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How School Boards Became the Most Important People You Never Voted For

There's a number I can't get out of my head: 20%. As folks affix their Trump and Biden signs in their yards and argue precipitously over politics with their neighbors, claiming how this is the "most important election of their lives" and how the other guy will "ruin America," I'm still thinking about that number. [...]

2020: An Educator’s Summer of Waiting on COVID-19

When the 2020 Summer Olympics were postponed, I knew there would be a new event that would test the mettle of educators, students, parents, and other stakeholders in education. It's trivia-based, and it has only one question. It's called "What the hell happens in the fall?" COLLEGE What happens in college is as varied as [...]

A Teacher’s Love-Hate-Love Relationship with Zoom

"Bing Bong." Thirty years from now when I hear the sound of someone entering a Zoom room, I'll have vivid memories of just how much I loved, hated, and loved about online learning through this platform. LOVE - Seeing my students Just about every day, I'm checking in with my students and seeing their faces. [...]

Opinion: There Are A Lot of Karens in My School Building and I’m Barely Surviving

Guest Writer: Brielle Stevens Brielle is a high school English teacher who enjoys writing, running, and traveling the world, pre-COVID.  By now, we've all watched the viral video of Amy Cooper in Central Park, NY, threatening to call the police and saying "that an African-American man is threatening my life" before dialing 911. The video has received [...]

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Opinion: Right Now Things Are Hard, But It’s Going to Be Fine

Right now, things are hard. Nothing feels fine, or normal. As we all know, teaching in person is different than teaching online. There are many things that we as educators are dealing with right now. How do we ensure that our students are learning, when there are some students without the ability to attend online [...]