Homeschooling: 10 Action Items To Help You Start Right

by: Jackie Bledsoe The start to homeschooling can be a daunting task for first timers.  Especially for those coming from a traditional school environment.  For traditional school families there are some preparation tasks, but not a whole lot. Tasks such as purchasing basic school supplies, attending orientations, showing up for meet-the-teacher night, and making sure [...]

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{Parent's Corner} Preconceived Notions about Virtual Education

Preconceived notions about virtual education annoy me. When it comes to preconceived ideas about a public virtual school, it truly runs the gamut. Comparing a virtual education to a traditional home school is relatively fair, but even then it is not the same concept. Looking at it from a brick and mortar school standpoint [...]

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A Homeschooling Mission Statement. Do You Have One? Should you?

By: Jackie Bledsoe Almost every successful company,  organization, and institution has a mission statement.  Apple, Nike, the YMCA, Harvard, and Stanford all have mission statements.  All are some of the most successful organizations and institutions in the world. If you do a poll of successful individuals you will likely find they have some form of [...]

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10 Educational Websites for the Homeschooler

The Internet is a Home Educator’s best friend. In the past, homeschoolers relied, to varying degrees, on the local public library and the postman.  Now, with always-on internet and smart phones, information is available in seconds. I have bookmarked hundreds of websites in my 6 years of homeschooling and find additional ones everyday. Here is [...]