we earn such a distinction?", "What does your school do differently?", or, [...]

They’re More than Monuments… Reconsidering History in Classrooms

by: Daniel Osborn History educators are returning to their classrooms this fall after a summer that was full of discord surrounding the fate of monuments venerating Confederate leaders. The removal or proposed removal of statues from New Orleans, Louisiana to Charlottesville, Virginia exposed social divisions and revealed the divergent historical narratives told in this country. [...]

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No Screaming: Classroom Management Strategies That Work

Screaming can be an effective classroom management strategy if your goal is to get scared children to obey your words. It also could cause students to revolt. Why do we do it? We scream because we’re upset. We scream because it’s effective... well the first few times. The other day I led a group of [...]

Another Ugly Side of School Bullying: Its Effect on Achievement

These days, bullying can be a child’s worse nightmare. It is no secret that harassment among students is becoming a more and more rampant problem in contemporary public schools. Yet, how precisely does it influence a student’s academic achievement? Kids can Be Cruel Boys will be boys and girls will be girls is exactly the [...]