A Teacher Who Took a Leap of Faith: Megan Mottley, Publisher of DIVINE Magazine

As the culmination of our month long articles about teacher branding, we want to highlight educators who decided to use their skills in the classroom to literally build their own brands. Today we are highlighting  Ms. Megan Mottley, Publisher of DIVINE Magazine. 1.  Give us some backgrounds of your experiences in education. I’m a former 8th [...]

Taking the Bitterness Out of Teaching: 4 Ways to Find Your Professional ‘Breath of Fresh Air’

This whole month we're discussing teachers building their personal brands. Take a moment and read the previous articles here. For years, I thought that being bitter came with the territory of being a teacher. When I  first entered the classroom, I was a bubbly person always volunteering to lead a committee or sponsor an after [...]

Teacher Branding 101- What’s Your Brand?

One of the first questions I ask  dismayed teachers who are worried about  their lack of job security is, "What's your brand? If you suddenly no longer have a job, what will you do with that brand?"  Instead of proudly answering these questions with all their accolades, most teachers are awkwardly silent. They have no idea [...]

Education is Changing, and We Must be Ready. An Unemployed Teacher Offers a Place to Start for the New Year.

  To buy Cari's book that details her sudden unemployment, "How to Finish the Test When Your Pencil Breaks" please click here.  As a teacher who has been out of work for almost two years now, I find the holidays bring an interesting sense of out-of-sync timing.  I can clearly remember the visceral relief at the [...]