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The Virtual High School Teaching Experience: I Teach to Dots

Guest Writer: Leann Wnuk Ed.S. Leann is currently a high school Special Education teacher with over 10 years of experience in multiple states and grade levels. I have an Ed.S. in Special Education, an M.S. in Special Education, and a B.A. in Middle Grades Language Arts and Social Studies. I show up to the computer, [...]

Are Teachers of Color Valued in School Districts?

  “I hope I can show The Outsiders movie virtually through zoom this year!”  Teacher A remarked at the meeting. “I know, that is the highlight of our kids' year; they absolutely love reading this book and watching the movie,'' Teacher B replied. My two colleagues (white females) discussed a book read by our middle [...]

America’s Reckoning: How Will Teachers Go Into Their Classrooms Tomorrow?

“How do we teach kids about this tomorrow?” This seems to be the question every American social studies teacher is asking themselves this evening, clutching the notion of the American republic in their hands like a broken teacup. As America continues to be ripped in two from its seams to its soul, we have, over [...]

Flip That Frown Upside Down – Teaching Like a Stoic

A neighbor complains every time it snows. It doesn't matter if it's a feathery amount or a foot -- to him, the impediment of snow is too much to handle. He hates the shoveling. He hates the noise of the snowblowers. He hates driving in it. He hates the cold. He hates teleworking. The list [...]

How the Expiration of Emergency Paid Leave Will Cripple Schools

There are plenty of things we want to put behind us in 2020: the businesses that have struggled, folks who have lost their jobs, and, most notably, the friends and family we've lost in the pandemic. One thing we cannot leave behind in 2020 is emergency paid leave, but that is set to happen when [...]

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