Educational Consultant We’ve all been in that meeting where a “consultant” comes in to tell us how to do our job in the classroom. We’re trying to be nice, but the more they talk TO us, the more frustrated we become. The last straw is when the suggest some strategies like “just differentiate more” for your class of ninth-graders, who on average have a Lexile score of a 650, more than 20% are in the middle of the REP process, 5 of them were suspended last week for a massive cheating schedule, and 4 of them are overage for their grade.

“Can I just leave so I can get ready for my next class?” I ask beyond frustrated about what’s happening in this meeting. The consultant squirms, “Umm..yeah. How long are your meetings?”

“Forty-five minutes”,  I answer back trying not to roll my eyes. “Okay..I’ll see you guys next week. Don’t forget what we discussed about differentiation…” I gather my things and walk out of the meeting as quickly as possible.

Note: Did you know consultants make up to $2,500 a day to come and “teach” us?

That two-minute exchange is indicative of what most teachers feel when they hear the words educational consultants come out of their principal’s mouths. This leads us to ask…

  • What if educational consultants were effective?What if these consultants were actual teachers?
  • What if they co-taught with you and actually showed you real solutions to help your classroom?
  • What if teachers like you were actual consultants?

These are questions that can really help GREAT teachers move into the consulting world so that they can use their strategies to help more teachers.

Why are real teachers needed in the consulting world?

Here at The Educator’s Room, we started this blog as a teacher that was super frustrated with the lack of respect for teachers. We then moved into writing books about our real experiences in the classroom. Then we moved into going into schools and helping teachers with what they were the most frustrated with.

Now, we’ve decided to create something for teachers who are interested in showing their expertise by breaking into consulting.

Note: Did you know consultants make up to $2,500 a day to come and “teach” us? What is this course about?

teacher consultants

This self-paced, four-week course is for teachers who are experts in their classroom and who are interested in:

  • Growing their teacher expertise to consult about their Teachers Pay Teachers Store, blog, or other education-related expertise.
  • Making some income outside of their classroom for something they’re already an expert in.
  • Networking with other teachers who have something to say about how to help content and/or grade level teachers.


But what do I get? 

When you sign up for this course you will get LIFETIME ACCESS to:

  • A full-length eBook full of strategies for using your expertise TOMORROW in your classroom.
  • 5 private podcasts that give real details about how actual teachers got into consulting.
  • Access to a course that has 18 activities/resources that will give you specific steps on how to start consulting.
  • Access to a private group for you to ask questions about consulting, learn about jobs, etc.

Before you say “yes” watch our FREE webinar on why consulting should be a natural pathway for teachers.

How do I order the course?

The course is scheduled to be released on July 22nd, but we’ve decided to give a sneak preview here. Use the code WEBINARTER for access. This code will only be good for the first 50 people so hurry!


Teacher Comments

“Very well-organized course. I was apprehensive about if it could help me, but the first night I signed up for it I stayed up half the night going through the modules. I now have a plan to work this year!”      Annette, B.   11th grade teacher


“This is what I’ve been looking for a long time. I’ve taught for 5 years and now I have a pretty successful TpT store, but now I want to teach teachers how to use my products in the classroom. I will be using this course to help me go to the next level. Thank you.”

  Mark, H. 9th Grade History Teacher

“The perfect balance of Inspiration and Information! The Education Room’s 4-week course entitled “Using Your Teaching Expertise to be an Education Consultant” is a must for any teacher seeking to further their career through consulting. This course takes a basic approach, and ask important questions to help would be education consultants to build confidence, develop and understand their expertise, create an audience, and create passive income through content. This course provides practical steps an educator can take today to build a solid foundation for their education consulting business! Any educator whether they are looking to become an education consultant or just advance in their career can benefit from the teacher branding information. As teachers, we all have expertise; we all have specialties; we all have something unique to offer. We sometimes don’t know our worth. This 4-week course from The Education Room helps to identify and focus on what we do well, and shows us how to turn those skills into the content so we can share our skills with the world.”

Teana C., 3rd Grade Teacher 

“I absolutely love that this is a self-paced course so I am able to complete it at my leisure. The idea of having support on the discussion board and other social media outlets, where I can ask questions and talk to other educators who are attentive in the same area of education, is perfect. Fran walks you through step-by-step how to use your teaching expertise to encourage other teachers as an Educational Consultant. She also provides you with everything you need in order to become a Consultant right away. If you’re looking into sharing your inspiration as a teacher with others, sign up for Fran’s course!”

 Jessica B., Tales of A Countryside Teacher

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