Through our goal of empowering teachers, we’ve developed and produced three different podcasts for teachers to use on their journey of teaching and learning. Listen to them on the way to work, in your car, or when you have some downtime and don’t forget to subscribe, comment and share with other educators.

The Educator’s Room Podcast is a podcast focused on having authentic conversations with teachers on all of the “nooks and crannies” of being a teacher. Produced at the kitchen table in between grading and calling parents, it’s a great way to learn what happens in schools.

The College and Coffee Podcast is centered around how teachers and parents can understand the nuances of applying, gaining financial aid and attending college in the 21st century. Each week host Mike Dunn interviews various movers and shakers in the world of college and career.

The Post-Class Podcast is centered around short 10-minute conversations between teachers that usually happen in the teacher’s lounge. Each week host Jake Miller interviews teachers on hot-button topics in education.

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