Education Myths that Eliminate Good Teachers

Teachers are among the many casualties of this faltering economy, especially young, motivated teachers.  So many promising educators –who have chosen a career path of little financial reward because they want to help growing young minds — are waiting in the wings, wondering when they’ll get their opportunity.   Those new teachers now must compete [...]

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The Unemployed Teacher: Why Do We Become Teachers?

This is my second school year (and 16th month) without a permanent teaching position.  Like thousands of other out-of-work teachers, I spend many hours a week looking and applying for jobs.  The world of unemployment is filled with extremely relentless efforts that produce very regular rejections.  Sometimes you hit a job opening at just the [...]

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The Unemployed Teacher: A School Year Begins…Without Us

I took it for granted.  I took for granted that once I found my passion and had seven years experience under my belt with it, I was safe.  My passion is teaching Social Studies – I especially love Civics and Sociology, but have taught everything from Global Studies to US History.  I had developed [...]