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Take the Sham out of VAM

By | 2016-11-01T13:48:53+00:00 June 6th, 2016|Educational Reform, Featured, Opinion|

The selective and convenient use of VAM (valued added measures) by reform advocates, along with other statistics lingo, has helped to frost over the veritable turd cake of ill-conceived reform efforts and the lack of accountability in areas it's sorely needed. It's true that there is no excuse for giving up on the obligation to help children [...]

NY Assembly Seeking Better Education Policy

By | 2016-11-01T13:49:45+00:00 May 10th, 2016|Current Events in Education, Educational Reform|

Contact your N.Y. Assembly representative! Recently, four bills were sponsored in our N.Y. State Assembly, and I have no idea how the legislative process works in great detail, but the spirit behind and purpose of these bills is encouraging. It certainly could be part of what has some of the lobbyist/wealth-funded school privatizers running around [...]


By | 2017-10-14T14:10:57+00:00 March 15th, 2016|

Preview in iTunes View and Subscribe in iTunes View and Subscribe in Stitcher. What is a podcast and why should you listen? A podcast is basically a talk radio show (without the annoying commercials) that you can download and listen to anywhere in the world. I recently decided to delve straight into podcasting after becoming [...]

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By | 2017-10-17T22:27:53+00:00 March 15th, 2016|

FEATURED POSTS or skip straight to the blog HOT TOPICS "What fall sport is Sara playing? Oh, y'know, the usual. Sara plays field hockey from 3:30-5:30 Monday through Thursday, with games on Fridays." Read more here... From about the time [...]

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Testing a Thousand Madelyns

By | 2016-11-01T14:06:15+00:00 March 4th, 2015|Current Events in Education, Educational Reform, From the Front Lines, High School, High School, Literacy, Uncategorized|

My niece is a beautiful little girl. She is a beautiful girl on the outside, the kind of little girl who cannot take a bad picture. She is also beautiful on the inside. She is her mother’s helper, fiercely loyal to her older brothers, and a wonderful example for her younger brother and sisters. She [...]

The Instructional Techie: Interview with James Sanders of the Ed Tech Team

By | 2016-11-01T14:06:32+00:00 February 26th, 2015|Current Events in Education, Elementary Classrooms, Featured, Instructional Strategies, Kindergarten, Middle School, Technology|

This article was edited for length from the original interview. To see the whole interview, please view the video embedded at the end of the article. James Sanders, Director of Innovation, EdTech Team On February 16th, I sat down with James Sanders, Director of Innovation at the Ed Tech Team, a former middle [...]

Inspirational Educator – Fran Warren, Founder & CEO of The Educator's Room

By | 2016-11-01T14:09:30+00:00 December 1st, 2014|Educator Professionalism, Featured, Interviews|

The Educator's Room Founder & CEO, Fran Warren We'd like to introduce you to Fran Warren, Founder and CEO of The Educator's Room. What was once a small blog has continually blossomed and grown, becoming a true voice for education and educators around the United States and world. Fran is a great leader, [...]

The State of Education: Vermonters Value Pre-Kindergarten Planning and Funding

By | 2016-11-01T14:31:00+00:00 May 29th, 2013|Featured, Middle School, School Improvement, The State of Education|

This article is part of our new feature "State of Education" where we hear what is going on in each state around the country, from an educator in that state.  If you would like to write about your state, contact us at!   Representing the tiny state of Vermont, it is my humble opinion [...]

Testing Time is Here in Physical Education Too!

By | 2016-11-01T14:33:01+00:00 April 17th, 2013|Featured, From the Front Lines, Instruction&Curriculum, Middle School|

Many Physical Educators are now in the midst of their physical fitness tests across the nation.  Just like classroom teachers, we need to do a “pre” and “post” assessment in order to not only evaluate our students, but also our planning and classroom strategies used throughout the year.  Part of the testing process has to [...]