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What is a podcast and why should you listen?

A podcast is basically a talk radio show (without the annoying commercials) that you can download and listen to anywhere in the world. I recently decided to delve straight into podcasting after becoming a huge fan of a couple of podcasts including- Death, Sex and Money and Freakonomics Radio. I love that podcasts don’t make you listen to annoying songs, but gives you great content that you control. I listen to them while working out, taking a shower and driving to work.


[S2E15] Why Education Should Not Be a Partisan Issue

[S2E15.5] What is the Whole Teacher Conference?

[S2E14] What’s the Best for Our Children? 

[S2E13] Who Will Save the Teachers? A Conversation About Teacher Depression

[S2E12] “How to Engage Students Who Are Behaviorally Challenged”

[S2E11] “Hi, I’m a Teacher and I’m Homeless”

[S2E10] “The Microaggressions of Mispronouncing a Student’s Name

[S2E9] “Practicing Self-Care By Teaching in the Dominican Republic”

[S2E8] “The Whole Teacher Movement”

[S2E7]Are Your First Amendment Rights Coming in Second”

[S2E6] “How to Create A Growth Mindset School”

[S2E5] “Five Affirmations Teachers Need for the New School Year”

[S2E4] “Why I Left Teaching to Poop in a Bucket”

[S2E3] “Are Instructional Coaches Needed?”

[S2E2] “What is the Genius Hour in Schools?”

[S2E] “5 Affirmations All Teachers Need in the Morning” 

[S2E1] “Building Classroom Libraries for Independent Reading and Student Choice”

[S1E29] Special Education: A Conversation with a Mom of An Autistic  and Special Needs Son

[S1E27] Fight the Power: A Conversation with John Thomas, Activist, Teacher, Musician

[S1E25] For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood–and the Rest of Y’all Too: Reality Pedagogy.. A Conversation with Dr. Christopher Emdin

[S1E24] Five Routines All Teachers Should Do To Start Their Routine

[S1E23] Are Instructional Coaches Needed?

[S1E21] When is Okay to Give a Child A Zero?

[S1E20] What’s the Problem in Math?

[S1E19] “Are You Looking At Teaching at an International School? If so, Listen to This” (A Conversation with Oneika The Traveller”

[S1E18] Teacher Organization…Is It Attainable?

[S1E17] “T.E.R. Is Going On the Road” (mini episode)

[S1E16] Xenophobia, Donald Trump in the Classroom

[S1E15]It’s Thanksgiving Break…What Do You Do Now?

[S1E14]Changing the Narrative of Public Education

[S1E13] When Being a Teacher Can Kill You

[S1E12]What Happens When a Kid Does Not Give Up Their Cellphone When Asked?

[S1E11]Teacher Branding: Why Every Teacher Needs a Product

[S1E10] “When The Parent Tells the Principal On You”

[S1E9] “To Get a Doctorate or Not?”

[S1E8]Teacher Mentorship is the New Black

[S1E7] How to Deal With a Pushy Parent”

[S1E6] Creating a Healthy Life/Work Balance as a Teacher

[S1E5] New Teachers Need Support

[S1E4] The Judgement of Teachers

[S1E3] “Teacher Branding: It’s Time to Walk Our Talk”

[S1E2] “Cultural Competency: #Istandwithahmed”

[S1E1] “When It’s Time to Leave the Profession”

So what’s the “angle” of The Educator’s Room’s podcast?  

We want to use The Educator’s Room Podcast with Franchesca Warren as a time to bring our articles to life AND to interview some educators who are proverbially kicking butt both inside and outside the classroom. Our podcasts are not meant to be long. As of right now we’ve tried to keep them under 15 minutes, but we MAY bring them on for a bit longer depending on the topic and guest.

When do new episodes get released?

That’s the beauty of podcasting. I can record them on the way to work, in my closet (while hiding from my kids) or at my desk. We will try to release new ones on Sunday, but don’t be surprised if you see some sprinkled throughout the week. I will make sure that each new podcast is shared on this site as soon as it becomes live.

How can I ask a question for you to answer in the podcast?

On our Facebook page we get thousands of questions every year. So go on there and either DM us a question or post it to the wall. Either way we will address it. If you don’t do Facebook, simply send us an email at info@theeducatorsroom.com!

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