Dear Administrators: Let’s Not Make Meetings Suck

It's 3:30 pm and all of the students have finally cleared campus. You start to gather your belongings to do some grading when the dreaded voice on the intercom comes on. "Faculty and staff our faculty meeting will start promptly at 3:45 pm. Please do not be late as we expect to go until 5:00 [...]

What’s in Your Teacher Desk Drawers? Building a Survival Kit

Do you happen to have 63 pipe cleaners (aka chenille sticks)?  Or a bottle of ketchup?  You never know what you may find yourself needing as a new teacher.  We are masters of thinking on the fly, especially when it comes to putting together a bang-up lesson, which means a lot of unexpected supplies.  As [...]

No Screaming: Classroom Management Strategies That Work

Screaming can be an effective classroom management strategy if your goal is to get scared children to obey your words. It also could cause students to revolt. Why do we do it? We scream because we’re upset. We scream because it’s effective... well the first few times. The other day I led a group of [...]

Curbing Student Failure

Students facing failure is one aspect of teaching that we are familiar with. The term "failure" can take on many meanings depending upon the age of the student, course, and whether we mean earning a poor grade or not making satisfactory progress required to meet the class expectations. There are many signs that a teacher [...]

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